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A lone figure stood half shrouded in darkness, struggling not to tremble in dread. A foul stench greeted his nose with a certain unpleasantness, but the aroma of fear was by far the only thing he could smell.

"Where is it." the voice coldly asked, and the atmosphere in the room cackled with apprehension.

The man remained motionless and bit his lip, afraid his mouth would spill information he did not wish to share. He would not be able to stop, for the fear would cause his words to gush out like a mighty river, betraying his feelings and revealing all he had said and done.

But in his mind, he whispered, "I can't find it."

"You have failed twice now, and our terms must be reinstituted. There are always repercussions to faulty actions." the words had a hollow ring to them, ominous and foreboding.

The room itself was cold and damp while water dripped from the ceiling, creating small puddles in the cracked cobblestone floor. High up above, a small break in the middle of the ceiling allowed some light to escape into the room, casting the speaker into a mysterious glow.

He clenched his fists and ground his teeth, fighting the urge to scream. How was he supposed to meet their unreasonable deadline?

Suddenly, the man fell to the ground in agony, letting a cry escape his lips, and clutching his shoulder as a knife hovered over him, now dripping with his blood.

"Where is it!" the man's attacker screamed, slicing the tension in the room with razor-sharp alacrity. Livid with rage, he stood tall over his victim. He savored the power he had over him, the fear he caused.

"I do not like waiting. No one shall make me wait. I should just kill you right now, but you still serve a purpose…" the man's attacker hissed, pointing it dangerously at the man's face.

Now crouching on one knee, the man tightly grasped his shoulder, blood leaking out from between his fingers. That nearly sliced his Shard!

"I am too exposed." the man grimly thought through his haze of pain, and readjusted his hand to properly cover his shoulder.

He wanted to defy, to rebel! For too long this has gone on.

Far too long.

The man turned to glare at his attacker with all the malice he could muster.

What greeted his sight froze the blood in his veins.

Four red orbs with yellow catlike pupils illuminated the partial darkness, and as they grew closer, the man realized they were attached to two faces and two bodies. The two tall darkly clad things moved toward the man in slow, measured steps.

Powerfully built but agile looking, they moved in sync to stop in front of the man, crossing their arms. Their faces were covered, with only their eyes showing.

And looked down at him, eerily, never blinking, gazes unwavering.




Not these…these monsters. They were merely legend, not fact. What unfortunate soul has become this monster, and who is unlucky to come across this…?

No one but him.

The man struggled to get away from them, but was manhandled into a standing position by the new comers. They roughly grabbed his shoulders, and it took all the man's resolve not to elicit a grunt.

He mustn't show weakness; It only fed the fire.

They roughly turned him to face the man's attacker, silhouetted in the shadows. Beads of sweat appeared on the man's brow, and he fought the urge to be sick.

"I see my pets have the desired effect. I feel that they will be a valuable addition for the search and I expect you to lead them to it. If all else fails…," here the attacker paused, chuckling darkly,

"Well, we wouldn't want that to happen now, would we?"

The man considerably paled but raised his chin defiantly.

"I will not fail this time." Hell no, he wouldn't.

But where was he to look for an object of old?

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