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Meeting the Force Wielders

Chrelythiumn system (Michael's pov)

We were on a transport ship heading towards the distress jedi beacon in the Chrelythiumn system. I was co-piloting the ship with Ahsoka on the pilot seat. Barriss's was sitting behind Ahsoka checking the scanners making sure we weren't falling in a separatist or any kind of trap. Zach was in the bag sleeping as he forgot his pills to help him with his flying sickness which meant Barriss was in charge.

"Barriss anything yet?" I asked as I turned my head to Barriss.

"Nothing yet but we are getting close to where the beacon originated" said Barriss.

"Are we even sure it is a jedi distress beacon? For all we know this could be a trick by the separatist?" said Ahsoka who seemed sure this was a trap and she wasn't the only one.

"That is why we brought some backup. Good thing Master Kenobi left his ship with us" I said as we were receiving a transmission from Commander Cody. "Hey Cody we're here at the location where are you guys?"

"We're at the area sir but there is no sign of you on our scanner sir" said Cody.

"You sure Cody? We don't see you on our scanners or our view" I said not seeing where the ship is supposed to be.

"Something's wrong then we're at the location where the coordinates originated but there is nothing here. Cody is at the same coordinates but he's not here" said Barriss as she rechecked the coordinates to make sure they were in the right location.

"Unable to [static] find you [static] where are you [static]..." suddenly the communication with Cody was gone."Something's blocking the signal" said Ahsoka. Suddenly the power went out shutting everything down.

"Well this can't be good" I said as I tried to get the ship back online but nothing was working.

"Everything's dead even the life support" said Ahsoka as she stood up behind me.

"Maybe Zach messed with the power could one of you check on him?" I asked thinking Zach did something to the power. Before Ahsoka could check on him the power came back on.

"Huh I guess it was nothing" said Barriss glad that the power came back.

"Um guys what's that?" asked Ahsoka as she pointed towards outside where we saw a weird shape ship right in front of us. Suddenly the ship shook and the power went off for a second before we were being pulled in to the ship. "It's pulling us towards it" said Ahsoka as something from in front of the ship began to open.

"Ahsoka strap yourself in looks like we're going in for a ride" I said as we entered the ship and soon we were engulfed in light till suddenly I blacked out.

I soon began to open my eyes and raised my head. I rubbed my neck feeling a bit of pain on it but nothing too bad. I looked over to my side and behind me to see that both Barriss and Ahsoka we're here. "Huh must have blacked out you guys okay?" I asked as Barriss and Ahsoka began to wake up.

"I think so, Michael I don't suppose you landed the shuttle before you blacked out right?" asked Barriss.

"No I passed out as soon as the light blinded me. Ahsoka did you land the ship?" I asked as I turned to Ahsoka.

"Not me maybe Zach did" said Ahsoka as just then the doors slide opened and in came Zach.

"Zach did what?" asked Zach as he stretched out his arms.

"Did you land the ship?" I asked turning to Zach.

"Nope I was where are we?" asked Zach as he pointed towards the view port. As we looked outside and saw some green grass and tress outside with some hills as well.

Ahsoka checked the scanners to see where we were. "It's somekind of organic mass all of our readings indicates that it's bigger than an asteroid. Well at least the atmosphere is breathable" said Ahsoka.

"Well this is getting more unusual by the minute I can't even lock down where in the galaxy we are or even if we're in our own galaxy" said Barriss as she checked the ships readings.

"Well the ships system seems fine but for some reason nothing is working" I said as I tried to get the ship online to fly but nothing worked.

"Well ladies and gentleman that leaves us with only one thing left to do. Go outside and see where we are" said Zach as he opened the door and went over to go outside.

We soon followed Zach down the ramp of the ship and looked around the area we were in. We looked around and saw that the area around us looked like a normal planet except if you don't count floating rocks hovering across from us. Zach and Barriss took out their binoculars to get a good view of the area while Ahsoka and I viewed the area around us. I soon heard a voice nearby. I looked over where the voice was and saw nothing. "Michael what's wrong?" asked Ahsoka.

"Um did you guys hear something?" I asked.

"No nothing why?" asked Zach as Barriss and him looked over towards me.

