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"Unh..." he groaned. Where the fuck am I? Why does everything hurt? Raphael blinked, trying to get rid of the fuzzy feelings in his head. He looked over to his right.

"Leo?! LEO! Aw shit, Leo, can ya hear me?" Leonardo was strapped to a metal table beside him, unmoving. Raphael grunted as he tried to free himself of his restraints. "The fuck? Hey! HEY! Who's there? Let me the *fuck* out and maybe I won't pummel ya brains out!" His voice echoed throughout the room.

"Yell a bit louder, Raph. I don't think they heard you over in Jersey..." croaked a voice beside Raphael.

"Leo! You're awake! Can you move? Are ya hurt?" asked Raphael. It was always during times of stress that his Brooklyn accent came out more pronounced.

"I'm okay, Raph. You?"

"Yeah, I'm alright. Who the fuck were those two, Leo?"

"I'm going to guess they're Juno's friends from H-Fac." Leonardo craned his neck around, trying to get a sense of his surroundings. "They're probably trying to lure her here using us as bait."

"Yeah, figured that. Doesn't take a genius to realize this is a trap. We gotta get outta here. I don't do so well in restraints."

"You're not going anywhere, freak." A tall woman with a long blonde ponytail stepped through a door in the room.

Leo narrowed his eyes at her. "Who are you?"

"Agent Valentine is her name," followed a voice from behind her. "And I am Agent Wesker." A blonde man wearing a long black coat entered the room. "Now, who might you two be?"

"Fuck you!" Raph huffed.

"Aw, that's sweet. Big Red here wants to fight again. Didn't you learn your lesson last time, mutant?" asked Valentine, poking Raphael hard in the chest.

Sneering at her, Raphael spat in her face. "I got something I wanna poke you with and it ain't my dick, bitch." He grinned wickedly.

Valentine growled and wiped at her face. "Fucking mutant!" she yelled throwing a right hook at Raph.

Raphael took the hit and grinned at her again. "That all you got, blondie?"

"Raph! Enough!" silenced Leo. "What do you two want with us?"

"The whereabouts of one Juno Alex and her teammates. Simple." Wesker raised an eyebrow as the two mutants in front of him visibly stiffened at the sound of her name.

"I don't know who that is," Leo tried.

Valentine stepped closer to Leo. "Liar liar, pants on fire," she sing-songed, as she fit a brass knuckle onto her hand. "Hanging from a telephone wire..." THUD. Agent Valentine laughed as she punched Leo's torso.

"Oh you just keep on hittin', bitch. When I get outta here, I'ma wipe the fuckin' floor witchu..." rumbled Raphael.

"This is so fucking cliche, Albert! Let's just kill them and leave their bodies for her to find. That'll get her attention."

"That's not the point, Jill. Juno has to suffer, and through these two innocent mutants..." here Wesker paused and stepped in between the two turtles. "She will indeed suffer." Walking swiftly towards the door, he looked back once. "Do what you want, Jill. Just...leave them alive, please."

Agent Valentine laughed coldly. She turned towards Raphael. "You with the big mouth, you're first." She grabbed one of his sais off a small table in the corner. "Where is Juno?"


"Nothing to say? Where's that big mouth of yours now?" Valentine prodded Raphael in the chest. "Hyah!" she yelled, punching Raphael in the face again.

"STOP!" Leo shouted. He couldn't bear to see Raph get hurt.

Valentine whirled around. "Oh big Blue, I haven't even started yet!" She sneered and drove Raphael's sai into Leo's leg.

"You bitch!" Raphael roared above his brother's cries.

The next day...Juno has already received the transmission from Wesker and is on her way...

"Are the tech drones ready? I don't want to have to fight those three harpies." Wesker paced about the room, knowing...feeling that Juno was on her way.

"I can't wait for Psylocke to show up. She thinks she can kill me? What an idiot. I killed her partner, I can kill her, too!" Agent Valentine was leaning against the wall, playing with a dagger.

