Chapter 2: Information Gathered: Is Wraith a danger?

For the next couple of weeks, class went by normally and oddly, even missions were scarce. The new student, Wraith, didn't say a word to anyone and no one said anything to him. He always sat in the darkest part of the classroom, as not to be seen. Most students hadn't even seen his face. However, most didn't want to due to the uneasy feeling they got whenever he was near them.

It was April 20h and another day of class had gone by normally until Professor Stein asked Maka to stay behind after class. "Do you need me to stay, Maka?" Soul asked. She shook her head. "Go ahead and play basketball with the others. I'll catch up when I'm done." Soul nodded slightly and took after the others.

"You wanted to see me, Professor?" she asked softly upon reentering the classroom. Stein nodded. "Maka, I need to ask a favor." His voice was softer than normal. "What is it?" she tilted her head in curiosity. "I need someone to help Wraith prepare for the upcoming exam. I asked Tsubaki and she refused. I fully understand why, but I need one of my best students to help him with it." he explained.

Maka's heart started racing. "Um…why did Tsubaki turn it down?" she asked him. To herself she thought, "Tsubaki never turns anyone down who needs help. So it's not just me!"

Stein sighed. "Probably because she feels the same way you do now." she looked at the floor. "I…I don't know what it is about him." she said once she could answer without her voice breaking. "His soul is definitely chaotic, however, I doubt Lord Death would let him here if he was too dangerous." Stein adjusted his glasses and then his screw. "Maka, you are a strong girl. I know you will be safe. If you need to, go to the Death Room and speak to Lord Death about it first." He smiled.

Maka nodded. "Okay. I'll go have a talk with him, but you're right, I'll try to help Wraith."

As she left the classroom, she sighed in defeat. Maybe once she talked with Shinigami-Sama, all would be all right. Perhaps all the students, herself included, were just paranoid and misunderstood the boy.

As she made her way down the hallway to the Death Room, she couldn't help but talk to herself. "Maybe I just have trust issues."

She knew she had issues with men, except those close to her. Her father, Spirit, had spent his marriage cheating on her mother, Kami, and now that her mother had left him, he continued on the same path. Her hands balled into fists at the thought.

Maka took a deep breath before slowly opening the door that lead to the Death Room. "Maka! What's up, what's up?" Lord Death greeted her in his singsong voice. She had to smile upon entering the room.

Despite it being called the Death Room, it always made her feel comfortable and happy. Maybe it was the bright colors or maybe it was Lord Death himself.

"Maka! My girl!" Her smile instantly faded upon hearing the voice of her Death-Scythe father. "Not him…" she whined. Looking at Lord Death, she silently pleaded with him to send her father out.

"Spirit, go check on Professor Stein for me."

Spirit's eyes filled with tears as he ran closer to Maka. "But I want to hug my little girl!" Right before Spirit was able to put his arms around her, Lord Death acted.


Spirit picked himself off the floor and ran his hand through his red hair. "Ow! Okay. Why don't I go check on Stein?" he quickly saw himself out.

Maka started laughing alongside Lord Death whose only answer was "It never gets old."

"What brings you here, Maka?" he asked becoming slightly more serious. Maka's laughter stopped and her smile faded. "Professor Stein wants me to help the new student, Wraith, prepare for an exam…" \

He tilted his head, "and this surprises you why? Maka, you are one of the top students in your class!"

A blush of embarrassment made its way through her cheeks. "I don't feel comfortable with him." she answered honestly. "There is something about him that scares me." she whispered, looking at the floor.

Lord Death put his oversized hand on her shoulder.

"Maka, Wraith has his problems, much like everyone else here. In all honesty, he IS potentially dangerous." with this statement, Maka's head snapped up to face her Superior. She didn't understand.

"Sit down have a cup of tea and I'll explain." With her heart still racing, Maka sat down at the table. Within moments, a cup of hot green tea appeared before her. She wrapped her hands around the small cup.

"I don't understand, Shinigami-Sama." she looked into the eyes of his mask. "I cannot tell you everything, but I can give you some information." He took a sip of his tea and sighed. "Wraith has come from a troubled background. His parents are of the evil variety; however, they abandoned him at an early age. Spirit found him while on a mission with Stein recently. I believe there is hope for the boy if he remains here at the DWMA where he can be closely guarded and taught correctly."

Maka sighed. "So, despite the chaotic wavelengths, everyone should be safe?" she was still very unsure about this. Lord Death nodded. "Of course!" he laughed. She had to smile. "Alright." she whispered. "I'll try to help him." She quickly downed her tea. "Thank you!" she said with a slight bow before disappearing.

Lord Death sighed. He knew that they had to keep an eye on this boy and all staff had been called upon to help with this task.

He hoped that he was right and Wraith COULD truly be saved from his own self-destruction.

Meanwhile, Maka headed home. Two hours had passed since Soul had headed to the basketball court, so she figured he would already be home.

"Maka!" as soon as she opened the door, she was greeted by a familiar smile. "Soul, I am so sorry I didn't make it to the game." she apologized. He shrugged. "It's all good. Kid's team wiped the wall with us." He took her hand and led her to the couch. "So what did Professor Stein want?" he asked as they sat down.

Maka groaned and put her head in her hands, still distraught over the whole thing. "Stein wants me to help Wraith prepare for the upcoming exam. Tsubaki wouldn't do it, so I was the next choice." she explained. Soul bared his teeth and growled softly. "How in the hell could he ask you to do that? That Wraith guy is a creep! Everyone knows it!" Maka looked him in the eyes and smiled gently. "I said the same thing and spoke to Lord Death about it. I have his assurance that everything will be okay."

"What I haven't told anyone is despite being afraid of Wraith, I am strangely drawn to him. His need to stay hidden in darkness has me fascinated." Maka quickly pushed the thoughts out of her mind.

Soul sighed in defeat. "Well, I guess if he says it's safe…I still don't like it though." Maka laughed awkwardly. "Either do I…but, I trust Lord Death." he only nodded in agreement.

Something didn't sit right with him about this whole thing.

As Maka got up to take a shower, he made mental note to talk to her in the morning about doing the tutoring session at their place. Maybe this way, he could keep her safe.