Title: Intermission

Rating: T+ to M

Disclaimer: I own nothing

Notes - mostly random scenes and moments for Kelly and Annabelle as they finish out their year at St. Trinian's together.


This means war

It took about 3 seconds for all of St. Trinian's to know what had transpired between everyone's favorite Head Girl and the newest student. The news was made official by the Twins scorching a massive heart into the grass of the hockey pitch with the letters K+A in the middle. Kelly secretly thought it cute but kept up appearances by denying the Sopranos access to the recreational weapons cupboard for a week. She didn't know that Belle snuck the girls anything they wanted behind her back.

Their first arrival at breakfast together was celebrated with a flurry of exultant shrieks and groans. The room filled with activity as cash changed hands everywhere; wages won, lost and paid. Belle was pleased to notice even her Aunt had seen fit to invest in their chemistry. Looked like she took a solid monkey off Matron.

The wagers had been expected. What neither girl anticipated was the ongoing rabid obsession with their activities. The light hearted gags were mostly misses because Kelly knew every booby trap and trick in Trinian's history. It was the sheer intensity of their efforts that caught her by surprise. It had been less than a week and Kelly had already caught out more than a dozen pranks.

The fire extinguisher wired to the bed springs was predictable. Belle would've fallen for the trick champagne but Kelly chucked it out the window before it could explode. The congratulatory roses were immediately discarded since both girls knew there'd be a bug in them. Polly found the footage of Kelly and Annabelle's first kiss and then froze the frame, blew it up and printed over 2,000 copies. The rest of the geeks pasted them all over the school grounds overnight. For weeks to come people were opening drawers, cupboards, lockers or blinds and finding the steamy lip lock.

After five days of tricks and gags the Head Girl's patience was starting to wear thin. She wanted to be able to walk (or fall) into her room with Belle and NOT have to do a full inspection. She enjoyed the sport but it was a tad of a damper on the love life. Nothing worse than having to pause a shag because you heard a funny sound in the wardrobe.

This final prank had crossed the line. Yes, Belle thought it was funny as hell but Kelly was done. They'd come back from checking the Twins new still (the last had been badly damaged trying to make 120 proof Trinski) and found the Head Girl's room completely overrun. Not with girls. With bright, colorful, plastic and rubber. It took a moment for Kelly's eyes to make sense of the scattered colors and shapes sticking out of her drawers, shelves and desk. Sex toys. Christ. It looked like a porn shop had exploded.

"Where do a bunch of school girls even get this many?" Belle was still laughing as she collected the various sizes, shapes and colors into the rubbish bin. One wasn't going to be enough.

"Internet. I jut can't figure how they got delivered." Jones tried to replay the last few days in her brain, searching for any recollections of delivery vans or mysterious parcels. She heard a buzzing from inside her wardrobe and flung the door open, spilling an avalanche of devices, most of which vibrated comically on the floor. One shook itself all the way over to Kelly's shoe and skittered around her foot like an excitable, purple, puppy. Belle lost it again, dropping the rubbish bin and dissolving into fits of laughter on the floor. She wrapped her arms around herself, her ribs aching as she gasped for air.

Kelly eyed the hysterical girl, wishing she didn't so enjoy seeing Belle laugh. It was making her lose her anger. She picked up the purple vibrator, shutting off the switch.

"You're really having fun with this, aren't you?" she arched her perfectly manicured brow. Belle reined her laughter into small bursts of chuckles, taking a deep breath.

"Not that specifically. Not yet anyway." she glanced at the toy in Kelly's hand and winked. Jones paused, realizing the ridiculousness of the tableau and finally gave into the humor of the situation.

She chucked the toy at Fritton, who returned with something green and flexible that bounced off the wall when the brunette ducked. They both laughed, scrambling around the room and using the various sexual instruments as weapons. Projectiles flew through the air before they faced off in a mock sword fight that Belle would've won if she hadn't stepped on one that rolled from under her foot, landing her on the bed. She wouldn't go down alone, grabbing Kelly's shirt and pulling her along. They collapsed in a tangle on the bed, both laughing hysterically.

"It was just," Belle gasped for air, "A prank, Kel. The girls are having a bit of fun."

"I know. I think it's time we had some of our own." Jones smiled, her brain already brewing strategies. Time to remind St. Trinian's why she was Head Girl.


