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Chapter 2: Allison

She couldn't believe what had just happened.

How could she be asked to drop everything and take such a huge risk? Not only had they given her as little information as possible, they wanted an answer now. No going home and giving it some thought, and certainly no talking to anyone else about it.

And Thirteen was going to do it.

One part of Allison understood why Thirteen was willing to take the risk. Like she said, she wasn't married, no children, no friends, nothing to hold her back. Plus, she was dying and was obsessed with making her life mean something before her disease told hold of her.

"But what about…" Allison stammered, trying to think of a good reason why Thirteen should stay. "…your job?" she finished lamely.

"I don't think House will mind too much." she replied with a laugh, "and although it's true that I spent the last 4 years working for House in an attempt to save as many dying people as possible in an attempt to find the meaning of my life, this is a new opportunity."

"I don't have anything keeping me here, either."

And it was true. She had divorced Chase, she had no children, House had fired her, she didn't even have any pets.

"So why are so apprehensive?" Thirteen asked.

That was a good question. It did sound like a good opportunity, but she had absolutely no information. Thirteen was known for her quick decisions, often giving little thought to something before she dove in headfirst. But Allison wasn't like that. She preferred to learn the facts, list the pros and cons, weigh the options, and then make a decision. Maybe it was time that she followed her instincts.

But she just couldn't do it. Not yet. She had more questions.

Almost if Anna knew what she was thinking, the door opened once again, and she reentered the room.

"Have you given it some thought?" she asked.

How much thinking could she have possibly done? Allison thought, they had only left the two doctors alone for five minutes.

"I have a few questions."

"Okay." Anna replied, "but you have to understand that there are some things we just can't answer yet. This plan is still in the early stages of planning."

Allison nodded.

"Is this permanent?" she asked.

"We never intended that the participants would be there indefinitely."

Not exactly a crystal-clear answer, but it'd do for now.

"Who else would be going with us?"

"I'm not the one who chooses who is invited to participate, I just inform them. However, the people invited are like the two of you, intelligent, with a specific skill, and who don't have close family or anything else that keep them from being able to relocate."

Well, that hadn't given her any more information.

"Will there be other doctors?"

"No, just the two of you, if you decide to participate. If you refuse, we will search for someone else."

"Who's running this…operation?" Remy asked.

Anna gave a small smile.

"She's here, would you like to meet her?"

Remy and Allison exchanged a glance. Why not? Maybe she would be a little less secretive.

"Yes, we'd like that." Allison answered.

Anna stood up and left the room, she was only gone for a moment when the door opened once again, this time Anna was followed by a young woman.

She couldn't have been older than 18, and she looked normal enough. Basically like any other girl you'd find at an average high school. She had long blond hair, pulled up into a high ponytail, and she was wearing jeans and a tank top. This was the mastermind behind the plan? Had she even graduated from high school yet?

"Dr. Hadley, Dr. Cameron, this is Everleigh."

The two doctors exchanged another glance. They were both thinking the same thing- was this for real?

Remy was the first to speak.

"How old are you?"

Typical Thirteen, Allison thought. Straight to the point, saying whatever is on her mind.

"Seventeen." Everleigh replied.

"Can you explain what's going on?" Allison asked.

She didn't really expect for this girl to give her any more information than Anna had, but to her surprise, Everleigh was much more open about the whole thing.

"It wasn't really my idea," she began, "it was my younger brother's. I think he was just daydreaming, but I thought it was a good idea. Like Anna said, the world is a dangerous place right now. We don't know when the next tragedy is going to hit."

She paused before continuing, giving Anna a quick glance.

"What the public knows…is not the entire situation. I had an internship at a political office when I started developing this plan. I want to keep people safe, from all the horrors of our world, and from anything else that may develop over the next few years. I think…I think that I can create a better society for us to live in, without war and greed and corruption. It's not such a new concept, really. There are plenty of communities formed throughout the world, and this is just that, a community."

What did she have to lose? Maybe Thirteen's way of life was best for making this decision.

"Have either of you made a decision?" Anna asked.

"Yes." Thirteen replied, "I'm going to do it."

Anna nodded, and then everyone's eyes turned to Allison.

"I'll do it too."