Chapter 7

"Inuyasha, can you not control your woman." Sneered the taiyouki to the small group quite away's from them. He knew it would get a rise out of the woman whose neck was currently engulfed by his large hand.

Kagome snarled loudly.

"Release me." she said in a deep guttural voice, no amusement apparent in her voice. He just looked at her with an entertained expression.

"Submit." was all he said, watching as her eyes grew a much darker blue in her anger.

She tried to loosen his grip by struggling, but that only caused small drops of blood to cascade down her neck where his nails punctured the delicate skin. Ignoring him completely she re stated her sentence.

"I said release me." She didn't like the look in his eyes, one that said he was in complete control of the situation. His hold tightened further on her neck causing her breaths to come out in shallow pants.

"I will woman, If you submit to this Sesshomaru."

"Never, they are MINE! My pack, I wont let you take them!" she said and he quirked an eyebrow at her curiously, still completely at ease with one hand pinning her to the tree and the other hanging down by his side.

"Tell me, what are you?" he asked, frustrated. This little display proved his theory correct, she wasn't human. But that brought on the question of what she was, she didn't look particularly different from other human females.

She was so angry hanging there like a doll. He was acting like she was a pathetic pest, calmly questioning her, holding her against her will. She was still weak due to the dead miko but was damned if she was going to let that bastard win. Instead of answering him she released her claws and swiped at him. Her claws cut through the skin of the arm holding her up effortlessly, shredding his white sleeve. He seemed to freeze for a second and Kagome took that time to get out of his grasp and move away, shaking her hand to rid herself of his blood. It got her faintly excited.

Sesshomaru lifted up his arm to inspect it calmly, any previous emotion gone from his face. There were three rather deep cuts gouged into his arm, slowly leaking blood, staining the rest of his sleeve crimson. In his shock, he noticed that she had gotten away from him and moved into a fighting stance behind him.

He was currently fighting his control, but was losing, his eyes tingeing pink around the edges. His mind was screaming at him to make her submit, to break her and make her obey him. He wanted to completely dominate every part of her being. It was this that shocked him, the strength of his beast wanting to control her. Many of the demonesses at his court would give any thing to submit to him and share his bed. They were all to weak and obedient, he found no desire to have them. She however tested his control, questioned his authority and right as pack leader. As if he would ever be second to a female. He slowly turned around to face her before growling so deeply that it reverberated off everything around them. He released the control on his powers so that they hung heavily in the air around them like a blanket.

It screamed power and he was slightly impressed that she did not simply collapse. She still stood there but it stroked his beast that she was panting and sweating a little. He narrowed his eyes on her, his mind reverting to it's primal state exciting him. She looked so delicious standing there un armed, that determined look on her face, like she actually believed she could beat him. He took a deep breath and savoured her smell, it was fresh and smelt like jasmine. He could smell her excitement too and curiously enough arousal though she displayed none of that on her face. His mind could no longer process the small details such as her claws and fangs, nor contemplate exactly why she was aroused, to him it was exactly as it should have been. With one last thought, he sped towards her.


Kagome shifted slightly as she held her stance. He turned around and faced her, his eyes a light pink colour and snarling continuously. She was actually surprised that she had hit him as well as she did.

Tch. Serves that arrogant bastard right for underestimating me.

She stiffened slightly as he growled deeply and felt his power rise exponentially. It was like it was suffocating her. Having never encountered another Inu male, she was surprised at how dominating it felt. Like she just wanted to give in and do anything to please him. She could smell him as if he were standing right next to her, the musky scent clouding her senses. She was aroused, His strength, dominating aura and hulking figure causing her lower stomach to flutter in anticipation. It was this that bought her to her senses. She would not be controlled like this. She would not let him win and take her pack. She would not be like her mother who was docile and gentle. She would not lose and with that set her self up in a strong stance as he came speeding towards her. She let herself be guided by instinct during the fight, it had never failed her before.

Unfortunately however there was a first time for everything and she soon found herself on her back. Her arms were covered in bruises and scratches, but they were healing rapidly. She was bucking her hips and kicking about on the floor as Sesshomaru knelt above her on all fours, eyes a deep red and fangs extended to glistening points. Every time that she tried to buck him off he would growl loudly and rest more of his bulking weight on her. Every time he did so Kagome had to resist the shiver of pleasure that would tingle down her spine. At this point both were consistently growling, the noise causing their chests to vibrate against one another. Kagome stiffened when she felt Sesshomaru nuzzle her throat, trying to expose it. By baring ones throat one would show submission to the dominant party, and Kagome was determined not to submit to this male that was threatening her alpha position in the pack.

"Submit to me bitch." he growled, nipping at her neck as he did so. He was at a loss, no female before had resisted this hard, actually no one had at all. All he usually had to do was demand them to submit and they would roll over immediately.

"Never." she snarled back angrily and started to squirm around under him more persistently. Her eyes were pitch black and sparkled with anger. He bit down on her neck harder to stop her insufferable movements, they were making him uncomfortable, down there...

