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Chapter Six

It was the weekend and everyone would be meeting at Rachel's place. Kurt was dragging Blaine along because he didn't want to be without his boyfriend if he didn't have to. It was the first really nice weekend that people could be out in a pool and since Rachel was the only one to have a pool everyone was going.

Once there all those who knew just smiled at Kurt and those who didn't thought that Kurt was just bringing Blaine along because Kurt wanted to. Kurt just took off his shirt and shoes and dove into the water while Blaine had to change and then he did a swan dive into the pool that would lead him Kurt. When he surfaced he grabbed Kurt and whispered into the other boys ear.

"I love you, Kurt. When we get back to your place can I please suck you off again. It's been awhile."

Kurt started to blush and tried to turn around. "Blaine, we missed around yesterday. It hasn't been that long. But if you let me take care of you as well I don't see why not." Blaine just smiled and kissed Kurt's cheek.

Everyone at one point in time saw the two of them being affectionate toward each other and put two and two together. It was a nice day but by the time to leave Puck walked up to them saying that no one was leaving until they saw Kurt and Blaine make out.

"I've seen more so I'm leaving, thanks for the party Rachel." Finn said as he walked away.

"Yeah Kurt. Show us what that boyfriend of yours can do with that mouth of his," Santana added.

Blaine wanting to get back to Kurt's house as soon as possible grabbed Kurt's face and just started to make out with him in front of everyone and when Kurt started to kiss him back Blaine pushed him up against a wall and started to grind into his boyfriend.

"Oh dolphin sex. Yes, I always wanted to watch dolphins have sex," Brittany said as she sat down to watch them make out.

Blaine pulled away and dragged Kurt behind him. Once at Kurt's Blaine pushed Kurt up the stairs into his room. He closed the door but didn't lock it. Blaine attacked Kurt's lips and started to strip his boyfriend of his clothes while Kurt did the same. "You seriously didn't have to kiss me like that. Now I think I'm going to torture you until you are begging me to let you come in my mouth."

"As long as it is you and no one else. I'm fine with the torture. As long as I get you inside of me one way or another." Blaine said as he pushed Kurt on to the bed and started to rub the slimmer boy's erection while he kissed and sucked his way down to said protruding member. When all he did was lightly lick the head of precum he moved down to Kurt's feet. Kissing each little digit he looked at Kurt, then wrapped his lips around the large toe. Kurt had never thought of this as being arousing but he was so wrong. He felt each pull and lick all over his body. Blaine then worked his way back up to throbbing erection and started to work it with his hand and then his mouth and tongue. When Kurt felt that he was getting close he pulled Blaine off and started to blow his own boyfriend's mind with his own tongue and mouth routine.

"Kurt I thought that you wanted me to get you off. Not…oh fuck that…" Blaine just threaded his fingers into Kurt's hair and started to pump his hips as he started to get closer to the edge. Kurt pulled back and started to kiss Blaine's lips while grinding their erections together. Blaine grabbed onto Kurt's ass and started to rub the space between the hole and balls. Kurt started to buck and rub himself against Blaine faster. While Blaine knew that this would really drive the boy crazy he couldn't wait to when they would be ready to take it even further and go all the away. Finally when both started to come they moaned out the other's name and just let the feelings and emotions wash over them.

Laying in each others arms was the best after something like that. Just holding the other person while they drifted down from the heavens.


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