Author's note. This is my first attempt at fan fiction. truth is I'm used to write specs scripts in screenplay format so if this is a little off let me know. But this story is about what would happen if a few of House's former fellows starting working together. Oh and there will be plently of Oringional Charaters. So consider this a spin off of [H]ouse. Enjoy.

Chapter 1

The Priest enters the church and everybody stands for the opening hymn. All but one, who decides to stay seated because she was dragged to church. LeAnn Anderson could not believe that she was here, sitting in church, attending mas for the first time in six years. A lot of things have happened since the last time she was here. She was about to enter college and start a whole new chapter in her life. Then all of a sudden, one blow after another, life was tearing her apart and all she did was pray and it got her nowhere. It was her will to keep going that got her there. Six years later, she gained a Bachelor's and a MBA and lost her faith in the God that she once always looked to for guidance. That part of her life was gone and now all she wanted to do was get out of this place as fast as she can. Her family had practically dragged her down here just so they can say that their entire family still attends Mass as a family. LeAnn certainly didn't want to be there, but even though she isn't believe in God anymore, somehow that damn Catholic guilt remained, Damn she wished she could just get rid of it.

It was during the Kyrie that she began to feel the tightness in her chest. That was when she saw the look on her father's face from the altar as he stood next to the priest as he spoke. The feeling was strange, it was like all of a sudden she couldn't breathe, and as she was trying to bring her arms up, that's when she notice that's when she noticed that she couldn't lift her arms. She couldn't move, and adding to the fact that she couldn't breathe, she started to panic. It was then her sister noticed that something was wrong a screamed. Everyone stopped praying to turn as LeAnn fell to the floor. That's when everything went dark.


Chapter 2

As she enters through the doors of Chicago County hospital, she was still a little unsure of herself. She left a great school and a great program. She'll never admit it, but she left a great teacher. But here she was a new chapter in the life that was Martha Meredith Masters. Little miss genius and prodigy extraordinaire and now first year resident. She was scared out of her mind. She thought that she would be prepared for this, after all when you've work for Gregory House, you should be prepared for anything. But not this, not the ER.

Masters quickly and quietly walks into the locker room and puts her bag into the locker furthest from the door, away from everyone else as they gather and make nice with each other. Master looks at all of the new residents in the ER program and realizes that she has her work cut out for her as she walks out of the locker room as quickly as she went in. She was moving so fast that she didn't even realize the six foot tall dark hair young man in front of her. Next thing she knows, she's on the ground.

"Sorry, I didn't see you there" He reaches out his hand a helps Masters up off the ground. Masters dusts herself off as she picks up her lab cost off the ground. "You Okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. I'm used to be knocked around a bit actually." Masters looks up and gets a very long look at him, suddenly feeling more awkward then before. She didn't even think that was possible. The young man extends him arm to her. "You must be new. I'm Thomas Prichard, 2nd year resident." Master focuses long enough to extend her hand in return. "Martha M. Masters, first year resident."

"Well, it's nice to meet you Martha M. Masters. I hope you find this hospital to your liking." Masters puts on her lab coat as she begins to walk down the hall. Prichard follows her as he helps her with her coat and asks. "Are you always this quiet or you have the first day jitters?"

"A little of both, this is certainly not what I'm used to." Prichard looks at her, "and what is that?" Masters stops and looks at him and says, "Not being yelled at." Prichard just chuckles at her and shows her to the rest of the first year residents as they all gather in the lobby. "Just you wait until you meet the chief." Masters looks at him with a look that was sure panic. "What do you mean by that?"

Prichard didn't have time to answer as everyone heard foots steps coming from down the hall. Steps that were made from high end sneakers. The five foot six inch tall, blue-eyed, brunette emerged from around the corner not in a lab coat but wearing jeans and a hooded sweatshirt and her hair tied back. She had obviously come from a run and didn't look like she was in any good mood at all. Suddenly Master felt the blood leave her face and thought she was going to faint until the woman opened her mouth to speak.

"Gather around, newbies because I'm only going to say this once. My Name is Dr. Jennifer Bell. I am the Chief of this Hospital's ER. And you are here for your first round in Emergency Room rotation." Bell begins to look at each and every single one and striking fear into their souls. Which for a five foot six tall women; she was doing a pretty good job. "You are here for a ninety day rotation and those who can't hack it will be cut. You main job is to get the patients in and out as fast as you can without killing them. You will each have a quota to fulfill each week, and if you have not filled your quota at the end of said week, you will be cut from my ER and will spend the rest of the 90 days changing bandages in the burn ward. DO I make myself clear?"

The residents, including Masters looked around and began to wonder what the hell they had gotten themselves into. But willing to continue, Masters accepts the challenge as does the rest of the group. After the residents get their assignments and leave, Bell spots Masters from the back and looks directly at her. "Masters, you're with me."

Masters shows the look of terror on her face as Prichard hands her the file she nearly dropped. He wishes her good luck and walks away. Masters slowly walked toward Bell as she started toward the doors of the ER. Bell just gave her the once over and chuckled slightly and kept walking. "I was told that you were going to be entertaining." Masters gives her a confused look. "And who said that I was entertaining?" Bell keeps going as Masters follows her into the nurses' station in the middle of the ER. "The same person who recommended you for this program. And believe me, you were highly recommended. So don't screw this up."

Masters tries to wrap her head around the fact that someone gave her a great recommendation and had no idea why. She didn't leave Princeton Plainsboro on the best of terms. Even the Dean was upset that she had just up a quit both her job in the diagnostics department and transferred out of the university. So to think that someone gave her one was something that she was grateful for.

"Of course," Bell continued, "that same person said that you could still use a little seasoning as they called it." Bell finally stops and looks at her and hands her a file. Masters locks eyes with Bell and sees the seriousness in them. "You're smart, but you're book smart. Here, you need to learn how to think on your feet. Trust your medical instincts and not second guess yourself. This isn't the diagnostics department where you sit in a room for the most part of the day. You are on your feet, you are moving around and you are doing what you can to patch these people of and have them move on with their lives. Most will survive, but you will lose some as well. You need to learn to deal with that. If you can't then you're in the wrong profession. You think you can handle it?" Masters takes the file from her hands, still looking into her cold blue eyes. "Yes, I can." Masters opens the file and begins to read through it. Bell lets go of the file and begins to walk away, but not before she says, "Then get to work, Dr. Masters. There are a lot of sick people here that we need to get rid of." Bell walks off smiling. Oh this was going to be a very interesting week.