"Cease your movements." he said and she looked at him defiantly, moving more. Glaring at her he suddenly ground their hips together to help relieve some of his stress from their position. The friction causing a slow rumple of pleasure to reverberate from his chest. Kagome however was less then pleased.

That Bastard!

She stopped her movements out of shock and let loose a loud threatening growl before she lurched forward and tore into the flesh under his chin with her teeth. Kagome barely tasted the blood in her mouth before an arm was pushed against her throat, blocking her from breathing and another hand was cupped against her mound firmly, holding her down. She tried bucking him off again but that only achieved her gasping in pleasure as it caused her to rub her lower regions. She turned to glare at him defiantly but her eyes widened at the look in he was directing at her. Her shoulders slumped in defeat.

Damn it. I cant win...

She thought solemnly, tilting her head to the side and lifting her chin in the air, her body went limp under his. His smouldering eyes lost some of the rugged fierceness and attained a sharp glint. He studied her features as they lost all the fight they had, her face becoming an impassive mask. He removed his arm from her throat and licked along her jaw line, savouring his victory. The redness in his eyes faded leaving gold once more as he felt her tense under him, he smirked, she still refused to look at him. He rested his nose on the exposed throat, savouring her scent as he proceeded to lick the area too.

Kagome glared into the distance as she felt his caresses, She would not respond to him. Not after he had defeated her so shamelessly. She could feel his eyes trying to bore into hers, but she refused to look into his direction, she was to proud. That was however until she felt him start to rub her sex, smirking as he did so. Her head shot towards him snarling. He merely grinned at her devilishly as he felt her hips unwillingly thrust against his hand movements, the scowl still covering her face.

"Mine." was all Sesshomaru said and Kagome's face lost the scowl and she pouted. She had submitted to this male, he was without a doubt stronger then her, older then her and his presence far outweighed her own. She realised now.

I never stood a chance against him.

Closing her eyes she let out a sigh and decided to give up. She lifted up one hand and moved it to his chiselled chin, he eyed her warily as she did so, the golden eyes meeting with blue. She smiled at him softly, surprising him, and proceeded to drag her tongue on the underside of his chin, cleaning up the blood she had caused in her struggle. He grumbled in pleasure as he felt her long hot wet tongue stroke him and his member throbbed. He wanted her, to bury himself in her warmth. His thoughts were disrupted however when the pleasant sensation stopped.

"You win." she said avoiding his sight, blushing. His golden eyes regarded her steadily. She looked delicious, her clothing was ripped beyond repair exposing copious amounts of soft flesh and she had blood dripping down the side of her mouth. He licked it up.

"Ummm, you can get off me now." said Kagome as she felt his eyes studying her, staring into her soul. Seemingly ignoring her request he asked her something that was bothering him.

"What are you." he said bluntly. She smirked at him feeling playful.

"why, I am but a poor weak human." he snarled at her.

"Do not lie. This Sesshomaru wishes to know what species you are for you are most definitely not human. She snorted at him.

"Fine, dog." he lifted an eyebrow at her.

"Then how have I not known of you before this time? Inu are very rare now and most are located within my court."

"I'll tell you if you get off of me. Your heavy ya know." she said and Sesshomaru got up. Kagome followed, Not caring how much skin was on show. She was a demon and saw no embarrassment in her figure.

They stood facing off against one another as Kagome fought to make up a convincing story to tell her... alpha. No way in hell was she going to tell him of her true heritage, she would just be turned into one of his bitches for him to show off. She decided to tell a half truth, that way she had less chance of being caught out.

"My mother had run away during the take over of the Eastern lands, pregnant with me. I've lived out in the wilderness ever since." she said shortly, but he made no reply. Instead his eyes were focused on their companions that were rapidly approaching their position. Kagome was slightly glad that Sesshomaru's bulking frame had hidden most of her more demon displays.

"WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU CALL THAT BASTARD!" yelled Inuyasha, being the first to arrive. His cheeks were tinted slightly pink at their previous, ehh, actions. Sesshomaru merely raised an eye brow.

"Nothing you would understand half breed." he sneered. Inuyasha was about to retort but was interrupted by the arrival of the rest of the group.

"I approve." grinned Miroku, giving the lord a thumbs up whilst grinning pervertedly.

"HENTAI!" screamed Sango, hitting him across the head whilst blushing furiously and refusing to look at Kagome in the eyes. This caused said hidden demon to grin at her pack mates innocence, well except Miroku.

"Well, I suppose i'd better get changed. You owe me a new kimono my Lord." she said walking back towards her camp, looking seductively over her shoulder at Sesshomaru.

"I do believe you ruined this one, look, it's just falling apart." she grinned slipping one of the tattered remains over her shoulder. Exposing creamy flesh. She couldn't help but giggle as she saw Sesshomaru glare at her, his arousal still evident. She supposed it wouldn't be so bad with him as her alpha so long as she got to play with him. The others watched with wide surprised eyes. Was this really their beloved Kagome? She seemed more like an experienced seductress, apparent by the blood noses on Miroku and Inuyasha. Sango frowned and hit Miroku for having lewd thoughts about her friend.