Just then, the alarm began to sound. The amber siren glowed around and around. A sure sign that Juno and her troupe had entered the area.

"Get them ready!" yelled Wesker, walking to the centre of the room.

Jill Valentine pulled up a screen using some equipment she had and prepared the tech drones for deployment. They were to distract the three members of Beta Squad while her and Albert Wesker focused their attacks on Juno. They were going to use the torpedo to kill her. Wesker had told her he was pretty sure one shot to the head would be enough. However, if he missed...well...Jill didn't want to think about that. He wouldn't miss. They would all live except for that monster Juno, and then they could all go back home and finish the war on their own terms. Agent Valentine pressed the last sequence of buttons and as if on cue, the front door burst open.

Juno was front and centre, Feral and Psylocke flanking her sides. But where was the other one?

"You forget your pipsqueak at home, Ju-Ju? Or maybe you're protecting her from all of this by keeping her hidden away?" Jill teased.

Her smirk was cut short as Psylocke threw a force blast in her direction, knocking her back a few feet. "Shut up, Valentine."

Wesker stepped forward, waving a hand to silence Agent Valentine. "As you can see behind me Juno, your two friends are bleeding and broken. They are in no shape to fight, and they have some old fashioned artillery pointed at their heads. Point blank. Even you are not fast enough to save them both. So, please. Disarm yourself, and I'll give you a quick and painless death. Or, we could do Plan B. What do you say? Hmm?"

"You can take your charm, and shove it, Wesker. I'm not here to surrender. You must know that."

"Well, it was worth a try. But make no mistake Juno. Red and Blue will die tonight." He sneered wickedly at her, knowing she wouldn't be able to save either of them.

"No, Wesker, they won't." Juno blinked and waited.

Outside, Jubilee had been listening. She said one word to no one in particular it seemed. "Now."

In the time it took for Juno to blink, Michelangelo and Donatello had materialized seemingly out of nowhere. They were on the ceiling and in one swift motion, each had disarmed the weapons pointed at their brothers.

"What!?" shouted Wesker as he whirled around to see what was happening behind him. Before he could shout anything else, he was thrown into the wall.

Juno had stepped forward in Wesker's brief distraction and had uppercutted the man. Suddenly, the room was thrown into chaos as Valentine released the tech drones; androids with the sole purpose of fighting for H-Fac. They were quite similar to the Foot Tech Ninjas the turtles had once fought, years ago.

Having dropped from the ceiling, Donatello and Michelangelo were trying hard to ignore the battle that had erupted around them. Quickly, they worked at freeing Leo and Raph. Juno had told them that they would be needed in the fight and had instructed Jubilee to give them each a syringe. One for Leonardo, and one for Raphael. Donatello had questioned their contents, but Feral had only said, "One shot of that shit, and your on fire! BOOM!" She had gestured wildly with her hands and laughed. Mikey was giving Don a wary look.

"Are you sure about this, Don? What if it hurts them?"

"I'm not sure about anything right now, Mikey. But I know we gotta help." He stuck the plastic covering of the syringe in his mouth and clamped down hard with his teeth, pulling off the protective sheath. Spitting it over his shoulder, he took a deep breath before stabbing it downward, into Raphael's thigh, just as Jubilee had instructed. He grit his teeth, and pushed down with his thumb, releasing the contents of the syringe into his brother's blood stream. Then he pulled it out and dropped onto the ground below. He was breathing heavily with anticipation. What was going to happen?

"RAAARGH!" roared Raphael as he was roused into consciousness. With a feat of strength none knew he had, he pulled free from the metal restraints Juno had told them to leave on their ankles before injecting. Suddenly on the metal table, in a squatting sort of position, Raphael looked at Donatello.

"Where're my weapons, and where is that blonde bitch?" he hissed.

