Chosen Child

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Buffy Summers walked into her house and saw that she had a message.

"It's Jenny. I have a little boy who needs a good home and a loving family. He seems like he would fit in quite well with your group. If you or someone you know would like to adopt him please let me know soon. I don't think he will react well here." After listening to the message she thought of her nurse friend. Buffy knew she would only call if she had nowhere else to turn to. Her mind made up she placed a call to Rupert Giles.

"Giles, call everyone together. I have something I need to discuss with them." Buffy told him.

"You just got home Buffy. What happened so soon after getting back?" Giles asked.

"I need to tell you all in person. I want all of you to be here in half an hour," Buffy stated.

"Cant it wait till tomorrow at least?"

"Sorry, but no it can't, Giles."

"OK I will call everyone and set up a meeting in 30 min."

"Thanks," Buffy said as she hung up.

30 min later

Buffy look around the room at her family, Willow, Xander, Faith, and Giles. "When I got home earlier there was a message from an old friend of mine. We met when I was stationed in DC as the government liaison. I had to attend a first aid refresher course with some of the other government employees. Jenny was the teacher's assistant. When the building went into lock down due to a bomb scary she was talking to me. It was kind of nice to talk to someone on the outside without having to worry about security clearance. It didn't surprise anyone when she went to work in the orphanage she was raised in after her certification. Anyway during one of our resent conversations it came she said that if she found out that one of her kids would fit in with me then she would call me. She is a nurse in the Blake Orphanage just outside of DC. She said that she had a little boy who would fit in well with me, but the thing is she sounded kind of desperate. Like she feared for this boy. Now I would like to go and meet with her. I don't know if I will adopt or not but I would like to request at least a few weeks to check out this kid and maybe have a chance at a family."

"Since when did you want a kid?" Xander asked.

"I always wanted a kid. I had to put it on hold due to me being the slayer. Now though there are more of us and I could concentrate on a child more," Buffy explained.

"But why adopt?" Willow asked.

"We all know my luck with guys, and don't run the risk of a miscarriage during patrol."

"How will you raise a child alone as you are?" Willow asked.

"I can answer that for you, kid," a Bronx voice rang out.

Buffy tensed up at the voice. "Whistler! What are you doing here? Do the Powers not want me to have a child now? They have already had me sacrifice my sister, my home, plus the love of my life; so my child is the obvious choice this time!" she practically growled out.

Understanding her venom, Whistler didn't take it personally. He smiled as he answered, happy the kid would finally get a break, "Actually, it's the opposite."

Realizing who this 'person' was, Giles put a protective arm around Buffy. "What do you mean?" he demanded.

"I mean, she's done! When the witch activated all the minis she took care of that." Whistler announced.

"You mean I'll lose my powers? I'll be a sitting target!" she exclaimed. What had she done that pissed those bastards off so much?

Whistler quickly reassured her, "No, you have the reputation with the demon community, so you'll keep your powers. As the minis die no more will become active till it comes down to the final 12. Then it will be as before, only with 13 not 1."

Still leery, Buffy inquired, "Why are they doing this?"

"Couple of reasons: first, you deserve it. They really did feel bad about the Angel/Angelus thing. They forgot how something like love can change everything," Whistler answered with a bit of chagrin. "But the main reason is, you have done your duty. You were even given your final reward….." he left the thought hanging.

Giles spoke up again, having remained quiet while his Slayer handled things, "Let me see if I understand this correctly. Buffy will be freed from her sacred duty, while not losing her abilities. Is that about right? Why would they allow that?" He, too, was distrustful of their motives.

"Because they don't see her being able to sit back and not fight what she knows is out there. When she tried to run away from slaying, she proved that," Whistler answered proudly.

Surprised, Giles demanded, "What do you mean?"

Whistler looked at Buffy in shock. "You mean you never told them, kid?" he asked. She shook her head. "For crying out loud! It is possible to take the whole martyr thing too far, you know. They might not have been so hard on you if they'd known the truth," he told her with exasperation.

Buffy glared at him and just replied, "Giles wasn't too hard on me."

"Maybe not, but the others sure were," he reminded her glaring at the rest of the group.

They wisely chose to remain silent.

Not wanting to rehash painful memories, Giles interjected, "Could we get back to what she should have told us?"

