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It was an average, crime fighting day in Acmetropolis. The Loonatics had just put three invisible robbers in jail, when Zadavia called them to go to HQ. They jetted away towards the tall tower. Sitting at the round table, they wondered what Zadavia wanted to tell them.

"She probably wants to make me the official leader", said Danger Duck.

"In your dreams," said Lexi Bunny, "Ace is the only leader."

"Yeah-Ace-is-the-best-leader-but-we've-only-one-leader-unless-you-count-Zadavia-as-a-leader-but-she-is-the-boss-which-may-be—the-same-thing-but-you-never-know-," Rev Runner chatted on until Tech E. Coyote had a little machine put a rubber band around his beak.

"Actually, it concerns the whole team," Zadavia said as she entered the room, "There will be a new member added to the Loonatics." Everyone's eyes got big.

"I'd like you all to welcome Megan Neko."

A cat-girl wearing a black uniform with blue triangle stepped out from behind Zadavia. She had black ears, dark brown hair, and big blue eyes. She was about half the height of Zadavia but no taller than Duck.

"Why is she joining after a year and a half?" Tech asked.

"She was training and learning English," Zadavia explained, "Megan is from Japan."

"Why don't you introduce yourself", Zadavia put her hand on Megan's shoulder, pushing her forward. Her ears twitched as she began to talk.

"Um, my real name is Mikuru Neko and I am 17 and a half years old," Megan said with a small accent. "My powers are electricity, night vision, and martial arts." After a minute or two of asking questions and introductions, Zadavia left and everyone was now in the living room.

"At least I'm not the only girl anymore," Lexi said. Duck, who had been surprisingly quiet since Zadavia left, quacked in front of Megan sitting on the couch, and made her jump a little.

"Okay, newbie. These are the rules," Duck said, "Even if I'm not the leader, yet, I am still superior to you. This means you do stuff for me, like a freshman to a senior."

"You can't tell me what to do!" Megan snapped. Megan's eyes glowed light blue then static came out from her body and shocked Duck.

"Wow! Two minutes and you've already gotten on her bad side," said Lexi, "That's your personal best."

"Sumimasen," Megan said jumping over Duck, "Zadavia told me not use my powers in the tower unless necessary."

"Aw-that's-ok-Megan-Duck-gets-on-everybody's-nerves-sooner-or-later-it's-just-his-ego-ya-know?" Rev said as he appeared next to her. With Rev's fast talking, Megan couldn't understand what he was saying most of the time. So she just gave him a confused smile.

That night, Megan entered her new room for the second time. Her bed had purple and blue checkered squares on the cover, and stuffed animals and a blue M pillow on top. There were stickers, drawings, and pictures on the wall for decoration, her clothes in a silver dresser with figurines on top, and a dark blue laptop. 'Kind of like home' she thought, 'Except for the whole tower thing.' After putting on her blue and white, polka dot pajamas, Megan went straight to sleep.