Chapter 3

Masters is at hour fifteen of a thirty-six hour shift not the greatest first day, but not the worse either. She spent the most of it picking windshield glass our of people's head and stitching wounds from a bar fight. It was easy, it was simple, It was boring. She never thought that working in the ER at a hospital would be this dull. Then again, after working for Greg House for as long as she had, she was surprised that she hadn't picked up any other habits from him. She was in the middle of stitching the upper arm of a bar owner when the doors opened and the EMTs roll in 26-year-old LeAnn Anderson as she still struggles to breath regardless of the fact that she had been intubated. Masters continues to look as they reel her into one of the rooms. Bell follows behind the EMTs as they explain LeAnn symptoms to her. Masters looks and notices that LeAnn has her arms in an awkward angle and that they were not moving.

Bell looks up at Masters and sees her staring back. "Hey Masters, you might want to finish with that guy before you start over here." Masters looks back at the guy she's been working on and quickly finishes the stitches. She put dressing over the wound and tells him that a nurse will be there to discharge him soon. Masters rushes over to the exam room Bell was in as she was finishing her initial exam. Bell continues to look at LeAnn when she speaks to her. "Dr. Masters, we have a 26-year-old female with respiratory failure and partial upper body paralysis. Diagnosis?" Masters looks at LeAnn as her family waits outside, she looks into LeAnn's eyes and checks the dilation of her pupils before she continues. "Patient more than likely suffered a stroke, we should do a MRI to confirm and work from a Prognosis from there." Bell nods in agreement and has LeAnn sent up for an MRI. Masters follows her up while Bell went to talk to the parents.

Masters continued her work a few hours, and then was able to take a break and sit down at the nurses station to finish her charting when Prichard sits down in front of her. "Enjoying your first rotation?" Masters looks up from her file and shows what could be interpreted as a smile. "As far as charting goes, yes. Patients on the other hand, I feel like I'm gonna get my head bitten off by Dr. Bell." Prichard just lightly chuckles at her as he grabs a folder from the in box. "Well, she can be a hand full, considering she's only had the job for about two years now." Masters looks back down at her file and continues to write in the chart. "Two years? And I thought Dr. House was difficult to work for." Prichard looks up from the file he had in hands as it dropped to the floor. "You used to work for Greg House?" Masters didn't have time to answer as she notice Dr. Bell staring at the MRI scans of their most recent patient.

"Dr. Bell? Is something wrong?" Bell looks at her annoyed and then stares back at the scans. "Here are the patients MRI scans, tell me what you see." Masters pulls out her glasses as she looks at the scans, her eyes widen in shock. "I don't see anything. If she didn't suffer a stroke, what was the cause of the paralysis?" Prichard stands behind Masters as he also looks at the scans. "Now that would be the million dollar question, now wouldn't it?" Just as Bell was able to make a smart ass retort, her cell phone rand ans she answered. "Bell. I'm looking at them right now. What? You can't do that. Because she's my patient, so who …It was Ally wasn't it? She's a self-righteous pain in the ass that's why." Bell was about to continue her rant when the phone was cut off. Masters and Prichard looked at her and then at each other, trying to figure out what just happened. As Masters was about to ask, Bell takes off towards the elevators. Prichard stands next to Masters as they watch her storm off. "Who do you think pissed her off?" Prichard still staring at their boss, "Only one person."

Bell barges into the fairly decently sized office and walks right up to the desk. She stops and points her finger directly in front of her. "You are one self-righteous pain in the ass, Cameron. Cameron, who is still on the phone politely tells her caller that she would get back to her later. She hangs up the phone and removes her glasses. "normally, a person knocks before they enter and that's if only they get permission to come in." Bell starts to pace back and forth and looks back the blonde haired attending as she throws the MRI scans down in front of her. "Well, I would knock but I knew you wouldn't let me in. Saved us both the trouble." Cameron ends up putting her glasses back on and begins to look at the scans. "How recent are these?" Bell is still fuming and reluctantly answers, "I just got those, and you're still not taking my patient."

"You're running the ER at the moment, just like you wanted. You don't have the time to follow up on the long term patient care like can. And according to these scans, there was no stroke so something else is causing the problem. Something ovbiouslcommon." Bell stops pacing and looks straight at her. "This is your plan isn't it? You wanted a case that no one else could solve, and just maybe Daniels would begin to consider opening a diagnostics department." Cameron looks back at Bell as she puts down the scans. "This patient needs help and you don't have the time and resources to figure out what it is." Bell just stares her down and gives her a small smirk as a thought enters her mind. " You want to bet?" Cameron stares at her in disbelief, "You can't possible think that I'm going to wager as to who is going to solve this case first?" Bell keeps her smirk, "What? Afraid you'll lose? Come on first one to reach a diagnosis gets to present it to Daniels, then we'll see who gets the department."

Cameron looks at Bell, realizing that she had already been in this situation before. She weighs the pros and cons of the case. She caves "Fine, but the second the patient's health gets worse, the game stops. The patient is the first priority." Bell's smirk becomes a full smile as she extends her hand in agreement. "Always." Bell heads back out the door and as she opens it she turns back towards Cameron and says, "By the way, the blonde hair makes you look like a stripper." Cameron looks at Bell in shock as she leaves. She wonders what the hell she just gotten herself into.