AN: Hey guys! this is a story that was from my old account, panini, that i decided to start writing again. Hope you enjoy and let me know what you think:)

Chapter One

All that could be heard was the clashing of metal against bone, as Inuyasha attempted to carve off the horn of a mighty ogre youki. His blow however proved insufficient as it glanced off to the side leaving him vulnerable for attack. Kagome sighed, his skill was nowhere near what he proclaimed it to be, since she was always there to save his precious ass. See, Kagome was not all that she appeared, she was a demon, and a strong one at that. It was her secret and she was determined to keep it that way. Nowadays however, as the search for the jewel shards continued, it seemed that Inuyasha was keen to expose her, fighting those stronger than him forcing her to swoop in and save him, undetected whilst he claimed the credit. Even though she disliked the hanyo, she was thankful for him, and the company he sought, she didn't like to be alone.

The fighter clad in his red fire rat outfit yelped as the claw of the mighty demon pierced through him, dripping his crimson life force down his sides, staining his gear, 'wonderful, that's just great.' she sighed and took off at top speed, whilst everyone else in the group was intently focused on the battle. As she ran, she let her glamour fade, revealing her true appearance and her overpowering aura showing to those around her. Her claws lengthened, to tapered points coloured a deep crimson, helpful for disguising the blood that they were often bathed in. Her onyx hair increased from shoulder length to past her rear acquiring a blue metallic sheen and large fluffy tail of the same shade wrapped around her shoulder. Her previously unadorned cheeks became marked as two magenta stripes covered her cheeks, one on each side, and a pale crescent moon appeared on her forehead. she also knew that a band of the same colour now encircled her neck, wrists and thighs. Her eyes became highlighted with a dark shade of shimmering gold and had a figure many would kill for, all in all, she was stunning.

She felt her power increase further as she propelled herself forward, the change occurring in only a few seconds. She knew that her spike in demonic energy would be noticed by the others, especially the perverted monk, but she was sure that she could play it off as the soon to be dead demon, as she had done so many times before. All that could be seen was a blur of colour, and then red, as the demons head was decapitated, falling from its perch and on to the ground, a look of confusion still marking its face. As quickly as she had come, she was gone, and came limping out of the trees in which she had concealed herself. As she approached she slyly inserted herself into the conversation,back in her human facades.

"Did you feel that? That power was rival to that of your brother Inuyasha. But it came and left so quickly, I wonder what it was." Miroku was saying.

"Feh, why even mention that bastards name." replied Inuyasha, unconcerned seeing as the demon was dead. This is when Kagome decided to speak up for the first time.

"it was probably that demons last burst of power or something" she called, limping her way over to the now deceased demon, plucking the shard from its forehead.

"KAGOME! What happened to your leg, your bleeding." yelled Sango, the topic of the strange demonic power now forgotten much to her relief. She came rushing to help prop her up. Kagome sweat dropped, 'damn that demon!' she cursed, as it had managed to dig its overgrown claw in her leg as she flew past. cutting down her leg from the upper thigh to her knee.

" ohhh its nothing Sango, ha ha, just a little cut, nothing to be worried about. to be honest it looks a lot worse than it is, honest" she had to do something and the lies just kept coming, " i got it when that demon pushed me back and a branch cut me, that's all, it will heal in no time." She didn't want them becoming suspicious of her when it healed itself quickly. Sango looked unconvinced, but let it go, weary from the drawn out battle.

"Phew! Another day of hard work done guys!" Kagome thought aloud as everyone was settling down for the night, she got nods of acknowledgements as she set about making dinner.

" I don't know what you guys are talking bout, you didn't do anything. it was me that had to do all the fighting." Was Inuyasha's response, as he sat perched on a tree branch, closing one golden eye as he waited for his dinner.

'If only he knew, it would be one hell of a knocker on his self esteem.'

was Kagome's thoughts, still however she was angry with him.

' Damn that bastard! He is so arrogant, I mean we are a team, we should all get credit, man his ego is just too damn big to be healthy.'

Kagome paused from stirring the meat chunk soup to put her stormy gaze upon the hanyo, the said hanyo's ears slicked back to lay flat on his head. He knew that look, and was anticipating his scolding, the others in the camp turned to stare at the two, feeling the tension in the air.

"inuyasha... SIT" he slammed to the ground, tipping the scolding broth down himself. "YOUR A JERK! We all work together, stop being an ass hole and taking all the credit, for EVERYTHING!" Her outbreak out of the way she walked off into the forest, towards the hot springs.

"I'll be back later guys."

" ohhh do you want me to come with you, you really shouldn't go out alone. Its not safe." Sango called, guessing as to where she was headed to let off some steam.

" I will be fine thanks" she replied smirking. She could take care of herself. She walked off into the forest and out of view.

" What the hell was all that about?" queried the inu hanyo from his place on the ground. "Its probably that time of the month eh Miroku." grinned Inuyasha unabashedly to his monk friend.

"I wouldn't know Inuyasha, I am not the one with the sense of smell" Inuyasha stuck his nose up into the air in the direction of Kagome's retreating figure. Kagome fumed having heard the whole conversation.

" Inuyasha...SIT!" she yelled through the branches concealing them her from view. Once more Inuyasha met his acquaintance with the ground. He peered up from the newly formed, Inuyasha shaped crater. '

Damn, how did she hear me from so far away?'

He looked towards Miroku and Sango, who looked just as confused. But they then shook it off as Sango tried to recover some of their dinner from the ground.