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Trauma and Triumph Chapter 9

Tsubaki walked slowly to the bathroom, but stopped before entering. Turning, she saw Soul holding Maka in a loving but protective embrace. It was wonderful to see, however, she would have given anything for this to be a different situation. Her eyes filled with tears once more as she entered the bathroom, shutting the door behind her.

"How am I going to explain this to Shinigami-Sama?" she whispered. She knew he would be devastated over the news that one of His students had been harmed. She silently breathed on the mirror and then wrote the number they all knew so well. "42-42-564" She whispered softly.

"Tsubaki? Is that you? What's up, what's up?"

Tsubaki couldn't help but smile slightly as Lord Death's carefree face lit up the mirror. Remembering how late it was, she quickly bowed. "I am so sorry that I must contact you this late, Shinigami-Sama." He laughed softly in return. "Don't worry, Tsubaki. I know it must be important. What is it?"

She lifted her head slowly to face him. "There has been an incident. Maka has been injured pretty badly. We may need you to come here if it is possible."

The smile left Lord Death's face and He tilted His head in concern. "We have not gotten notice of an attack. Maybe we were not observant enough! Those Witches are getting more clever by the day…"

"It wasn't a witch!" Tsubaki interrupted. "Than what has happened?" He asked. She sighed. "It was Wraith. He raped Maka." she whispered. It was at that moment that she got a glimpse of how Lord Death looked ages ago. Angry. Terrifying. She knew that this hurt Him as much as anyone. The students had become like His own children. "I'll be right there. I am sending Kid as well!" Tsubaki bowed again before the mirror went black.

Slowly, she left the bathroom and made her way towards Soul. He was still holding Maka and rocking her gently. She placed her hand on his shoulder and leaned down to his ear. "Lord Death is on His way. He will also be sending Kid." Soul only nodded in response.

Realizing there wasn't much she could do, Tsubaki curled up on their couch to await for the arrival of the others.

"I am so sorry." Maka whispered burying her face into Soul's chest. "Hush! Don't you EVER be sorry. Do you understand?" she nodded, face still buried. He gently lifted her face towards him and realized he had never seen his Meister's eyes so dull…so lifeless. He kissed her forehead gently and ran his hand down her cheek. "Lord Death is on His way. Kid will probably be with Him which means the girls will also probably come." Maka pulled away and shook her head. "There's no need." she begged. "There is every reason to get them involved." Soul whispered.

They heard a banging on the door minutes.

"Maka! Papa's here! I'm here for my little girl!" "Oh Shinigami no!" Maka pleaded silently with Soul. "Please…make him leave!"

Tsubaki rose and put her arm around Maka. "I'll take her in the bedroom." Soul nodded and reluctantly let go of her. "I'll handle this." he promised her. Maka only nodded as Tsubaki ushered her into the bedroom, locking the door behind her.

"Open this damn door, or I'll knock it down! Maka, Papa's here!" Soul opened the door before Spirit could get a chance to destroy their home. "Where is she?" Spirit's eyes were shining from the tears that were forming. "In the bedroom with Tsubaki. Lord Death is on his way." Soul assured him. Spirit only pushed past him. "Just wait a couple of minutes. Please. Maka needs rest and you need a couple of minutes to breathe yourself." Spirit sighed realizing the young weapon had defeated him.

Soul took a deep breath and brought some hot tea to his guest. Spirit took a sip without a word. Soul sat beside him, his head in hands., already plotting his revenge against the monster who had dared touch his Maka. "My Maka. She needs to know how much I love her. Now more than ever." He looked over at Spirit who was in deep thought of his own.

Maka curled up on the bed close to her window, and watched the moon outside. "It's laughing at us you know." Tsubaki looked up. "Why would you say that?" she asked. Maka shrugged. "It just seems like it." She replied. Tsubaki picked up her friend's hair brush and sat beside her. "Turn around a little bit."

Maka obeyed.

Tsubaki began to slowly brush Maka's tangled hair. "I know it looks horrible…" Maka couldn't finish. "Don't worry about it. I want to help." her friend smiled gently and for the first time since this whole event had occurred, Maka was beginning to feel somewhat safe.

Lord Death and Kid headed towards Maka and Soul's residence. Hardly a word had been spoken once He had told His son why they were heading over there at such a horrible hour. Liz and Patti had wanted to come but Kid had talked them out of it, assuring them that everything was okay. He had been so wrong. "Do we know any details, Father?" Kid finally asked. His golden eyes no longer pierced the night as they normally did. Death shook His head. "Tsubaki was vague with it. I am hoping to get clarification once we arrive" He replied.

Out of nowhere, Spirit's anger rose within him causing him to grab the young weapon and throw him onto the floor. The act came so quickly, Soul didn't have a chance to respond until Spirit was on top of him, his hands around his throat. "What the hell? Get OFF of me!" Soul choked out. "You are her partner, damn it! You are the one who is supposed to protect her when I can't and you let something like this happen to my baby!" Soul wanted to respond but couldn't breathe enough to get out a word. "You son of a bitch!" Spirit was about to bring his fist down into Soul's face when they heard the sound of a door opening.

They both turned to see Maka standing outside of the bedroom door, Tsubaki by her side.

"GET OFF OF HIM!" she screamed.

Spirit didn't move and all Soul could see was an intense anger in his eyes.

Tsubaki made the first move, rushing towards the boys. "Spirit, please. This won't help, Maka. It'll only hurt her further."

When he still didn't move, Soul transformed his arm into a small scythe and raised it towards Spirit.


The home trembled at the sound of Lord Death's voice. Everyone turned to face Him and His son as they entered. "Spirit, you should know better! Get off of the child." Spirit instantly released Soul and hurried to stand in front of Lord Death, bowing before Him.

Kid's eyes widened in horror at the scene playing out in front of them. "I have never seen Death Scythe like this." he thought to himself. "But then again, his daughter had never been hurt like this."

Soul gasped for breath as Tsubaki helped him up. "Are you alright?" she whispered. He nodded. "I think I'll live, but that's so not cool." he mumbled as they both took a seat on the couch.

Lord Death did a face palm with this oversized hand. Sighing, He shook his head. "Sit down, Spirit." His voice was softer this time. He knew how Spirit had to be feeling right now, but damn it, attacking the students was NOT going to make the situation better.

Spirit sat on the couch beside Soul who scooted as far over as possible without pushing Tsubaki onto the floor.

Kid looked at His father. "What do we do, Father?" he asked softly. "Take it minute by minute and keep Spirit from killing anyone." was His only response..

Meanwhile, Maka had gone back in her bedroom, locking the door behind her. She buried her face in her pillow, unable to stop the tears that were flowing now. "Damn it. Look what I've started. I shouldn't have said a word."