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Chapter 7

Bell rushes out of the stairwell after running out of patience waiting for the elevator. She gets closer to the pathology lab as she can't wait to reveal her recent discovery. She wanted to gloat, but she wanted to be sure before she did. She enters the lab unaware that Cameron was behind her, Masters and Prichard look up from their microscopes as their boss came closer. "Where are the patient's MRI scans?" Prichard looks at her in confusion, wondering if he had missed something. He knew that they had already ruled out stroke, so he didn't have a clue as to why Bell wanted the scans. Prichard hands Bell the file with the MRI report, but she cuts him off. "I don't want the report, I want the actual scans."

Masters gets up from her seat to retrieve the scans that were on the other side of the table. She was just as confused as Prichard and Dr. Cameron. "I don't understand, we already ruled out a stroke. There was nothing on scans that show signs of it."

Bell takes the scans and puts them in the light box and looks intently at the scans. "That's because I'm not looking for signs of a stroke. I'm looking for signs of something else. We've looking for a damn horse for so long that we didn't see the zebra in front of our face. What were the patient's GABA levels?" Bell turns to Prichard since he has the file in his hand; he glances down as he gives her the answer as Cameron moves closer to look at the scans. "They're a little low, but still in normal range."

Bell smiles as she now has her confirmation, she wondered if this what being right felt. She wondered if this is what it felt like for him, gloating at being the overall ruler of the diagnostic world. She had to snap out of her thoughts as Cameron asked her a question. "What are you thinking?" Bell can't hide her smirk anymore as she realized that she had told them what the patient had. She guessed it was time to let everyone in on her little secret. After all, if she didn't the patient would die and she would be in a world of trouble.

"Moersch-Woltman" Bell looks back at Cameron as she looks at the scan and makes the connection. Cameron chuckles as she finally makes a connection from this to the conversation they had down in the morgue. "Stiff-person syndrome. Explains everything, the limited movement, the paralysis, and the respiratory problems. Prichard starts to clean up his area when Bell talks to both him and Masters again. "Patient needs to start on plasmapherisis. We're also going to have to start her on intravenous immunoglobulin infusion. Her condition isn't curable but it can be managed." Prichard nodded in response as he and Masters exited the lab. Bell looks back at Cameron, "Told you it wasn't Lupus."

Masters and Prichard tell the patient, LeAnn, that she is responding well to the course of treatment that they were giving her. The two residence were still giving her an overall assessment when Dr. Cameron came into the room asking to speak to one of them for an update. Masters volunteers herself as Prichard continued to talk to the patient. Masters closes the door behind her as Cameron asks her how the patient is doing. "The patient is responding to the treatment but since it is only a short term treatment we are getting her into next month's clinical trial." Cameron nodded in response, and said that she'll handle the paper work for the trial, but there's a question that Masters is just dying to ask her since her conversation with Prichard. She decided to get it over with since the thought was going to eat away at her if she didn't, so while Cameron was looking at the Prichard talking to the patient Masters asked her, "Why did you quit working for House?" Cameron looks back at Masters in surprised and then realized the news travels faster here then it even did in Princeton. Masters realized just how uncomfortable she was at that moment so she just continued to ramble. "I mean, I know why I stopped working for House, he's overbearing, loud, drug addict who does everything he can to humiliate every one of his fellows. On know he humiliated me a few times just to show that he could. And…I'm rambling; I do that when I'm nervous." Masters just wanted to turn back the clock and wished that she just never asked the question. Cameron looks at her and sees how uncomfortable she is at the moment and realized she wasn't the only one. She knew that this was the med student that worked for House. She witnessed first-hand why this girl was picked to work with House. She was smart, she knew that much, but book smarts can only get a person so far, which is why she was here. She decided to cut Masters off before her face turn brick red from embarrassment.

"Masters, relax. Just breathe." Masters managed to stop and take a breath, but she still looked at Cameron still waiting for some sort of a response. Cameron just took a breath because she wasn't sure what she going to tell her. It's not like she can tell her that she left House's team because he poisoned her and her husband and she left him because of it. There was more to it than that, she had some real issues that she needed to work on and she couldn't do that in Princeton. So she decided to go with a response that somewhat resembled the truth. "I left House's team because, I didn't belong there anymore. I was able to learn all I could from him. It was just time to move on." Masters looks at her and relief finally takes hold of her face. Masters smiles and nods in agreement. "It was why I left too, I just didn't fit in." Get the situation became a little uncomfortable as there wasn't really anything else to discuss so Masters awkwardly walks away from Cameron as she tells her that she'll keep her posted on the patient. Cameron just cracks up as Masters walks down the hall. This was something that she was going to have to get used to.

