Argh ok this is another story. This idea kept coming back again and again and won't leave me alone while I kept trying to type the next chapter of ethereal blades. This idea was sparked by several really depressing fics. This will have a happy ending though. Anyway onward.

On an S-class mission by themselves Naruto and Sakura are ambushed. The missing nin who ambush them are defeated but in the process Sakura is badly wounded. In the heat of the moment and thoughts that she's about to die Sakura admits her true feelings for her teammate. To save his most precious person's life, Naruto makes a choice that will alter Sakura's life forever.

Chapter 1: The Choice

In a cave in northern lightning country Uzumaki Namikaze Naruto sat holding his teammate, best friend, partner, and the love of his life Haruno Sakura close to his chest as she bled out from wounds caused by a battle with missing nins. The fight was brutal and dragged on so long that by the end Sakura was out of chakra so there was no way for her to heal herself.

"Naruto" She said her voice quiet.

"Mmm?" She felt the hum from his chest where her head lay.

"Can I tell you something I've been keeping secret?" She asked. It was a silly question really she knew she could tell him anything. Except what she was about to. She had hidden it to long, much to long.

"You know you can tell me anything Sakura-chan." He said as he smiled down at her. She smiled up at him. She began to cough up some blood. Before she could continue he wiped the blood away.

"I'm glad." She pulled herself up and kissed him on the lips. His eyes widened in surprise. "I love you. Also you can't tell me I'm lying to myself this time baka."

"Sakura-chan." He started to talk but she put a finger to his lips.

"No listen. If only I hadn't been such a baka, myself we could have been together." She began to cough.

"(cough) Now you have to watch me die. I'm sorry Naruto-kun. I love you." She finished and closed her eyes.

"Sakura-chan don't go to sleep please stay with me." Naruto said panicking. Sakura opened her eyes a little.

"It (cough) hurts so much Naruto-kun I'm so tired. I just wish there was a way to heal me. I'm sorry I waited to tell you." She said as she started to cry. She cried for a few seconds and passed out.

"There is one way." Naruto said to himself as he stared down at his beloved. He could feel her fading he had to make a choice.

"What will you do kit?" Kyuubi asked him. Few knew but a year before, during the final battle with Madara, Naruto fused with the Kyuubi and became the new Holder of the title. Meanwhile his tenant mellowed out to the point of no return. They were one. Instead of Kyuubi taking over Naruto he had taken over the fox.

Naruto took a deep breath and looked down at his cheery blossom. Kyuubi felt Naruto's thoughts.

"I say go for it kit she loves you right? So I say go for it." The once evil beast said in a comforting voice.

"I don't want her to hate me. Also I don't know what will happen." He said worriedly he had to decide soon she was still fading.

"It won't kill her it will make her stronger. It won't hurt her but she will be changed." The fox said.

"Alright I rather her live and hate me then watch her die." Naruto said as he pulled Sakura close to him. He moved her shirt so he had an easy target. He summoned up his youki.

"I'm sorry Sakura-chan." He said as he bit down on her shoulder. His youki flared into her as he did so. He sat there his fangs in her skin as the process began. When he knew that she had enough for the process to finish she let go and pulled her close and waited.

-Meanwhile a few miles away-

Kakashi ran as fast as he could following Pakkun. They had caught Naruto and Sakura's scent a little while ago and he wanted to find them. As he got closer he felt it. A huge burst of chakra and youki. At first he thought it was Naruto then he realized that it felt calmer. That's when he realized what was familiar about it.

'Sakura? But how?' he thought to himself. He sped up.

-Back in the Cave-

Naruto watched as Sakura turned. He watched as her canines grew longer. Her hair grew longer and wild. He nails turned into claws and he made sure to pull her boots of so that those claws didn't hurt when they grew. He felt as her chakra system evolved to handle both chakra and youki. Finally he watched as her ears disappeared and were replaced by a kitsune's and as three pink white tipped tails burst from her tail bone.

As the process ended he looked down at her and saw that it was a success she was completely healthy but was now like him a fox half demon. He heard what sounded like rocks being stepped on and so he put Sakura down. He dropped his fox illusion and allowed his own fox features to show. His ears flattened to his head as he began to growl till he caught the scent.

When Kakashi stepped into the mouth of the cave he caught site of Naruto. He was one of the few who knew about the boy's fusion with his tenant. He looked at the boy who was covered in blood none of it his own by the smell a good amount was Sakura's. The Kitsune smiled.

"Kakashi-sensei aren't you a site for sore eyes." Naruto said as his tails began to wag happily at the site of his sensei. Kakashi stepped into the cave more as Naruto moved back to Sakura.

"What happened?" Kakashi asked as he caught the site of Sakura's new looks and the pool of her blood on the ground of the cave. Naruto looked ashamed.

"Sakura-chan got hurt really badly in our fight and was out of chakra. We didn't have any soldier pills and so she was bleeding out really bad. She told me some stuff then went to sleep. I couldn't just let her die so I. I changed her." Naruto explained his tails and ears drooping.

'Well that explains a lot' Kakashi thought. He walked over and saw Sakura was fully healed. He also noticed the mate mark on her shoulder.

"I see." Kakashi said. "Let's get you two back to the village."

Naruto nodded and threw his illusion back up and then put one on Sakura as he picked her up bridal style.

"Let's go" Naruto said as he followed his sensei out of the cave and toward home.

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