Okay so don't kill me for writing this I just want to see so much smut that it's all my brain can think about so sorry if it seems a little too much...well maybe not.

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Kurt had yet to inform his father that he did in fact have a boyfriend now and that boyfriend was none other than hot, sexy, gorgeous Blaine. The one boy that he liked that was gay. The one boy that had kissed him like he mattered that he hoped was going to be there with him for all future experiences. If that didn't happen it would all go down hill but then again this was high school and you never know where you will find your true love. So Kurt was bring Blaine home when no one else was going to be around since Blaine's father wasn't exactly happy with his son's sexuality but they wanted to be alone at least for a little bit.

Kurt had went and made sure that no one was going to be home for at least a few hours. His dad was still having some ideas that he and Blaine had done something the one time he has slept over. So he was trying to brake it to his dad kind of gently.

Blaine was going to come over after school so Kurt had raced home to make sure that everyone was gone. He didn't like lying but right now he just didn't know how to tell his dad and Finn that he had a boyfriend. So when he walked in he made sure that all of Finn's mess was off the couch, and then ran up to his room to make sure it looked nice. Just in case they decided to go upstairs, Kurt thought. When he heard the knock he ran down the stairs and opened the door.

"Hey," he said kind of breathless, not just from the run down the stairs but also from the look in his boyfriends eyes. He was swept into one of the most passionate kisses that Blaine had ever given him. Some how he had become pressed up against the door and was being thoroughly kissed. When they broke apart for air Blaine started to kiss his neck and removing the tie.

"Hello, so everyone gone for the day?" Blaine asked in between kisses.

"For the next few hours why?" Kurt let out a moan as the older boy slipped his hand down to his very engorged penis.

"I'm going to explore you for a while. No sex but still explore. And you can explore me to your hearts content." Blaine kissed his lips again and started to slowly undress his boyfriend.

"Not here, oh god, don't stop," Kurt was so caught up in the feel of his boyfriend's hands all over his chest and back that he was willing to bet he could lose his virginity right here and now and not care for days.

When he had Kurt topless he walked him into the living room and pushed him onto the couch. God after two weeks and not getting to see if Kurt was willing to at least take their relationship one step further, he just wanted to see if his dreams had any true standing when it came to them being hot and sweaty at some point in their future. He settled onto Kurt, placing certain parts next to each other and kissing the blue eyes boy cross eyed. He couldn't wait to see how far they could take this. But he didn't want to go all the way just discovering what the other liked and didn't like.

Kurt literally ripped his shirt off and started to explore the fine chest and felt the crisp, curly chest hairs meet his fingers and palms. At the same time they were rubbing their now very clear erections against each other and letting out little gasps and moans when they felt that jolt of pleasure race through them.

Some how Blaine had lost his pants and was now in just his boxers. Kurt was hanging out of his pants. Blaine started to kiss the taller boys chest and lick at his rigid nipples, he heard the moan that escaped that delicious mouth that called to him begging him the kiss them again and again.

"Blaine we, god that's amazing, we need to go up, don't you dare stop, to my room. Just, oh my god, in case."

Blaine lifted his head and looked at Kurt. "But you just told me not to stop. So which is it, go upstairs or don't stop?"

"Both, let's go up and then you can't stop."

Blaine pulled Kurt up the stairs to his room and then closed the door. And started to strip the boy even further of what was left on his lower half. "God, you look amazing naked you know that right?"

"No, but I think you're bias."

"Completely," Blaine smiled evilly and push Kurt onto his bed and started to kiss his way down to the now exposed erection. He kissed the head at first and then took him into his mouth and started to lick and suck as he listened to Kurt moaning his name. It was making him air hump the bed and he was getting really close to his release. But then again so was Kurt.

"Oh God BLAINE!" Kurt yelled as he let go and came inside of Blaine's mouth. Once he had caught his breath he saw Blaine smiling down at him just before he was once again kissed. This time he could taste himself in the kiss, and it was sexy as hell.

"You taste so sweet, Kurt, you have no idea how nice it is to actually taste you and it wasn't a dream."

Kurt looked down and saw that Blaine had yet to come. So following his boyfriend's lead he went down without any hesitation and started to suck Blaine's cock as best he could. He had heard some girls at school talking about how it was done and was now applying their knowledge to the task at hand, or mouth if you thought about it.

He felt hands in his hair pushing him further down and Kurt just went with it. The taste was salty yet it wasn't to the point that he wanted to stop. That was when he heard Blaine tell him he was just about to come and started to move faster just so he could make him come. Blaine screamed out Kurt's name as he exploded into the moist haven that now housed his cock.

When Kurt pulled away and saw that Blaine was smiling he knew that he had done something right. Blaine just pulled him up and kissed him. They laid there looking at each other when they heart someone come home.

Kurt shot up and covered his mouth. They had forgotten to grab their clothes. Then he looked at the clock. Who ever it was was early, too early. When he heard the footsteps coming up the stairs he knew right then that it was his father.

Blaine was pulling on his boxers when the door opened. Burt just stood there looking at the two boys with shock written across his face. He hadn't expected this, not right now.

"So this is why you asked me to talk to him about sex? So that you two could do it?"

"No Mr. Hummel, that's not it at all. We were just going to hang out today and possibly make out a little. This was not expected. I promise. I care about Kurt, a lot. I never thought that it would go this far this fast. Hell we're both still virgins it just kind of got…"

"Naked?" Kurt said. "It kind of happened really fast and I don't think we were thinking every much when it started."

"Kurt you usually get home around four and its just know going on five thirty. You expect me to believe that you two didn't have sex?"

"No but will you just listen. The only thing that happened was um…was um…"

"Was what Kurt? Because from where I am it looks like you two had sex."

"Then one of us won't be walking right Dad. We were just exploring. You know seeing what the other likes."

"How long Kurt? How long have you two been together?"

"Just before Regionals. I wanted to tell you some other way but Dad I didn't know how to tell you."

"Kurt you just can't bring a guy home when no one's around. It's not respectful. I know that you really like him but think for a moment. Do you have condoms? Have you to even went and got tested just incase? Next time you think you can bring him over talk to me or Carol first and not after. I don't want to tell you what you can and can not do but damn it Kurt. I want to know what's going on in your life."

"I know Dad, we just wanted to be alone for a little bit. We just needed to be alone for awhile. We haven't really done much any ways. We just wanted to be alone that's all."

"I know and understand that. But here's a tip for next time. Don't leave clothes thrown all over the place next time. I mean hell. A shirt and tie in the Kitchen, a whole out fit in the living room, a pare of pants on the stairs. Just think of where you are next time."

Burt walked out after throwing their clothes on the bed. The two boys just looked at each other not know what to say. Blaine fell back on the bed and started to laugh.

Kurt started to laugh as well. It wasn't exactly how he wanted to tell his dad about Blaine but hell this way worked too.