Masters had entered the locker room deciding that it was time for her to go home. She opened her locker and was interrupted when she heard someone behind her. She turns to see Prichard standing by his own locker as he lightly chuckles at the expression on Master's face. "Someone's in a hurry." Masters removes her lab coat and shoves it into the locker as she grabs her coat and puts in on. "Yeah well, it's been a long couple of days and we need to be here at eight tomorrow, so I just want to go home and go to bed." Prichard just smiles as he carefully opens his locker and grabs his bag. "Sounds like a plan. How about we grab something to eat before you head home?" Masters looks back at Prichard with a little uncertainty as Prichard continues, "I mean, it's be a long few days and we really haven't gotten to know each other very well and I just thought that it would be fun." Prichard closes his locker as he slings his bag over his head. "What do you say?"

Masters finishes getting her stuff together and then looks back at him. "I am a little hungry and could go for a burger right now, but you're buying." She walks by him towards the door and stops as she waits for him to move and walk out with her. Prichard gets the idea and heads out the door with her.

Bell was seated at her desks filling out the last of her paper work when her cell phone rang. She smiled when she seen the caller id. She just opens her phone up without saying hello and just says, "I was wondering when you were going to call." She smiles as she hears the voice on the other line.

"Well, I would have called sooner but I heard you had a case, I didn't want to call at an inappropriate time. For all I knew, I could have called you while you were elbow deep in someone's colon. And we really wouldn't want that now would we?" Bell chuckles at that response she missed his humor, it was as sick and twisted as hers. "So how are you, big brother?"

House is sitting down on his couch, in a semi-furnished home. There were still boxes and small stuffed animals scattered around the living room floor. "You know same old stuff. Impossible medical cases to solve, driving the boss lady crazy, selling my condo and moving to a bigger place because the wife said we needed the room. She's driving me crazy at home." House tries to lean back onto the couch but ends up leaning on something. House uses his free hand to remove the toy tea kettle and places it on the class coffee table.

"So I'm going to guess that you're to drive her crazy at work to get even? You do that anyway. If anything you should be nice to her, she'll never see that coming. That'll drive her crazy." Bell closes the file and paper work in front of her and turns the chair towards the window and leans back. "Besides, it's her first week back from leave. You should give her at least a week before you start off on the antics."

"Now I could, but then I wouldn't be me now would I?" House puts his feet on the table as he toes off his shoes. He was getting comfortable here even though he should be unpacking more of the boxing before his wife got home. He pause at that thought before is little sister pulled him away from it.

"No, you wouldn't" Bell was glad she found House. It made her feel better that there was another member of her family that was on the same wavelength as her. That there was someone she can connect with. Someone who had the same outside the box thought process as her. She had only known House for a short while. She figured out who he at her mother's funeral, when his mother had dragged him to the service. She noticed the similarities between him and her father, that's when she figured it out. She also wasn't surprised when he had already made that connection himself back when he was twelve. She chuckled lightly at the thought. "So would you like to hear the latest update on your former mod squad members?"

"Why did you think I called? There's not enough juicy gossip going on around here except the usual so... give me the down low, girlfriend." He had to admit he did miss both Masters and Cameron but he knew it was time for them to move on. Cameron while he hated to admit it, learned all she can from him, and Masters smart she just wasn't ready, that she still needed more work to do before she could ever continue. That's why he wrote the recommendation for her at county. He knew that his sister would have more patients with her than he ever would.

"Well, Masters did okay, but you were right. She needs 'seasoning' and Cameron might be pissed off because she lost a bet with me, but I still came up with the diagnosis."

"Which was?" He had to know what it was because he needed to know if she was really was anything like him, diagnostically speaking. They had pretty similar personalities but she didn't have the childhood that he had, and he was grateful for that. He wouldn't wish his past on his own worst enemy.

"Moersch-Woltman, I figured it out while I was in the morgue. The patient is going to live, albeit with some complications, but it will be manageable." House sat on his couch with a smile on his face, he realized that maybe she was a little like him because neither Cameron nor Masters would have been able to figure that out. That's when he heard the door open and then closed. He immediately sat straight up on the couch. Bell heard the door close through the phone, "The wife home."

"If I say no would you continue to talk to me?" House already knew what the answer was going to be, but he decided to ask anyway. "Nope, sorry bro you're on your own. Tell Lisa I said hi." House nods as he sees Cuddy walk into the living room and put her coat and briefcase on the table. She sees the mess in the living and also the fact that her husband only picked up half of the toys that were in the living room and barely opened and unpacked some of the boxes that were in the living. "Fine, but don't be surprised if you have to testify at a murder trial." House hears a light laugh as his sister wishes him a goodnight. "Night, Jen." House closes his phone as Cuddy comes to sit down next to him on the couch.

