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"That movie was awesome!" exclaimed Michelangelo, jumping in the air.

"Yeah, it was pretty sweet. Whatchu think, Donnie?" Raph looked over his shoulder at the purple-clad turtle.

"There were a lot of technical discrepancies throughout the film, but it was still decidedly enjoyable!"

"I think, what our brainiac means to say here is that Transformers was totally wicked!" Leonardo lifted his arms above his head and rested his hands behind his neck. Smiling to himself, he thought: Just an easy night with my bros...finally.

Leo was glad that he and Raphael had finally settled things between them. Sort of, anyway. They didn't fight as much, and Raphael didn't challenge Leo's leadership anymore. Well...maybe he did sometimes. But Leo finally felt that they were coming together, maturing as a family. He was 22 years old now, anyway. Don was 21, Raph 20 and Michelangelo 19. Each turtle a far cry from where they were 5 years ago.

"Wait!" Raph stopped in his tracks, right arm held up, his hand balled into a fist; the unmistakable signal for *all stop*.

"What is i-"

"Quiet, Mikey...what is it, Raph?"

Raphael only unsheathed his sais in response to Leo's question. He could see a shadow ahead. An unmistakable shadow of someone sitting on the sewer floor. He inched towards it slowly, his brothers doing the same.

"Whoever you are, you're gonna get up real slow-like, okay?"

A thick Brooklyn accent coated the aggressive tone as the voice wafted down the tunnel. Still in the same spot as she was hours ago, Juno was trance-like in her grief. She mumbled a few words.

"You're gonna have to speak up," spoke a different voice. This one lighter, but still stern.

"Yeah, we didn't hear ya the first time. So let me put it to ya again: GET UP. SLOWLY."

"I said you'll have to cut off my head if you want to kill me."

The brothers gave each other sideways looks. Donnie mouthed a "What?" and Mikey could only shrug.

"Whateva you say then..."

"Raph! Stop!"

"What, Leo? I'm only following what the voice said to do!"

"The voice said 'if you want to kill me'. And we don't want to kill her, do we?" Leo raised an eye ridge at his brother. "Do we? Raph?"

"Well then why won't she get up?"

Just then, Juno stood up. The turtles readied their weapons, staying back in the shadows...ready for an attack. But the girl just stood there, her back turned to them.

"Turn around. We won't hurt you," spoke Donatello.

"Yeah, we're like...the friendly neighbourhood turtles! Ow!"

"Good one, Mikey. Jus' let everyone know!" said Raph as he smacked Michelangelo on the back of the head.

"You don't understand. I've lost everything. Everyone. Rain said I need to find my place," her voice hitched. "Place? I don't have a place here! I'm fucking... place-less!" Juno spat her last word out, annoyed she couldn't find another word to use. Her hands were balled tightly into fists and her arms hung rigidly by her sides. She was struggling not to lose control of her emotions.

Leo stepped closer. He saw Raph point at his hip, motioning for Leo to notice the weapons the girl had. Leo nodded at his brother, and again stepped towards the girl.

"Look, I don't know what you're talking about, but maybe we can help you."

"Help me?" Juno whirled around to face the voice that was speaking to her. Her eyes glittered in the darkness. "No one can help me," she whispered as she fell to her knees. Her hands went up to her face, and she finally let forth her tears.

"Uh...anyone else freaking out that she's not freaking out?"

"She *is* freaking out, Mikey! Look at her!"

"No Donnie! I mean *at* us! She looked at Leo and didn't freak out at him!"

"Oh yeah...that is weird..." Donnie scratched his head.

Leo sheathed his swords and motioned for his brothers to follow suit. He knelt down beside her. Gently, he put his hands on the girl's shoulders. "Look miss. I don't know what happened to you, but can we at least try to help you?"

"Honestly, this is a bit embarrassing. I don't normally make it a habit of crying in front of strangers," Juno paused her waterworks briefly to wipe her face with her hands. She looked up to see Leonardo's face smiling at her. Well, at least I know mutants exist here too... Juno thought. She took a deep breath before speaking again, thankful that it wasn't the humans who had found her. "Is it safe to talk here? The humans might find us."

Leo stood up and held his hand out for Juno to take. He gave her a quizzical look as she stood.

"I don't know if you've looked in a mirror lately, but *you are human* lady," said a voice from from the darkness.

Juno looked past Leonardo to see three more mutants just like him standing in the shadows. The one to her left spoke with the Brooklyn accent.