"Well uh nothing never mind must have been my imagination" I said dropping the subject. I then heard the voice again this time I turned around quickly and saw there was someone there. A woman who was wearing a long flowing dress with shining skin and long green hair. "Um who are you?" I asked as the others noticed the woman and turned to her.

"I am Daughter" said the woman which surprised us by what her name was. "Are you two the ones?" asked the Daughter.

"Um the two what?" I asked wondering what she meant.

"I will take you to him" said the Daughter.

"Him who?" asked Ahsoka wondering who the woman meant.

"Excuse me ma'am did you bring us here?" asked Zach.

"Only he can help you there is little time follow me we must have shelter before nightfall" said the Daughter as she began to walk away from us.

"Um should we follow her or not?" asked Barriss wondering if we should follow her.

"Hmmm stay here and try to figure out what is wrong with the ship. Or follow the glowing lady and find out what she wants?" said Zach as he gave us our options.

"Follow her" Barriss, Ahsoka, and I said in unison as we began to follow the woman.

Zach's pov

Michael and I were in the front of the group following the Daughter woman while Ahsoka and Barriss were behind us. We looked around the area and saw that this planet was indeed a weird one yet there was something else about it that felt familiar and something else about this world as well. "I don't suppose you noticed it as well right?" I asked towards Michael.

"Yeah the season seems to change by the passing of the day" said Michael as he noticed it too.

"There are no animals as well" said Ahsoka as she noticed no wild life anywhere.

"And you all sensed is too right?" asked Barriss.

"Yep since we arrived the force is very strong here. I have never felt the force this strong before" I said sensing how strong the force was on this planet.

"Excuse me but where and are you taking us to?" asked Michael wondering where the woman was leading us.

"The Father of course" said the Daughter.

"Of course" said Ahsoka.

"And what exactly are you?" asked Barriss.

"We are the ones that guard the power. We are the middle, the beginning, and the end" said the Daughter.

"Glad she cleared that up" said Ahsoka sarcastically.

We soon turned a corner and saw the green leaves near the hills began to turn brown as they looked like they were dying. I soon heard something and saw some boulders and part of the mountain coming down. "Look out!" I shouted as I tackled the Daughter out of the way of the boulders while Michael force pushed the girls out of the way as he also jumped forward as well before the boulders and wall hit us.

Once we got across Michael got up and gave me a nod that he was okay. I walked over to the Daughter to help her up when she shrugged her arm away from my hand. "It is forbidden for you to touch me" said the Daughter with a bit of anger in her tone.

"Sorry I was just busy saving you to know that" I said to the Daughter.

"Something tells me that was no accident" said Michael as he noticed that the wall didn't fall on its own.

The Daughter looked up and knew something. "That was my brother's work you both are in great danger wait for me do not leave this place" said the Daughter as she began to leave.

"Hey wait a minute hold up" I said trying to stop her when my communicator went off.

"Zach, Michael are you two okay?" asked Barriss as she contacted me through her communicator.

"We're fine how about you two you okay?" I asked.

"We're fine but it looks like we're cut off we'll find another way around" said Barriss as Ahsoka and her tried to find another way around. "Ask the Daughter if there is another way around."

"She kind of left us without so much as a thanks. Listen get back to the ship and wait for us. Try sending a distress call while we follow the Daughter" I said.

"Zach what if this is a trap? The wall falling was no accident this could be a trap" said Barriss.

"Don't worry Michael and I can handle whatever kind of trap it is. Just get to the ship and wait for us" I said to Barriss.

"Zach don't wait for us we'll find another way around. Zach you there? Zach?" asked Barriss as she heard some static coming from her communicator which meant Zach turned it off or something is blocking their transmission. "Great now what?"

"They'll be fine those two together are almost impossible to beat. They'll find her" said Ahsoka trying to reassure her friend.

"Yes but what else will they find?" said Barriss as they heard some thunder nearby and saw dark clouds heading their way. "Let's head back to the ship before the storm comes" said Barriss as Ahsoka and her headed back to the ship.

As the girls returned they find the ship is missing. "The ships gone" said Ahsoka.