"You're sister?" She asks as she begins to remove her heels and places her stocking clad feet on the coffee table next to House's. House nods his head in response as he puts his arm around her to pull her closer.

"She was giving me an update on Masters and Cameron. They're both doing fairly well, by the way." House smiles at Cuddy as he makes that statement. Cuddy gives her husband a tired smile as she looks at him. House looks at Cuddy as he realizes how tired she is. "So how was your first day back from Maternity leave?" House sits like a very eager student on the first day of school, ready to learn for the day. Cuddy lets out a light, tired laugh as she sees the mocking look of interest on his face.

"Well, it was fine until my head of Diagnostics skipped out of work early to avoid clinic duty." House looked at her innocently but knew he had to answer before she killed him.

"Well, your Head of Diagnostics had to leave early because his nanny called and said something about a family emergency and she couldn't get a hold of the Dean of Medicine. Who happened stuck in a meeting without her cellphone." He looks at Cuddy satisfied with his answer and can tell that she was too tired to argue. She wants to be annoyed at him, but was glad that he came through for her to take care of the kids. His been coming through for her a lot lately and she was happy for it.

"So I take it the kids are asleep?" She looks around the room and waits patiently for his answer. House looks at her and it finally hits him how tired he is.

"The boys went to sleep pretty quickly, but Rachel took a little longer. I swear that kid gets more energetic every day. House lets his head rest on the back of the couch as Cuddy leans forwards and lays her head in the crook of his neck.

"She just excited about meeting her brothers. She's been waiting a long time to meet them." House lifts his head off the back of the couch and looks down at Cuddy. She lifts her head up to look at him.

"So have you." They stare at each other for a brief moment. House loved seeing her happy and that they were finally able to move on from everything. The fact that they now finally had a chance at a life together was something he never thought would be possible. House realized that he didn't have to keep his family at arms-length anymore. And that he was grateful for the second chance. House smiles at Cuddy as he takes a hold of her hand. "Hey, it's late. We're both tired. Why don't we head to bed, Dr. House?" Cuddy giggles slight as she gives him a quick peck on the lips.

"Okay, but I want to kiss the kids goodnight first. I'll meet you in the room." And with that they both get up from the couch and headed down the hallway, each wrapping one arm around the other's waist as Cuddy rested her head on House's shoulder.

Bell closes her phone after her conversation with House had ended. She they turned around and found Cameron standing in the doorway. 'Do I want to know you were talking to?" Cameron came closer to the desk and placed a folder in front of Bell.

"My brother, he was checking up on me." Bell says as she picks up the file and opens it. Cameron looks at her and smiles, "How is House?" Bell picks up her head and looks at her in surprised, but then realizes that she used to work for her brother and should have known she was going to figure it out sooner or later.

"When did you figure it out? When I was throwing the rubber ball at Masters and Prichard?" Cameron sat down in front of the desk as Bell continues to look at her.

"Actually that was part of it, but confirmation came when you stopped mid-sentence and walked out of the room. Apparently it's a family trait." Bell chuckles lighted at the remark, she liked knowing that she did have something in common with her brother. It made her feel like she wasn't the only one that acted that way.

"Good to know." Bell's smile grows as something else dawns on her. "So, about that bet, pay up." That statement made Cameron laugh out loud as she shook her head. Cameron gets up from the chair and makes tries to make an exit as Bell grabs her bag and follows her towards the elevator.

"Don't you walk away from me, I won the bet. You so owe me." Bell continued to show her logic as Cameron did her best to ignore her. Bell finally pulled the last card that made Cameron turn and face Bell. "You know I will just bug you until you cave and give me the money, you know this. You know who my brother is." Cameron just looks at her and realizes that she's right. So she reaches for her wallet and pulls out the cash and hands it to her. Bell takes the cash and puts it in her front pocket. "Thank you oh so much."

"You know Daniels thought you did a good job, and He wanted me to tell to meet with him on Monday, something about you running a new department." Bell just smirks as the doors to the elevator open and they step inside.

"I heard you got the Head of Immunology today too." Cameron nods as they stand side by side as they wait for the doors to close. A realization occurs to Cameron as they wait for the doors to close.

"Oh crap, we're House and Wilson." Bell looks at her in confusion as the doors close on them. This was going to be a very interesting working relationship.

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