Chapter 3: Remy

After that, it all became a blur.

She was thrilled that Allison had agreed to take part in this with her. Although Remy would have done it regardless, it was nice to have someone she knew around in the midst of all the chaos.

They still went to work most days, Remy with House, and Allison in the ER, however, some days were spent at that same office building, where they slowly learned more and more about what the "operation" would entail. Most of the time Everleigh was with them; they had both been shocked to learn that she was being trained in "jungle medicine", and that she would be working with them once they got to…wherever the hell it was that they were going.

Other than Everleigh, they had not met anyone else that would joining them. Everleigh had mentioned that she had a younger brother who was also a part of it, but that was the extent of Remy and Allison's knowledge. Needless to say, they weren't being told very much.

Remy made a list of things she knew so far.

Most of the people who would be participating were in their late teens or early twenties.

They were all being trained in survival in the jungle/remote areas.

Everyone had a skill for which they were needed, for Remy and Allison; this was their experience with medicine, especially diagnostics and emergency medicine.

Everleigh was being trained in how to use the plants found on the island for medicinal purposes, along with diseases they might encounter and basic medicine.

There would be some children coming with them, for the most part they were younger siblings of the older participants.

Everything was very secretive, but Everleigh had accidentally let slip that they and a few other would be traveling to the island in advance to be shown around and to see what they would be dealing with.

It wasn't much, considering she would soon be leaving her current life behind to go and take care of a group of people on a secret island.

She felt like she was stuck on the cast of Lost.

To make matters worse, House was beginning to get suspicious of her unexplained absences. She knew that Cuddy had told him that she was aware of what was going on and that it was none of House's business. In true House fashion, however, he had begun to pry regarding her whereabouts.

"There's my favorite lesbian!" He had greeted her one morning after she walked in late.

She didn't reply.

"We missed you yesterday." He continued sarcastically. "Where were you? Having hot lesbian sex with one of the nurses, perhaps? Or maybe just hung-over from a night at the bar?"

"It's not really any of your concern, now is it House?" she had replied.

"Just making sure nothing's wrong." He said with mock sincerity. "Well, other than you slowly dying alone." He finished.

Thankfully, at that point, Foreman had interrupted with a comment about their patient, ending the discussion.

Cuddy had allowed her to choose what she wanted to do with regard to House and her job. She could tell him that she would soon be leaving, though of course she couldn't tell him why, or she could just not show up to work one day and never come back. She hadn't chosen yet, but she was leaning towards option two, there was less drama that way. No explanations, no goodbyes, just the way she liked it.

She imagined that Cameron, however, would opt to say goodbye to every single person she had ever met. Everyone loved Cameron, and would be sad to see her go.

Remy realized that she probably should ask Cameron what she was planning to do and if she was going to announce her departure. If so, she would ask that Cameron not mention that Remy would be going with her. The last thing she needed was people asking where she was going AND why she and Cameron would be together. The whole situation was difficult enough already.

She was amazed at how quickly the time had passed. It seemed like just yesterday she was sitting with Cameron, trying to convince the blonde doctor to join her on their "adventure". Now, she was attempting to come up with a good cover story as to why she was leaving for an unspecified amount of time. Soon, she'd be gone.

"So, Thirteen, are you planning on joining this differential anytime soon?" House interrupted, "because out patient is kind of, you know, dying."

"Oh, yeah, of course, sorry." She replied quickly. What was wrong with her today?

At this rate, House was going to realize that there was something going on with her, and start looking into what she was doing. The last thing she needed was for House to find out what was going on and screw everything up.


Fortunately, she had managed to make it through the day, only spacing out a couple of times. She could tell that House was beginning to get suspicious of her, and he would probably be more so when she didn't show up for work tomorrow, but there were only a couple of weeks until she left, and she had convinced herself that she would make it through.

That is, if she didn't die of exhaustion. Trying to keep up with her job as a doctor, learn her survival skills, and figure out what the hell she was going to do to make it through the next few weeks was draining her of every bit of energy that she possessed. Add the fact that she hadn't been sleeping so well, on account of nightmares about everything that could go wrong once they got to the island and constant worry, and she was just about ready to collapse.

Which is why she had planned on going home, taking a long shower, and relaxing while reading a couple of chapters from one of the books on surviving in the jungle that she had received.

However, that was too easy. Instead, as she approached the doors to PPTH, she noticed that Cameron was waiting for her.

"Can we go somewhere and talk?" she had asked.

Yeah, she probably wasn't going to get that relaxing evening.