Blaine, Kurt and many others students were sat in their common room many at different desks doing various studies, some reading and a few just having a quiet gossip with their friends across different tables. Kurt and Blaine were one of the many 'studying' or at least trying to, they both kept getting distracted by small movements and gestures made by each other and it seemed Blaine had given up studying completely as he had his I-pod plugged into each ear and was now quietly humming along with a few of the numbers while shooting sly glances at Kurt from time from time.

Blaine had just finished listening to hot 'n' cold by Katy Perry (he was obsessed) and before he new it he was singing rather loudly to the chorus of 'Don't you want me?' many heads were soon looking his way, he blushed and apologised quietly and saying something about 'getting carried away', Kurt looked at him muttering 'you think?' and winked, sending shivers down Blaine's spine, before turning back to his books. Blaine had recently been to a party with some of Kurt's friends, got drunk, kissed Rachel Berry and then sung a duet with her to 'Don't you want me?' and since then it had been stuck in his head. About 2 weeks ago Rachel had kissed him when he was sober and Blaine then realised he was imagining he was kissing Kurt. It was at this time he had said to Rachel 'I'm gay, 100 % gay" and now he didn't know what to do about Kurt, he was in love with him.

The stunning voice of Blaine Anderson at the next chorus of 'Don't you want me?' soon rang out in the common room. Before Kurt new what he was doing he had grabbed Blaine's blazer and had pulled him up to a standing position, they were nose to nose. Blaine was shocked.

"Yes Blaine I do bloody want you, now be a man and kiss me!" The couple now had an audience of the full common room most of whom were now cat calling and wolf whistling at Kurt's sentence, Blaine just stood there for a moment trying to register what Kurt had just said when chants of "Kiss, kiss kiss!" rang out from their audience. Kurt had not let go of Blaine's blazer so Blaine followed his lead, grabbing Kurt's tie and crashing their lips together. It was amazing and Kurt couldn't help but run his tongue along Blaine's lips and he was gained access not a second later both moaned into the kiss and grinned. Cheering had erupted throughout the common room but it was nothing compared to the fireworks exploding in both Blaine and Kurt's head.

Kurt soon felt Blaine pushing his shoulders, although Blaine did not try to break the kiss at all, it was then Kurt realised Blaine was trying to lead him up to his dormitory without breaking away, facing the sad reality that this was not going to happen Kurt reluctantly broke away, soon grabbing Blaine's hand and practically sprinting up to his dorm.

They were soon inside Blaine's room and soon Kurt found himself pushed up against the back of Blaine's door. Wow! He thought, this is what love should be like.

Kurt pulled back slightly to murmur against Blaine's lips
"I love you so much Blaine Anderson"

Blaine's heart fluttered and he didn't even have to think before saying

"I love you more Kurt Hummel"

"Don't test me Blaine!" Kurt said softly before pushing their lips together once more.

Blaine had found a distraction to his 2nd favourite song 'Don't you want me?' and had decided it had awarded itself with joint 1st place with Teenage Dream, that was of course the first time he met Kurt.

If this is the reaction I get to singing in front of Kurt next week at the Warblers meeting, I'm gunna blow him away. Blaine decided before melting into the kiss once more. Amazing.