Kelly knew that if she was going to get the tribes to stop tormenting her and Belle, she'd have to start with the strongest. Technically, that was the First Years but none of them had actually been involved in the gags. This was mainly because TnT, the twin dynamos, had a ferocious loyalty to Kelly and a pretty intense affection for Annabelle. Anyone in their domain that said even a cross word about the two older girls wound up as dorm piƱatas for the day. A Fourth Form student had made some passing comment about 'Lemons' and while neither Tania nor Tara understood the meaning, they recognized the tone. The speaker wasn't found for two days because she'd been gagged and duct taped to the garage rafters.

After the First Years, the next most powerful clique was the one that controlled St. Trinian's relationship to the outside world. That was, of course, the Geeks. Sooner or later, everyone learned not to mess with the girls that could make private records public or police reports vanish.

Polly was the lead brainiac, so it was a bit surprising she chose to come by herself to investigate the malfunctioning surveillance camera in the showers. Her most basic strategy - have you tried turning it off and on again? - failed to rectify the situation because it couldn't turn on. She muttered mild curses as she examined the power supply and cables.

"Bit overdressed for showering, don't you think?" Kelly's teasing voice came from the doorway.

"Camera's off the grid." Polly didn't even look at the other girl, angrily fussing the case off the camera to check the connector points.

"That's cause I tripped the fuse in here. Figured it'd be better if we had a private chat." Kelly's heels clicked over the tile. Polly turned now, her immediate thought being relief that it wasn't a hardware/software problem that was going to have her up all night. This faded into a vague curiosity as she processed Jones' words. Polly was probably the only person at Trinian's that wasn't scared of Kelly. That was only because she'd never had reason.

"What's this about, then?" the Geek pushed her glasses up on her nose.

"I knew Annabelle and I would be sport for most of the girls. I never figured on getting grief from you." Kelly held up some papers in her hand. It had taken some digging but she'd found the box the sex toys had been delivered in and the invoice. It was made out to Grace Hopper, the pseudonym all the Geeks used for online transactions. (It was a quiet tribute, much like the way Polly used the alias Alan Turing when hacking other systems).

"Oh, that. One of the girls got 30 quid for placing the order. Nothing big. I don't spot check anything under 100." the geek shrugged. She wasn't the only one with online access and fake credit, all the Geeks were used to being proxy shoppers.

"And this?" Kelly flipped her hand, showing the other paper she held - the picture of the kiss that had been plastered everywhere. Now Polly smiled, admiring her own handiwork.

"I was happy for you, Kel. I wanted everybody to know." her beaming face and sincerity actually caused the Head Girl to pause.

"So, this was your way of celebrating?"

"It's my way of congratulating you. I'm proud of you, finally going after something you wanted." Polly crossed her arms, ready to launch a lecture if necessary.

"Christ! You too? How many people knew? What, did someone write 'I want Annabelle' on the back of my blouse when I wasn't looking?" Kelly's mind flashed back to Chelsea's insights early on. Had she really been that obvious?

"Course not!" Polly laughed, "There's only a couple of us who'd know you well enough to see it. Really, Kel, we've been together since First Form! Remember when Chels thought dumping laundry bleach on her hair would make her blonder?"

"I think it worked, she's not been right since she inhaled those fumes." Kelly smirked.

"And it was you what dragged her to the shower before she could burn her hair off. Or how about Third Form when Andrea figured she could make a tattoo by cutting skin with a pen?"

"She'd have gotten ink poisoning if she ever finished that bloody dragon." Jones groaned at the memory.

"Instead, you got the pen away and all she has is a wonky scar on her shoulder that looks like eyes. Then last year? When that bloke from the ISP found our hacked cable and was going to shut us off?"

"You crashed his hard drive."

"Sure, and you crashed his life." Polly giggled, remembering the Call Girl getup Kelly had put on to visit him at his head office. She was pretty sure it was when Jones had started yelling (for all the office to hear) toy soldiers would cost extra that the wanker finally surrendered. It was a treasured video on her laptop and went a long way in securing Kelly Jones' legendary reputation.

"What's your point, Pol?" Jones wasn't about to let a sentimental trip down memory lane distract her.

The shorter girl maintained a long, scrutinizing eye contact. Belle was good for Kelly, anyone who knew her could see it. Problem was, so few knew her. The Geek knew she and Chelsea were the closest Kelly had to friends and she barely let them in at all. But she was opening up to Annabelle. Head Girl is a lonely job and Kelly had the assignment in spirit, if not title, for years past. She was a born leader; never in the cliques, always apart. With Annabelle she finally had someone beside her and it was amazing to see the effect. The catch was: Polly, Chels and (maybe) Taylor could see it, but could Kelly herself?

