It's the sequel to MIssing Puzzle Piece but you don't need to read that to understand this but if you want to that's cool...

Kelis POV

One of these day's I will literally kill that stupid, immature cousin of mine. You would've thought that age would have cured Jenifer French of her immaturity, then again this is Jen. The same Jen who thinks it's funny to get us lost in a forest in the middle of the night, why she does these thing I don't know. Hmm, there's a nice stick over there. No Kelis, mustn't hit Jen over the head. It's too tempting! Jen's practically skipping in front of me, not a care in the world, she wouldn't even notice me picking up the stick. I could knock Jen out, grab the torch and leave her for the forest animals. Sigh, Auntie JJ would kill me if I did that, even if Jen deserved it. Ugh, one of these days I will get her back.

I know what you're thinking, 'Why the hell are you in a forest at night?', I can answer that with one word. Jen. She thought it would be fun to go on a walk, the idiot led us into a forest. That's not even the worse bit, Jen didn't even think to pack any food! Now we're both starving and Jen keeps announcing that she needs the loo, why she doesn't just go in a bush I don't know. I know what you're thinking now, 'Why did you even go with your cousin?', I don't know. It was a moment of utter madness. Well, that and Mum thought it was a good idea and practically kicked me out of the house. Three guesses at what I'm going to say to Mum when I've got out of this stupid place.

"Having a good look around?" Jen asks over her shoulder, "You could bring Pedro here for abit of sight seeing," I can almost see her winking, I should've picked up that stick when I had the chance. Great, Jen's laughing. In my experience Jen laughing isn't a good thing,

"What's so funny?" Jen stops and turns around, the torch she's holding lights up her face. Perfect, Jen's smirking

"You're face," She answers, I growl. Come on Kelis find that happy place where you're beating Jen with a stick, "Daydreaming about Pedro?" She smirks, her smirk soon fades when I jump on her,

"Don't even go there," I snarl, "Just get us out of this fucking forest!"

"Get off me then!" She yells, I clench my hand into a tight ball and pull it back. Jen's face fills with fear as she spots how my arm is, I glare at her as she waits her fate. I one quick moment I push my fist through the air, Jen's eyes clamp shut. Her eyes stay shut as my fist collides with the soft ground,

"You really think that I'd hit you?" I ask calmly, she's dumber then I thought, "Get real," I laugh, Jen pouts and pushes me off of her,

"Where are we?" She asks, I sigh and roll my eyes,

"I don't know, Jen," I say, I should've knocked her out when I had the chance, "You're the one who got us lost,"

"But you're the one that said 'Hey Jen, let's go on a detour!'" I sigh,

"No Jen, that was you,"

"Was not," She says, oh great this cousin of mines going to get childish,

"Was too!"

"Was not!"



"Not!" I say, cleverly,

"Too!" I smirk, she always falls for that, "You're just pissed because you're not fucking Pedro!" Deep breaths Kelis, deep breaths. Just wait for karma to come and bite her on the bloody arse! Ah, that's better, "You've really gotta stop daydreaming about Pedro, if Flash finds out his only daughters fucking her Spanish boyfriend,"

"He'll what?" I ask her sharply,

"Hit the roof, probably kill the poor bloke,"

"Are you just looking for a smack? I'm sure Aunt JJ wouldn't mind if you were used as wolf food," Jen glares and struts off in front of me. That's it Jen, keep walking. You just walk and leave me alone, silly cow.

I know Dad would hit the roof if he thought I was getting serious with Pedro, he thinks that I should become a nun. But Dad's not going to start thinking that me and Pedro are getting serious for the simple reason that we're not getting it on, I refuse to become a young mother like Mum. Pedro's too much of a gentleman, I know he wouldn't try anything. If he did I'm sure the First Years would've murdered him, that boy values his life too much. You ought to have seen Dad's face when he saw me give Pedro a good old fashioned snog, he looked like he was going to pass out. Bless him.

