The Son of Athena And Poseidon

The Lightning Thief

By DetectiveKid95

A Percy Jackson And The Olympians Fan Fiction

All his life Percy Jackson has been told he isn't normal what with his ability to breathe under water longer than anyone else and weird things happening all the time but when a creature of half bull and half man attacks his foster family while on vacation things might get weirder.

Prologue Part 1

Olympus 1992 in December

It been 4 days since Athena gave birth to little Percy and the father is... Poseidon unknown to both of them until a couple of days ago when the baby was born and now the rivals are arguing about it since back then they were in to much shock

"Dammit Poseidon how can this child be yours and mine!" Athena yelled at her rival

"I don't know I don't remember oh,crud it must have been then"Poseidon said remembering

"It must have been when" Athena asked shifting around uncomfortably

"Hmm about 9 months ago I went to a party at club because I got bored I drank and then I sort of got drunk and danced with a woman who looked like you but I must've been you then after that I don't remember I woke up in my palace under the ocean"Poseidon explained

"Um what was that club called"Athena asked patiently

"I believe it was called the Beach"Poseidon recalled(A/N:Its the place I know about since its near me also since Poseidon is the sea I used I as a pun)

"Aw man now I remember I went there a couple of months ago"Athena remembered

"Wait wise girl you went to a bar" Poseidon asked looking surprised

"Hey even the goddess of wisdom needs some fun every now and then"Athena shot back

"I bet your a lot of fun" Poseidon said sarcastically

"What did you say seaweed brain" Athena said angrily

After that the fighting continued for mostly the rest of the night while baby Percy just laid in his crib playing

Sorry for I being short but I'm gonna make two prologues before I start the actual story