"I see that but who took it?" said Barriss. Then Barriss and Ahsoka noticed that the plants around them were beginning to die. "Everything is dying" said Barriss.

"Did you lose something?" said a voice behind the girls as they turned around with Ahsoka activating her green lightsaber and saw a man wearing a red and black cloak over something, his eyes were glowing red, and his skin was pale complexion. "You didn't do as you were asked" said the man.

"And what was that?" asked Barriss as she kept her grip on her lightsaber.

"My sister said to wait" said the man.

"Did she now? Sorry to say we got separated and didn't know that. If you would please could you give us our ship back?" asked Barriss.

"Not yet, is it true that those boys are the ones?" asked the man as he approached Barriss.

Ahsoka activated her second shito yellow lightsaber as Barriss activated her green lightsaber as well. "What are you talking about?" asked Barriss.

"What is about to happen shall occur whether you like it or not" said the man as he swiped his hand as soon both the girls lightsaber deactivated.

"You're a sith" said Barriss assuming that the man before them was a sith.

"A sith [laugh] yes and no. The storms here are quite lethal you want to live I suggest you find shelter" said the man as he ran off he jumped and transformed into somekind of flying creature.

Ahsoka and Barriss were shocked by what they saw and wondered what was going on. "What in the universe was that?" asked Ahsoka.

"I don't know" said Barriss unsure herself what they just saw. Then suddenly one of the lightning's hit the ground near the girls and knew what the man meant by the storms. Barriss noticed a cave nearby and pointed to Ahsoka where they needed to go. Ahsoka nodded and followed her friend out of the storm and into shelter.

Once inside Ahsoka and Barriss looked out into the storm before going inside the cave. "Think Michael and Zach found shelter in time as well?" asked Ahsoka.

"Knowing those two of course come on let's get inside and make camp. Once the sun comes back out we'll go looking for them" said Barriss as she headed down the cave.

Ahsoka looked back out the cave worried for Michael and Zach. "You two better be careful" said Ahsoka before she followed her friend down.

Michael's pov

Zach and I lost track of the woman and were now running for our lives as a storm got to us and we were running from the deadly lightning that was trying to hit us. "Damn damn damn this blows" I said as one of the lightnings's nearly hit me.

"Michael a cave right over there" pointed Zach to a cave that didn't seem to be affected by the storm. Zach and I ran towards the cave and leapt inside before the lightning hit us. Zach and I got up and sighed in relief that we made it.

"Think the girls are okay?" I asked as I got up.

"Oh yeah they're fine knowing those two they got to the ship and are calling for help" said Zach as he laid back on the cave trying to catch his breath.

I sighed and noticed something bright coming from one of the mountains. "Hey Zach what's that?" I asked as I pointed to the light.

Zach got out his binoculars and noticed it as well. "Don't know looks like some sort of building on top of that mountain. And I bet ten credits that that's where our glowing lady friend went to."

"I'll take that bet let's go" I said as Zach and I headed towards the building.

Zach and I dodge most of the lightning and climbed up the mountain where we arrived to some sort of monastery building. We looked around cautiously to make sure there were no guards or anyone around. We soon walked up the steps and went inside the building. When we got inside we saw right in front of us across the halls was two statues and in the middle was another. In front of the middle statue was an old man who a long white beard and majestic robe. We walked towards the old man who seemed to be in a meditating pose with his eyes closed. Zach and I decided to sit down and wait for him to finish his mediation.

Soon he opened his eyes and welcomed us. "Welcome my friends" said the old man who we assumed was the Father the Daughter talked about.

"I take it your the Father correct?" asked Zach.

"That is right" said the Father.

"Could you please tell us why you wanted us?" I asked wondering why the Father wanted to see us.

"To learn the truth of who you two really are. One of which you two knew all along" said the Father as he stood up and walked towards us. We stood up as he approached us "One which you must believe in order to fulfill your destinies" said the Father.

Zach and I looked at each other confused on what he meant. "What do you mean the truth and our destiny?" asked Zach.

We soon heard the storm nearby and knew that it came here as well. "As you two can see there is nowhere else to go. It is late you two will be my guests tonight" said the Father as he showed us to our rooms.

