Royal Secrets

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Kitty looks a picture of the high school year book when Kurt ports in

"You ok kitty?"

"Yes why wouldn't I be?"

"Cause it's the night she disappeared."

Kitty burst into tears Kurt comforted her.

15 years ago on this day may 6th everyone found out that Rogue disappeared during the night even Logan couldn't find her now Kitty and Kurt are the only ones who remember her, but they think that Logan knows what the day is cause he's always leaving to who knows where.

"Hey mommy, look at this new band and mommy are you crying?" a small girl about 5 enters the library (where Kitty and Kurt are) she basically looks like a mini Kitty even with the hair only her eyes are blue not brown like Kitty's (her dad is Piotr or Peter).

"Oh Lily um what is it?" Kitty says wiping her eyes

"Look" showing a flyer about a band called the Royal Flush Gang

"Hey Zackary we'll be on the plain in like 3 minutes"

"Ok I'll see you in Bayville when you guys get here, also you know Kitty's kid?"

"Um Lily?"

"Yup she's bagging Kitty now to come see us"

"Ha ok got to go also Linda say I heart you"

"Ok tell her the same…bye Marie"

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