"You've been looking after us for years, Kel. I'm glad to see you looking after yourself a bit too."

"Always have, always will," Kelly shrugged, "So just promise you'll keep your tribe out of our affairs and you won't have to be watching out for me as well."

"Fair enough." Polly nodded. She was favored with a small, grateful smile before Kelly's Head Bitch mask slipped back into place and she strode away. Polly made her way towards the fuse box, idly wondering if the other cliques knew what was about to hit them.


Now fully on the offensive Kelly's first attack was the Emo's drug stash. It was easy enough to find their vials of Ketamine. They usually mixed it with either vodka or orange juice (or both). She began quickly emptying the vials and refilling them with a liquefied version of Beverly's red pills.

"Up, up and away." the crimson mouth formed an evil smile by flashlight as she replaced the last tube.

When Janie wore a pink shirt with sequins the Emo's all got scared. When Andrea burst into a rendition of 'Ring around the Rosy' while skipping down the hall, the tribe completely surrendered. They entreated a truce with Kelly and an antidote. They also locked Andrea in a closet until the drugs could wear off.


Taylor and one of the younger Chavs were walking back towards the dorm to compare who had more Girls Aloud on their Ipod. Taylor was sure she'd win, plus it'd give her a chance to scope the music in the younger girl's library. Bianca had tried to challenge Taylor a few times for the "Rudest Girl" rank and needed a good tonk.

A soft whimper from nearby was somehow louder than their argument and both girls stopped, looking for the source.

"Is someone about to chuck up?" Bianca heard another soft, whining noise; still too quiet to pinpoint. A second, longer moan jerked their eyes right to the storage cupboard in the corridor a few feet up.

"Nah, that's a different kinda lurgy, innit." Taylor grinned, realizing she recognized the sound. Bianca caught on a second later, cracking her gum in disgust.

"Manky." she shook her head.

"Mmmmm . . . .yes," the breathless moans were getting louder and now both Chavs knew it was Belle's voice.

"Randy bitches. Couldn't wait 'til tonight?" Taylor sighed in irritation. It sometimes seemed the new couple were on a mission to snog in every room on campus.

"Ah! . . . . .Kelly,"

"Well, it has been a whole ten hours since they last shagged." Bianca smirked, glancing at her watch.

"Right there . . . .Please . . ."

"They're gonna start a fire at this rate." Taylor noticed the cupboard the lovers had chosen was the linen closet.

"Then what say we cool 'em down?" Bianca flashed an evil grin. It was the work of seconds for the two girls to run to the teachers' lounge and have off with the two huge soda siphons from the bar.

"Christ . . . Don't stop . . ." the change in the moaning voice wasn't lost on the Chavs. They grinned wickedly, Taylor braced her hand on the door knob while Bianca readied her sprayer. They mouthed the count. One . . .Two . . .Three!

Yanking the door open they leapt forward, spraying soda all over . . .an empty Linens rack. In their moment of puzzlement Kelly swung into view from the side of the doorway, her open hand releasing an exploding dye pack. The screaming chavs were covered in the bursting ink, trying to cover their faces as the yellow dye sprayed over them. They staggered back, bouncing off the wall and door before tripping over each other and landing hard on the carpet. Taylor blinked up as the fully clothed Head Girl sauntered out of the linen cupboard, Belle joining her from the other side of the doorway.

"Maybe now we'll be able to get a tad more privacy, you think?" Kelly's trademark arched brow regarded them both. It was a miracle she could maintain that suave exterior; listening to Belle's teasing sounds for the last 5 minutes had flushed every inch of her skin.

"Yeah, yeah. You win. Bloody cow." Taylor grumbled, glaring at the yellow ink all over her clothes and skin.

"Good. Cause I'd hate to have to do this again. You look absolute shite in yellow." Jones smirk was as bad as hysterical laughter before she and Belle strode away. In the dorm, Polly took pity on Taylor and let her know they had a way to remove the otherwise permanent dye.

The Chav's not only surrendered, they took up a contribution to pay for the Head Girl's room to be soundproofed.

Game Point

Kelly wasn't entirely sure how she managed to walk calmly back to her room. Watching Belle put on that show in the linen cupboard had tested her last ounces of control. The vixen had even closed her eyes and thrown her head back for the better moans and Jones had actually felt her pupils dilate. There was a particular, low throaty note that Belle's voice hit and made her feel like her bones had turned to lava. She very nearly called off the whole plot because her knees were going weak.

