- Muti-Crossover -


D Grey Man

- Warriol Return

A girl in the Science Department discover away to make a new power, Red innocent (a red stone), to make dead human alive and create weapons. She runaway with her discovery, and use it to create a new faction with undead warriors.

Samurai Warriors

Dynasty Warriors

Soul Calibur


- Naruto

- White samurai's

Naruto is saved by a stranger and taken from Konoha.

He is creating a faction that will bring peace over the world.

Name on the faction IDE – Pacemaker, Pacifista

Everyone has a sword.

Naruto get the sword Excalibur

Team 1 – Naruto, Allen and Yoh

Bleach -

-Man – Allen, Kanda

Shaman King – Yoh


- Naruto

- The demons returns -

demon Queen kallar alla demoner

Demon Queen -

Jade Chan (from Jackie Chan Adventures), general of the shadow demon, that she can create.

Teen Titans -

Trigon (Demon Lord).

Raven (Demon Princess).

Slade (Demon General).

Inuyasha -

Inu no Taishō (Demon Lord).

Sesshomaru (Demon Prince).

Inuyasha (Demon Prince).

Kanna (Spy).

YuYu Hakusho -

Raizen (Demon Lord). He is the owner of the Dark Tournament

Yusuke (Demon Prince).

Kurama (Demon General).

Slayers -

lina inverse (Demon Lord).

Zelgadis (Demon General).

Soul Eater -

Asura (Demon Lord).

Rosario + Vampire

Issa Shuzen (Vampire Lord) is the owner of a Demon school, a school for demon.

Akasha Bloodliver (Vampire Queen).

Moka (Vampire Princess).

Kokoa Shuzen (Vampire Princess)


- Fairy tail -

- Fairy Tail vs Demon Tail -

Create a guild for those who are outcasts

Lisanna – find her, but she has lost her memory.

Evangeline A.K. McDowell (Negima)

Zaraki Kenpachi and Yachiru (Bleach)

yu yu