"Fine but no funny business old man we're both sharing a room" said Zach.

"Very well follow me then" said the Father as he led us to our room to rest. Maybe once we got some sleep we would be able to get our answers.

Caves (Ahsoka's pov)

Barriss and I made camp and were lucky enough to make a fire. We talked about what we were going to do and if the boys were all right. Barriss knew they were as did I but something about what the Daughter said about the two that made me worry. Barriss decided we should get some rest and that when the storm was gone we would go find them. Barriss slept across from me as I laid my head on a nearby boulder. It was cold but it was good enough to sleep on.

I soon began to hear something, a voice, a female voice that sounded familiar. "Are you happy child?" asked the voice as I opened my eyes. I looked over trying to find who spoke when i heard the voice again. "Your master does he treat you well?" asked the voice. I looked around and soon across from me was an older Togruta woman.

I stood up and had my hand on my lightsaber. "What concern of it is yours?" I asked in a stern firm tone.

"I am your future your potential" said the woman who indeed looked like me only older. Her lekku is bigger and her headtails were long, not to mention her clothing looked like mine.

"This is a trick" I said activating my lightsabers thinking this was some sort of trick.

"There is a wildness in you young one. Seeds of the dark side planted by your master, do you feel it?" said the older me.

"No he is like no other jedi passionate, impulsive, but I trust him with my life" I said not believing what the older me said.

"There are many contradictions in you and in him" said the older me. "This is what he will use to hurt the one you love, the one we love."

"I don't know what you're talking about" I said trying to deny what she may know about Michael and me.

"You will in time" said the older me as I saw the fire near her began to ignite some more. "Be warn you may never see your future if you remain his student. Leave this planet" said the older me as she disappeared in the fire.

I woke up panting and looked around quickly to see that it was just a dream. I breathed in and out before thinking back on my dream. Why did I have that dream? What could it mean? And was she really my future? All of these thoughts went through my mind till I decided to wake up Barriss.

"Ahsoka what's wrong?" asked Barriss as she rubbed her eyes wondering why her friend woke her up.

"I had a vision I think Michael and Zach are in trouble" I said. Barriss got up and followed me outside where we saw the storm was disappearing. We carefully walked out and headed off to find the boys.

(Michael's pov)

Zach and I were sharing a room sleeping after the Father showed us where we could rest. Zach slept sitting up while I slept lying down. I had trouble sleeping at first since sleeping on the floor. But after finding the right sleeping position was able to get some sleep. But after an hour sleeping I began to have some sort of weird dream. Then I heard a voice, a female voice nearby. I opened my eyes quickly and saw Zach was not there. Before I had a chance to say something I saw someone in the corner of the room. "Who are you step out of the shadows" I said as I held my lightsaber in my hand.

The figure stood out of the shadow and I suddenly felt my heart skip. "It can't be...your...your suppose to be...dead" I said as the figure came out into the light. It was a woman in her 30's wearing long black tight pants, black tube top that reached her stomach, long black sleeves, gloves, was wearing a black battle skirt, and black boots. Her black hair reached to her shoulders, her eyes were blue, and her skin was light dark.

"It's been a while hasn't it Michael?" said the woman.

"Ma-mas-master Ziva" I said shock to see my old master.

"Hello Michael I am glad to see you again" said Ziva as she approached Michael till he backed away. "Michael what is wrong?" asked Ziva wondering why Michael backed away from her.

"I'm glad to see you again master it's just're supposed to be dead Master Ziva no offense" I said a bit worried that this woman was my master or not.

Ziva smiled and knew Michael was right. "It is true I am dead yet here I am. Perhaps you know how that is possible" said Ziva. Michael began to think for a moment trying to figure out what his former master was saying. "Come on Michael I taught you about this when I trained you in the ways of the force."

"You're not here physically but here using the force" I said realizing what was going on.

"This place is where the force flows through. It acts as both an amplifier and as a magnet. This planet is strong with the force and it allows me to come here to see you" said Ziva as she explained to Michael how she was here.

I could sense she was telling the truth and I could not sense anything evil. Yet I still couldn't believe what I was seeing. "Master I missed you" I said.

