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Jurassic Park: The Island

A few hours later, the four of us were sat in a helicopter with two other men. One was the lawyer, Gennaro, that Mr Hammond had told us about, looked to be in his 40s . And the second man looked to be in his late 30s early 40s, black hair, eyes hidden behind dark sun glasses and wearing all black.

"So, you three dig up dinosaurs?" the dark hair man asked us.

"We try to." My dad answered him.

He then starts laughing which confuses me and dad.

"You'll have to get use to Dr. Malcolm! He suffers from a deplorable excess of personality, especially for a mathematician!"

"Chaotician, actually! Chaotician!"

Hammond snorted, not even bothering to cover up his disdained look on his face.

"John doesn't subscribe to Chaos, particularly what it has to say about his little science project."

"Codswollop! Ian, you've never come close to explaining these concerns of yours about this island."

"I certainly have! Very clearly! Because of the behaviour of the system in phase space!"

"A load of, if I may say so, of fashionable number crunching, that's all it is!" Malcolm then squeezed Hammond's knee, to which he shoved away. "I wish you wouldn't do that!"

Malcolm chuckled and turned to us. "Have you three ever heard of Chaos Theory?"

Ellie and I say no as we shake our heads.

"No? Non-linear equations? Strange attractions?"

Again we both shook our heads. He then looked to Ellie. "Dr. Sattler, I refuse to believe that you aren't familiar with the concept of attraction."

My dad and I roll our eyes as Malcolm grins at Ellie. "I bring scientists, you bring a rock star." Hammond said to the lawyer, who then looked lost for words as he tried to think of something to defend himself with. Just then Hammond looked out of the window. "There it is!"

We all looked out of the window and saw we were coming to an island that was full of trees, grass and a rive that ran through the island and into the ocean.

The helicopter started to descend. "Bad wind shears! We have to drop fast! So hold on, this can be a little thrilling!"

I yelled a little when the helicopter started to bounce all of a sudden. We put our seat belts straight away, apart from dad who couldn't figure out his seat belt so inside tied it around his waist, which I had to chuckle at.

A few minutes later we had finally landed and a couple of Jeeps revered back. We all got into the Jeeps. Dad, Ellie and Malcolm in one and me, Hammond and Gennaro in the other. Gennaro and Hammond start talking about legal stuff while I enjoy looking in awe at the scenery. The only time I look up is when Hammond tells the driver to stop the Jeep. I wonder what's happening but play along with it as the first Jeep stops.

After a few seconds I suddenly hear something to my left. I look and stop. 'That's not...' I think to myself as I get up and stand on the seat to get a closer look. It is...It's a Brachiosaur...a dinosaur! I quickly get out of the Jeep and run up to dad as he jumps out. "Dad..."

"I know...I see it..." He says as he takes my hand and walks closer, with Ellie right behind us. "It's...It's a dinosaur..."

"I don't believe it..." I say in disbelief while staying by dad.

"We can tear up the rule book on cold-bloodedness. It doesn't apply, they're all totally wrong!"

"This is a warm-blooded creature..."

"This thing doesn't live in a swamp!" Ellie pipes up.

"That thing's got a what twenty-five, twenty-seven foot neck?" Dad asks Hammond as he walks over.

"The Brachiosaur? Thirty." Hammond answers.

I jump back with dad as the dinosaur suddenly stands on its hind legs to reach the leaves at the very top of the tree and slam its legs back into the earth.

"How fast are they?" Dad asks.

"Well we clocked the T-Rex at thirty-two miles an hour." Hammond replies.

I look at him. "A T-T-Rex? Y-You said you have a T-Rex?" I ask not believing it, he just nods at me as dad grabs his shoulders. "Say it again?"

Hammond laughed a little. "We have a T-Rex."

Dad suddenly goes faint as he sits down. "Honey, put your head in between your knees and breathe." Ellie said excitedly as she continued watching the Brachiosaur.

"Dr. Grant, Dr. Sattler and my dear Olivia. Welcome to Jurassic Park." Hammond said.

I suddenly heard a noise and looked to my left and couldn't believe what I saw. A herd of about 40-50 dinosaurs of different kinds.

I sat with dad and he pulled me in front of him so that my back was against his chest and his arms around me. "They're moving in herds. You were right Liv...They do move in herds." I just smiled happily, holding onto his arms as I watched the dinosaurs. Ellie and Hammond knelt beside us.

"How did you do this?" Dad asked him.

"I'll show you." He simply replied.

The four of us then got back into the Jeeps and setted off again.

"What do you think so far Olivia?" Hammond asked me, catching me off guard a little.

I just smiled. "I think this is absolutely amazing! You don't often find me speechless but, oh my god! I love it!"

Hammond laughed. "Well, I hope you'll like what else we have in store."

I smiled as we started coming up to the main compound. 'If the rest of the tour is going to be like that, then I'm going to absolutely love it!' I thought to myself as the Jeeps stopped.

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