"Just because I look it, doesn't mean I am one." Juno grasped at the sai on her left hip. She noticed the mutants grab at their weapons. "Wait. I'm not gonna hurt anyone."

"Slowly now," said Leo, narrowing his eyes at her.

Juno brought the sai to her right arm. Swiftly, she stabbed herself through the forearm.

"Fuck! She's crazy!" yelled Raph.

The turtles could only look on in disbelief as Juno pulled the sai out again. The wound visibly healing right in front of their eyes.

"Humans fear what they don't understand. And what they fear, they destroy." Juno put the sai back and looked up at the four turtles. "My name is Juno Alex. I am an elite field operative of the I.A.M: the International Association of Mutants and otherwise different. I lead both the Alpha and Beta teams and today was supposed to a mission like any other: Find the human base. Destroy everything...Except it wasn't a normal mission. Something went wrong. And now I'm here," her eyes dropped to the floor.

"Woah, you mean you're not from this time?" asked the turtle holding the bo.

"I'm not from this *reality* even!" Juno threw her hands up, and paced erratically around. "I'm temporally, spatially and ….and...whatever! I'm just fucking displaced!" A large sigh escaped from Juno as she ran her hand through her hair. "I'm sorry. I don't mean to yell. It's just been a shitty day."

After some discussion between the brothers, it was decided that Juno could accompany them back to their lair. There, they could decide what the next step should be.

An uneasy silence descended on the group as they walked through the sewers. It was Leonardo who broke it, commenting on Juno's choice of weapons. "I see you have the same taste in weaponry as my brother," he noted, eyeing the two sais, and the manriki that hung from her hips.

Juno smiled slightly, "Is that what you all are? Brothers?" She stole a glance behind the blue bandana-ed turtle.

"Oh yeah! Good one, Fearless! I think you did everything right except introduce all of us!" Raphael clapped Leo on the shoulder, ignoring the annoyed look he was giving him. "I'm Raphael, by the way. This here beside ya's Leonardo. The stupid one with the stupid questions is Michelangelo, and that's Donatello."

A laugh and a smile broke free from Juno at that introduction. She stopped and held her hand out the one called Raphael. "Well, pleased to meet you big guy." She turned to Leonardo next, "And my head thanks you for holding *him* back earlier. My head might've been rolling around on the floor by now." Leonardo only smiled and raised his eyes at Raph.

"What's with your clothes?"

"And I was about to ask 'What stupid questions?'" Juno's smile only grew as Mikey held out both hands in shrug. She winked at him, "At least I have clothes."

"Touché," smiled Donnie as he held out his hand.

Juno shook it warmly. "Nice to meet you, Donatello."

Just as they arrived at the turtle's lair, Raph spoke up.

"If you're from the future, why you still carryin' melee weapons? I figure you guys'd have like lasers and stuff."

"Maybe if you're lucky big guy, you'll get to see the reason why," she smirked back.

"Whateva." Raph waved his hand at Juno. What is with this girl? Why does she keep calling me 'Big Guy'? "Anyway, welcome to our home!" Raphael made a grand gesture with his arm, letting Juno and the others go first.

Juno gasped in awe as she stepped in. It was far from what she had imagined it would be. Instead of a dank, dark pit, she was in a large lit room. Strangely, or maybe not so strangely (she looked over at Michelangelo who had rushed ahead to jump on the couch, and that seemed to explain it all), there was a half pipe straight ahead of her on the back wall. A large entertainment centre stood in the middle of the room, and there was more...she just couldn't see it yet. "It looks like...home," she whispered.

"Like your home?" asked Mikey, grinning.

"No," Juno shook her head, smiling a bit. "I guess I meant that it looks homely, that's all."

"Alright, so we're here. Wanna give us a little more info about you and where you came from?" Raph sat on a stool beside the couch, one leg resting on the floor, the other propped up on the stool leg. The others sat around while Leonardo got a chair.

"Please Juno, sit down. We're really interested in hearing you out."

As Juno sat down, a large rat came ambling out of the doorway to her left. A puzzled look came across her face. "Are all the mutants in this reality animals?"

"What does she mean, 'in this reality'?" asked Splinter as he settled down into the couch.

"It's a long story, sensei. Juno's about to tell us," explained Don.

"Well by all means then, young lady. Please, tell my sons and I the story of how you came to find yourself here." Splinter smiled at Juno as she began to recount the events that had brought her to them.