"As do I my young apprentice, I am glad to see that you and Zach have grown up so much since I last saw you two. You have done so much in the amount of time you have been with the jedi" said Ziva as she approached her former padawan. "I am proud of you both, you two have become the men I have foresaw you two would one day become" said Ziva.

"It was all thanks to you master that we got to be where we are today" I said glad to see Master Ziva again.

"No you two did it all on your own, you were tempted in the past by the sith to join the darkside and yet despite all of the pain you have been through you never fell for it" said Ziva sounding proud of Michael and Zach for not giving in to the darkside. "But there is more in store for you two especially now."

"What do you mean?" I asked wondering what she meant.

"There are three beings looking for you two who believe that you two are destined for something important. Something that could very well change the fate of the galaxy for the better or worse" said Ziva as she stood before Michael and faced him. "Michael you and Zach must be careful if you are to leave this place you must work as one and leave this place soon" said Ziva.

"We will master I promise" I said. Master Ziva leaned forward and even though she couldn't touch me she placed her hand on my cheek.

"I know you will, take care Michael. Oh and take great care of your girl, she is going to need you soon more than you know" said Ziva as she disappeared.

I woke up and sat up rubbing my head. "Good dream?" asked Zach as I looked over and saw Zach rubbing his neck.

"Yeah how did you..." I smiled and realized that I wasn't the only one who saw her. "You saw her didn't you?" I asked,

"Yep Master Ziva coming in my dream, told me she was proud of us, and how we need to get off this planet and soon" said Zach as he got up and helped me up as well.

"Yeah so shall we go pay our bearded friend another visit" I said. Zach nodded as we left the room and headed off to see the Father.

We came back to the hall where the Father was and we approached him carefully. Zach and I had our lightsabers at hand as we approached him. "Cannot sleep?" asked the Father.

"Kind of hard when we have a dream about our dead master seeing us. That and the fact that perhaps you're not some ordinary old man" said Zach as we kept our guard up.

"We guessed that your neither a sith nor a jedi are we right?" I asked.

"You are correct young ones. I am neither sith or jedi, I am much more and so you two" said the Father.

"What do you mean old man? No more riddles tell us what do you know?" asked Zach.

"Perhaps it's best first I show you what I can do. Activate your lightsaber and bring it close to me" said the Father as he turned to me.

I hesitated but sense he was serious. I activated my lightsaber and brought it close to his face. I waited till he placed his hand on my lightsaber's blade surprising me and Zach that it didn't cut his hand. "Some call us force wielders" said the Father as he pushed my lightsaber's blade back in my saber.

"Force wielders?" I asked surprise by what we just saw.

"The jedi never spoke of us about this nor has our master ever told us about force wielders" said Zach who was just as surprise as me.

"Few know of our existence and including the sith. We have many abilities including taking on many forms. The shapes we embodied is merely a reflection of the life force around us" said The Father as he explained to us what he and other force wielders can do.

"So you can even take on forms of those who are dead?" asked Zach wondering if who we saw was actually our master or not.

"Some yes, but what you two saw was indeed your master. My children and I can manipulate the force like no other therefore it was necessary to withdraw from the temporal world and live here as anchorites" said the Father.

"As a sanctuary?" I asked.

"And a prison, you cannot imagine what pain it is to have so much love for your children and realized they could tear apart the fabric of our universe" said the Father.

"So wait you have another child then?" asked Zach.

"Yes my son, he tried to come in and see you two but I removed him from here before he could see you" said the Father. "It is here that I can control them a family in balance the light and the dark, day with night, destruction replace with creation."

"Huh if he's anything like your daughter then I can see why you did then. So tell us why did you want us here?" I asked wondering why he wanted to see us.

"There are some that would like to exploit our power. The sith are but one, Too much dark and light would be the undoing of life as you know it" said the Father as he told us his reasons for revealing themselves to us. "When I received word that the chosen one has been found I needed to see for myself" said the Father as he turned to us both.

"First of all the chosen one is a myth and second of all you think one of us is the chosen one?" asked Zach.