When Buffy refused to answer, Whistler did, "She spent some time in hell…well, a hell dimension. But not the same one as Angel, though."

Giles was astonished by the news. "What?"

"It was only a day or so. Of hell time," the blond Slayer clarified, thinking Whistler was making too much out of this.

Whistler continued, ignoring Buffy's comment, "Yeah. She ran into one of those kids that worshipped vampires. Lily – as she was going by then – was trying to make something of her life. When her boyfriend went missing, she asked Buffy for help." Then the balance demon went on to tell Giles about Ken, the shelter, and how Buffy helped some people escape. "But the most remarkable thing was the change she inspired in Lily. Gone was the victim that barely survived on the streets; in her place, there's now a fighter."

Finishing up, Whistler explained the real part of the story, "When they made it out, Buffy helped Lily take over the 'life' she had created for herself there…including her name: Anne. Lily wears the name as a badge of honor to remember the woman who saved her in more ways than one. But also to remember that she can fight the good fight in her own way."

Then he turned to the Slayer and commented, "It may interest you to know that she's running a shelter for runaways in LA. And, unlike other shelters, this one doesn't ignore the supernatural problems these kids face. She's making the Powers proud."

Buffy gave him a smile. She was happy to hear that Lily/Anne was doing so well.

Giles was a little stunned – but only a little. He already knew his Slayer would fight no matter what. Back then, he knew the others were resentful that she apparently abandoned her 'duty'. But he was concerned for her safety because he understood what they didn't – Buffy should have been dead. And not just because the Master killed her. By all rights, she never should have survived Lothos. Except, she did survive him…as well as the dozen other threats that should have ended her life. But she managed to hold on every time. However, there was a price.

When the emotional turmoil that she had lived with since being Called – which increased exponentially by the tragedy of her 17th birthday and all that followed it – finally overwhelmed her, she ran to escape. He had no doubt that a weaker person would have just let themselves die. He, himself, almost let Angelus destroy him in that warehouse.

But Buffy did her duty, and then left to rebuild her shattered life. He only searched for her so he could let her know that she had a place to come back to when she was ready. That hopefully, he could help her heal.

Feeling somehow the words were necessary, and regretful that he hadn't spoken them before, Giles told his Slayer, "Buffy…I don't think I ever told you that to some extent, I understood what you went through and that you needed to leave to deal with it. That is why I welcomed you back so easily. I knew that it was vital that you take the time to regain yourself."

"Thanks Giles. You might not have said the words, but you did let me know by your actions. And it meant the world to me," she told him with a grateful smile.

"We are sorry as well Buffy. We never should have said a lot of things we did," Xander said for the group.

Whistler interrupted, pretending to be annoyed, "Now that we've gotten all the mushy stuff taken care of, let's move onto the main reason for you not being the Slayer anymore. It's time for you to leave the Hellmouth, kid." Seeing the protest in her eyes, he held up his hand to stop her. "Remember it's not just you anymore; you have someone else to protect now. Don't let your pride interfere with that. It isn't running away when somebody is taking over for you," he reminded her.

"Now you can find a place to settle down so you can concentrate on the little one. He should be more important to you than a duty that someone else can do," he explained, remembering the Slayer who tried – and failed – to balance the two. Somehow, he knew that Buffy would be able to do what Nikki couldn't. To be fair, Nikki didn't have the luxury of a second Slayer to help out.

"Whistler why 13 slayers?" Xander asked.

"Oh, I know two for each continent right?" Willow exclaimed.

"Right you are Red, the last will be so that there is a slayer on the hellmouth at all times." Whistler suggested. "Kid I need to talk to you alone for a minute."

"Alright lets step out into the hall," Buffy said as she held the door open.

"OK kid don't hit me for what I have to tell you," Whistler pleaded.

"What is it Whistler?" Buffy asked wearily.

"As for the boy he is like you. He has a destiny and if you don't adopt him he will not be ready nor will he have a good childhood." the balance demon confessed, "The Powers liked how you turned out, and so they chose you to look after him due to the fact you have experience, and you will care for him as a child not just a weapon."

"Can you tell me anymore about this?" Buffy asked with a sigh.

Whistler explained, "Nah, there's someone with him that will explain further."

"Then thanks, Whistler. " she told him wearily.

"You take care of yourself and the little one," he ordered kindly.