If Taylor and Bianca had been even a minute later returning, Kelly was pretty sure the sounds they heard would've been real. But they'd timed it perfectly and the absolute victory was almost enough to distract Kelly from the aching heat that had pooled in her belly. Thank God Belle was right there the moment they closed the door to Kelly's room.

Fritton found herself pressed against the door, hands already tugging apart the buttons of her vest and pulling up the hem of her shirt. She groaned into the kiss, fisting Kelly's perfectly pressed shirt in one hand as the other spread wide to tangle in the jet black hair. Feeling her lover break away to ravage her skin Belle took deep, ragged breaths through a smile. She knew she'd been teasing the girl but couldn't resist. The way Jones' eyes had grown darker with every passing moment, the perfect white teeth biting down ever so slightly into her lower lip (with lips so deep red she could draw blood without realizing) her breathing hitching every time Belle moaned; she'd milked it for all she could, forgetting that she was putting on the show for anyone else.

Feeling a stocking covered leg press hard between her thighs Belle's throat released a deep groan, this one completely sincere. Kelly was consuming her, mouth sucking, biting, licking over every inch of her throat and shoulder, tearing her shirt collar wider open to expose more skin. It was like a drug, the more the girls had of each other the more they needed.

Belle's muscles tensed, grabbing hold of the taller girl and spinning them around. Kelly was momentarily stunned by the reversed position. The shocked 'O' of her lips quickly vanished into a happy smile as she felt Belle return her own painstaking ministrations. She felt teeth and lips raising a love bite on her shoulder. Hierarchy aside, Kelly Jones had met her match. 'Bout bloody time.

"How DARE you?" the shrill, screaming voice accompanied an explosion against the door, throwing it open with such force that the two entwined girls were flung across the room.

"YOU did this! I know you did!" Chelsea was crying, her waterproof mascara perfectly in place but her liner and shadow smudged all the way around her eyes. The rest of Posh Totty was right behind her, also distraught and sobbing. Kelly glared up from the floor, considering breaking out her emergency kit hand grenades. The blonde was desperately clutching the remaining shreds of her favorite ruffled knickers. The other girls had similarly destroyed clothing. Peaches' trademark transparent black robe had faded to a dingy grey at best. What exactly had happened to Chloe's bra was hard to tell because she'd scrunched it up in both fists and was blubbering into the fabric.

"Looks like an error with your laundry tags, Chels. I can't help that." Kelly shook her head, capable of maintaining her same dignified apathy even from the floor with her blouse half undone and lipstick smeared.

"You changed them. Admit it! How could you?" Chelsea caressed the destroyed silk. The Head Girl could easily inspect the outgoing laundry and switch tags or modify instructions, especially removing any 'dry clean only' notes.

"You want me to look into it? Not like I have the time to run around playing laundry maid." Kelly rose from the floor, helping Belle up and then facing the clique. There was a definite stalemate in the works here, Chelsea wasn't backing down and Kelly wasn't fessing up.

"This is about the gags innit!" Peaches suddenly showed a burst of intelligence, "We'll never do it again! Never, ever, promise and pinky swear!"

"Oh, was that you lot?" Jones feigned indifference, "No harm done. But it's really a shame about your knickers. I'll have a word with the laundry people and make sure the Posh Totty's bags get hand care."

Peaches and Chloe both squealed gratefully, hugging Jones and kissing her cheeks. Chelsea held off a moment, regarding her long time schoolmate. Her eyes slid towards Belle before coming back to Kelly's triumphant face. She nodded, extending her hand in truce. As Kelly shook on the agreement Chelsea pulled her in close for a moment, so only the Head Girl would hear the words.

"You took on the whole school for her, Kel. I knew I was right about you two all along." she whispered with a smirk. It had been an expensive victory (the knickers alone were 100 quid) but she'd known Kelly would give anything for Belle and it would bring out her best.

"Yeah, yeah. The Totty can start a psychic hotline as backup." Kelly rolled her eyes and pushed the Totties out the door before Chelsea could elaborate on her triumph. Belle was slightly puzzled by the quiet interchange (which she heard perfectly because Chels whispers like a deaf octogenarian) but stayed quiet as the Head Girl closed the door and set the latch. They both let out a grateful sigh at the solitude.

"Now then," Kelly spun, pulling her blouse the rest of the way off, "Where were we?"