"Is it? I would very much want to know, but I assure you that neither of you is the chosen one. But something just as important as the chosen one" said the Father.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Long ago there was three seers that's foresaw the future. One saw the chosen one defeating the sith and restoring balance to the force, the other saw the chosen one falling to the dark side and nearly destroyed the galaxy, but the third foresaw something greater than what the other two saw" said the Father as he explained to Zach and me what it was. "The third foresaw two powerful beings brought to the universe by the force to help the chosen one defeat the sith. One born of the day of light while the other born in the night of darkness, one ying and one yang, both good and evil" said the Father. "One would help save the chosen one from falling down the dark path and the other would face the dark lord and weaken him for the chosen one to defeat."

Zach and I looked at each other wondering if who the old man mean was us. "And you think that we're the ones from the prophecy?" I asked.

"Yes I believe so, why don't we find out together. Pass one test and I shall know the truth" said the Father.

"What kind of test because if it's a writing test then let me say I didn't bring anything to write" said Zach trying to be funny but I knew he failed.

"[Sigh] What kind of test?" I asked

"Just a simple test, once you're done then you and your friends may leave" said the Father.

Zach and I looked at each other and knew we didn't have much of a choice in this. "Deal" I said.

"Good follow me then" said the Father as we followed him.

"What do you think?" I asked whispering to Zach.

"Either he is insane or he could be telling the truth. Either way only one way to find out right?" said Zach as he whispered back.

"I guess so" I said as we walked fast so we could catch up to the Father.

Meanwhile Barriss and Ahsoka were walking through the fields trying to look for the boys. As they passed by some of the trees they saw the light behind them coming up and soon life around them began to re-grow.

"The longer we stay here the stranger this place gets" said Ahsoka as she saw the plants regrew and the grass brought back to life as well.

"It appears the planet is renewing itself" said Barriss.

"What about Michael and Zach? Think those two are all right?" asked Ahsoka who seemed worried for the boys especially Michael.

"They'll be fine they have dealt with much worse and strange places than this one. Not to mention foes as well" said Barriss who didn't seem too worry for the boys.

"How can you be so calm Barriss?" asked Ahsoka.

"I learned that if I worry too much for Zach that I would make a mistake in battle or in my training. Besides no matter what happens those two just find a way to get themselves out of trouble" said Barriss.

For Ahsoka she knew her friend was right. No matter how many times Michael has gotten himself in difficult situations like Anakin has. He always finds a way to get himself out of it. "I hope your right Barriss" said Ahsoka.

As the two continued walking the two failed to noticed they were being followed by something flying in the sky. Then they saw a black shadow heading towards them and the last thing the two saw was a black and bright light creatures heading towards them

(Zach's pov)

Michael and I arrived outside to some sort of court yard where we saw on the floor the symbols of ying and yang painted on the floor. The Father brought us to the middle of the circle where it looked like we were waiting for someone. While we waited Michael and I talked over what the Father said about us. "So um which one of us do you think is the yang or ying?" I asked whispering to Michael.

"Hmmm well you're more of a bad guy then me when it comes to acting so maybe I am the good guy" said Michael who didn't lose his focus on the Father.

"Yeah that make sense, I wonder what kind of test would he want us to take though" I asked.

"I don't know but whatever it is I hope we get it over with soon so we can find the girls and get out of here" said Michael.

"I know don't worry this probably won't take long" I said.

"Are you two ready for your test?" asked the Father. We nodded and waited for him to respond. "Good then let us begin." We then heard a loud screeching roar, as we looked up we saw what looked like a giant black bat gargoyle and the other was a bright winged gryphon. But what they had in their claws was what made us worry. With the bad creature it had Ahsoka in its claws and the other had Barriss. Both holding on to them tight as they were across from us.

"What the hell is this let them go now, we will not play your games with our friend's life on the line" I demanded.

"Oh but you will, I have ordered my children to kill your friends. The only way for you two to save them is to force my children to free them" said the Father as he disappeared from behind us and was on top of the pillar watching us.

"What do you mean we have to force them?" I asked as we looked back and forth to where our girls were.

"You two can control them but you can only control the ones you two are meant to control. Good with good and evil with evil, now choose" said the Father.