I've been back in England for about six months now, it's been hard to adjust to England's crap weather but I'm sticking it out. My thirst for adventure gets stronger everyday, I'm used to doing whatever and going wherever I want. I can do that at St Trinians but not as often as I did I Spain, Mum and Fritton don't like me leaving the school frequently. I sneak out every now and then when Mum and Fritton are busy with each other, ugh, I don't wanna even think about that. In my opinion old people shouldn't do that kind of thing, they might have a heart attack or something. Ew, disturbing images alert!

St Trinians are on half term at the moment, that's the only reason why I'm now lost in this forest. I surprised myself when I agreed to be their head girl, at first I had no clue about anything. Lucky for me I had a previous head girl by my side and helping me, by helping I mean standing there and flicking her hair. Why Jen offered to help me I have no clue, I think it was either stick around the school with me or get a job. Eventually I managed to get used to being the St Trinian leader, it's like riding a bike, you never forget it once you've learnt it. Pedro's stayed at St Trinians with me and Jen too, Fritton gave him a job teaching Spanish. I reckon she only did that to get on my good side, if that was her plan then it worked but that's not the point.

We walk blindly around that stupid forest for what felt like hours, somehow I managed to keep myself from killing Jen, until we find an exit. Annoyingly it's not the way we came in, idiot cousin, but thankfully I know how to hot wire a car. Now all we've got to do is find a car, then I can leave Jen behind and have a peaceful drive back home. I'll probably come back Jen once I've had something to eat and some sleep, it all depends on my mood. I'm sure my aunt, JJ French, won't notice if Jen was gone if I bought her a dog. I bet she wouldn't even be able to tell the difference, I know I wouldn't!

I walk confidently into the field that surrounds our freshly found forest exit, I think Jen's following me but I couldn't careless if she wasn't. It's a very nice field, that's right I'm looking at the scenery because I'm bored, it's like the kind of field you see in a film. I bet the grass would be nice to walk bare foot on in the summer, I'd do it now but it's winter. I can just imagine the birds singing from the forest in the early morning and then flocking here for insects and worms. I wonder if this is the kind of field used for grazing cattle, I bet those animals love munching on this grass. From behind me I hear a squelching sound followed by groan, I laugh. Thank you karma!

"It's not funny!" Jen moans, "It stinks,"

"You should look where you're standing," I smirk, not that she can see it,

"It stinks,"

"Bet it does," I mumble, "Just wipe it on the grass,"

"Oh," I can almost see her innocent smile, then there's another squelching sound and another groan, I laugh loudly, "This isn't funny!" She yells,

"I think you'll find it is!" I laugh even harder. I turn around, still laughing my head off, and shine the torch on Jen's pouting face, after about five minutes I stop laughing and start talking, "Haven't you noticed that every time you mock me or make stupid remarks about me you end up worse?" I wipe a tear from my left eye,

"I don't!" She yells, I raise an eyebrow with a happy grin plastered on my face,

"Remember that time when you ruined my iPod charger? You ended up with your luggage tossed in the sea and a mouthful of sea water!" I start laughing at the memory, you would've thought that she'd had learnt her lesson by now, "Or, or," I say, still laughing, "How about the time when you made a few immature comments about me and Pedro and you," I start to laugh so hard that my ribs start hurting,

"Was tripped up and fell into something," She pouts, she may not find this amusing but I do! "That was six months ago! Nothing bad has happened since then,"

"What about last week?" I ask, slowly my laughter is dying down,

"What about it?"

"When you said, and I quote, 'Here's a condom, I don't think Kelly wants to be a Grandmother yet!'"

"Yeah, and?"

"Then you were thrown out of the window by some passing first years and landed in the fountain!" I laugh again, gotta love those first years,

"That wasn't funny!" She pouts again, I swear that's all she does,

"It was," I smirk, she gives me her annoyed glare,

"Can we just find a car and get out of here?"

"Scared you'll step in more animal waste?" I smile innocently, her face drops,

"Is that what this is?" I burst into laughter for, what feels like, the hundredth time. It's times like these when I realise how much I love my idiotic, annoying, childish, immature cousin.

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