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Chapter 1: Welcome to Monday

Barcelona, Spain

The Apartment

"Arrggg…What time is it?"

Bojan Krkic was a lot of things, but "rising with the sunshine" as his teammates so irritatingly called morning people, was not on his list. He fumbled to turn off his obnoxiously loud alarm clock but his sheets prevented him from even raising an arm to turn the noisy thing off.

He found himself wrapped like a cocoon in his restricting and stuffy bed sheets and promptly fell off the side of his bead like a sack of potatoes, emitting a groan as he fell.

"Goddammnit! These dumb things are too tight! Get. OFF!" Bojan struggled and eventually pulled the sheets from his body and slammed a hand down on his crazily ringing alarm clock. He let his head fall back to his pillow and a loud noisy sigh escaped his lips.

Today was Monday.

Practice was at the regular time of eleven am at the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper, and Bojan fortunately woke at eight. He did his morning routine, ate his breakfast, and ambled out to meet one of his best friends and teammate, Lionel Messi, at the team checkpoint for the bus pickup to practice.

"You look presentable today. Thank goodness you set your alarm clock to ring at the same time every morning." commented Lio as Bojan dumped his bags on the ground and bent to lace up his shoes. His jibe was taken up by Bojan in an instant.

Scowling, Bojan replied, "Yeah yeah, presentable, unlike you…" Lio flashed Bojan a look of mock hurt while Bojan grinned good- naturedly. As they sat on the bus stop's bench, waiting for the team bus to arrive, an armored truck trundled by, coming to a stop across the street. Bojan couldn't help but release a shudder, as if his body were responding to the truck. As if…

Why is his left shoulder hurting? That had never happened before, and certainly not this sharp pain.

Holding back a hiss, Bojan suddenly grasped his left shoulder, wincing as searing pain shot through his shoulder. The pain would not alleviate, but steadily mounted into a burning sensation. Bojan dropped to one knee and cradled his shoulder.

"Bojan, are you all right? What is going on with your shoulder?" Lio asked, concerned, and crouched down to Bojan's level. He had never seen his friend have such pain written over his features before, and he worriedly tried to pinpoint Bojan's cause of pain.

By now, Bojan was hissing between clenched teeth and rocking back and forth as he sat hunched over on the curb. Why is his shoulder hurting all of a sudden…?

Bojan then felt as if someone was pressing a hot iron to his shoulder, and the pain manifested into his whole left arm growing numb. The fingers on his hand felt fuzzy, and he couldn't feel them. He now felt his eyes tearing up, and a few tears escaped the corner of his eyes when he squeezed them tightly.

Lio was now thoroughly alarmed with Bojan's behavior. He knew Bojan was not a softy, nor one to shed tears. But right now Bojan was crying, of all things.

The team bus pulled up to the station, and Lio could make out teammates such as Gerard waving and goofily grinning. But all at once, the smiles and friendly gestures of the teammates turned to distress as they saw Bojan grimacing in pain on the sidewalk.

Now struggling not to yell, Bojan whispered through clenched teeth, "…it…feels like… fire!" His left arm now felt useless and his shoulder was hurting like a bitch. Several of the team doctors exited the bus, rushing to Bojan's side.

The truck rumbled away in a cloud of exhaust, and Bojan smelled this through his haze of pain. Suddenly the pain started to lessen, and Bojan stooped grinding his teeth. Just like that, how could such pain dissipate?

Someone helped Bojan to his feet, and Bojan swayed, blinking lazily and not fully comprehending the situation. His senses seemed dull, and his mind felt like slow moving jello.

From far away, voices intermingled in a confusing jumble, "Bojan, are you all right? Has your shoulder bothered you like this before?" The doctors fired off questions, but Bojan ignored them, dazedly looking at their fuzzy faces. His head was pounding but his shoulder felt as if it had been stamped repeatedly with a cattle branding iron.

"We are not clearing you for practice until we get your shoulder checked up."

The words fell on Bojan like heavy stones, clearing his mind from the fog. He gathered energy to query his most pressing thought.


He was not to practice, to play?

"This is not making any sense. Your shoulder has not hurt you before?" Lio asked a downcast Bojan who was being escorted to the bus by two doctors. "I have never had such pain in my shoulder." Bojan said over his shoulder. Lio only shook his head put a hand to his chin.

Very strange indeed.


"…it felt as if someone were pressing a hot coal to my shoulder, it was very painful. And my whole arm was numb, as if it were fuzzy, as strange as it sounds."

Bojan was sitting on an examination table in a medical clinic, talking to one of the team's doctors, Ricard Pruna. The trusty doctor frowned, stroking his chin in thought. It was not everyday a player was ailed by a mysterious injury, let alone one off the pitch.

Bojan tried not to fidget on the table as the doctor asked more questions about the incident. Medical clientele were subject to giving bad news, and Bojan did not want more on his plate.

"Please rotate your left shoulder." The doctor finally ordered, and Bojan complied.

He swung his arm in a half circle, and Ricard felt Bojan's muscles as his shoulder rotated. "It is not tight, I presume?" "No." Bojan said. "Well, your muscle is not tight, maybe it has to do with the muscles surrounding your shoulder bones or the bones themselves. We can do an X-ray just to be safe."

With that, Ricard led Bojan down the hall and came to a dark room. "Stand over here and let's put the X-Ray "jacket" on." The said jacket slipped over Bojan's head and Ricard adjusted it to where the only visible spot of Bojan's upper body was his left shoulder. The circular machine was to pass around its occupant, and Bojan was instructed to stand under and in the middle of the machine and lean his right shoulder against the wall. "All right, just don't move until instructed to." Ricard then left to enter the small control-station in the back of the room, and Bojan was left in semi-darkness, the station providing the only source of light. The machine suddenly came to life and beeped. A green light came on. "BEeeeeep. Beep. Whirr." went the machine.

As the scanner slowly rotated, Bojan kept his thoughts blank as his shoulder was X-rayed. The machine passed directly around his shoulder, and Bojan felt pain lace through his shoulder, in the same spot as before. But the pain was more intense than last time.

Bojan cried out, clutching his shoulder and leaning against the wall heavily. The burning was worst than last time, what is wrong with him. The lights in the room suddenly flickered on and the machine shut off. "Bojan, are you all right? Is it your shoulder again?"

Ricard rushed over to Bojan, supporting most of Bojan's weight and preventing the player from sliding down the wall any further. Bojan shakily stood, but his shoulder continued to hurt. "I am placing you under medical surveillance…" said Ricard. Those were the only words Bojan heard as his head once again gained a certain feeling of blurriness.

He was one lucky son- of-a- gun.

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