"Guys save Ahsoka, don't worry about me" said Barriss as both her arms were trapped in the claws of the gryphon while Ahsoka had one arm trapped in the gargoyle creature.

"Michael, Master Ziva said the force is being flown through this planet right?" I asked Michael who nodded in agreement. "Plus the force is strong here and she said it was an amplifier, which means we could tap into the force here and use it to bring them down" I suggested.

"But am I the good or evil one?" asked Michael worried he would choose wrong and get Ahsoka killed.

"I think we both know the answer to that right?" I said. Michael nodded and we both knew which one we would strike on.

Michael and I concentrated as we turned to our opponents. Once we found what we needed we striked together. "You will let them go NOW!" we shouted in unison as we both used the force push me with the gryphon and Michael with the gargoyle. Our power forced the creatures back. I lifted the gryphon creature off the ground while Michael did the same with the other. The sky above us began to change from light to darkness then to both. The ground below us began to shine as the circles began to glow. Once we had them up we used the force to have them relase the girls as they backed away from the creatures. We brought them closer to use till he force pushed them towards the wall. They soon got up and went after the girls. They activated their lightsabers but we stopped the creatures again.

I stopped the gryphon from reaching Barriss and forced it away from her till I brought it down. Michael did the same with the gargoyle as he pulled it away from Ahsoka and brought it near the gryphon creature. We soon joined forces and forced the creatures on their knees till they reverted back to their humanoid forms on their knees and hands. Once they were down we calmed down and soon everything went back as it was. The light came back and the girls stood behind us surprised by what they saw.

"And now you two do you believe me now?" asked the Father as he appeared behind us. "Do you two now see who you truly are?"

"Yeah we do now, now it's your turn to keep your word and let us go" I said a little tired by what we did.

"Ah but first you two must understand the truth. Now all of you leave us" said the Father asking everyone to leave except Michael and me.

"Michael don't trust him" whispered Ahsoka to Michael.

"I know" said Michael understanding Ahsoka by what she meant.

Everyone soon left leaving us to talk with the old man. "Do you feel your destiny then? You must see it now, I am dying and you two must replace me" said the Father.

"Whoa wait a minute what about the whole helping the chosen one thing from turning evil and saving the universe?" I said surprise by what the old man said.

"Keeping my children from leaving will keep the universe save. As for the chosen one I believe he will save the universe with or without you two" said the Father.

Michael and I looked at each other and we both knew our answer. "I am sorry but we can't accept this, I hope you understand our choice and respect it" said Michael.

"I cannot force you to take this then. The choice must be yours, but I only hope the choice you made will be one you two will not regret" said the Father.

Michael and I looked at each other and knew we made our choice. We left the Father and headed off to find the others. Once we arrived to where the ship was we saw the girls were onboard getting things ready for takeoff. Ahsoka got off the ship and ran into Michael hugging him. "Happy to see you too Ahsoka, glad your okay" said Michael as I walked passed him and saw Barriss up the ramp. I approached her and kissed her.

"Ready to leave?" I asked. Barriss nodded as I went inside and followed her.

"So what did the old man want from you two?" asked Ahsoka as she lets go of the hug.

"Oh well I'll tell you about it once we're out of here" said Michael as he kissed Ahsoka on the cheek.

"All right then let's get out of there then" said Ahsoka as she walked up the ramp with Michael right behind her. Michael looked back to the monastery and thought about what the Father said. In his mind he did hope the choice Zach and him made was a good one. "Michael you okay?" asked Ahsoka.

"Yeah let's go" said Michael as he looked back to Ahsoka and knew he did in his mind made the right choice. He walked up the ramp and soon the ship began to take off preparing to leave the planet and the force wielders inside of it.

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Jason: I am looking forward to the next chapter especially when I have plan.

Ahsoka: I have been hearing rumors that it involves me. Is it true?

Jason: Sorry but after what I said to your friend Barriss I am not going to reveal any more secrets.

Ahsoka: About that she disappeared for two days before she came back. I asked her where she went and she told me she didn't know. Jason what did you do to her?

Jason: All I did was send her to see some top men.

Ahsoka: Who?

Jason: Top Men...goodbye for now and see you all next time.