"Yup! Looks like it works just fine!" Donatello shouted over to Michelangelo who began the same process with Leonardo.

"You sure you're okay, Raph? I mean...you look like hell."

Raphael looked at his brother. He knew he was bruised and battered from the beating he had taken from Agent Valentine, but right now..."I feel like I could take on the world, Donnie," he smiled. "Now, my sais, please."

Juno had taken the battle with Wesker outside. Though the man was only human, he had modified himself with cybernetic implants and was stronger, quicker and more agile than a normal human being. He hated mutants and believed human salvation lay in technology, not genetics.

"Puh!" Wesker spat out blood, Juno having hit him one too many times in the face. He could feel a tooth coming loose. But he couldn't worry about that right now. Where was Jill? Wesker only hoped she was doing what she was supposed to do: Find out which one of those bastard turtles was her weakness. Except now there were four. Not two. Four. Shit. He cursed inwardly.

"What's wrong, Albert? Things not going to plan?" Juno snarled. She hated Wesker. He was responsible for her childhood. It was his experiments that she had endured. It was his conditioning that had made her the killer she was.

Juno lunged forward, spinning around last minute and swiping with her dagger. It only grazed Wesker as he bounded away from her. She caught a slight movement from the corner of her eye and artfully dodged a round from Valentine's gun. Spying her sais laying on the ground some distance away (Wesker had managed to disarm her earlier) Juno needed to think fast. She needed those weapons. Swiftly, she performed a handspring that landed her on top of a metal crate. Juno scanned around quickly and upon seeing Psylocke and Feral ahead she yelled their names, followed by one word: "Up!"

Each breaking from their own battles with the tech drones, both girls stood prepared as Juno somersaulted off the crate, ran towards them, finally placing a foot firmly in Feral's, then Psylocke's hands. Using the momentum she had gained while running, Juno was launched into the air. Gracefully, she did a swandive, and threw out the shuriken she had with her to cover her as she sailed through the air.

Landing like a cat, Juno ran forward, quickly snatching up her sais. "Die, Wesker!" she shouted as she stabbed forward with her left hand, quickly bending backwards to miss a hard left hook from Wesker. Juno swiped downward with her right hand, catching Wesker's wrist between the prongs of her sai. Yelling, she slammed it down into the concrete, burying the tip deep. With Wesker briefly trapped, Juno elbowed him in the face again, feeling his nose snap.

"Get off me you BITCH!" he roared as boosters in his shoes propelled him upward with enough force to lodge him free. He knew he had little time. "JILL!" he cried as he ran. Wesker needed to get back inside the warehouse. He needed the rocket launcher that had the torpedo in it. He was going to finally kill Juno.

Hearing her name, Jill Valentine broke off her fight with Raphael. She smiled and waved her fingers as before running away.

"Aw, I ain't done witchu, bitch!" Raph yelled after her. He swung out with one of his sais and using a twisting motion, was able to catch that long blonde ponytail of hair around the prongs. "HAH!" he shouted as she jerked backwards, landing flat on her back. Raphael jumped, somersaulting once. He landed on top of Jill, who seemed to have the wind knocked out of her. Snarling, he reeled back his arm and balled his hand into a fist. "I'ma enjoy this, blondie," he said before driving his fist down into her face. Hard.

Jill screamed as she felt her nose crack and her vision go blurry. She tried to get up, but there was something heavy on top of her. Her head snapped backward and hit the concrete hard as Raphael hit her in the face one more time. He might have killed her with his next hit if Psylocke hadn't pulled him off.

"Oh no you don't, Raphael. Jill Valentine is the reason my daughter doesn't have a father. She will suffer at my hand."

Raphael looked at Psylocke and then down at the unconscious blonde on the ground. He gave her one hard kick to the ribs before stepping back. "She's all yours, Psylocke." He glanced around and noticed Jubilee in her Bowser contraption (at least that's what Michelangelo had called it when they had seen it earlier,) fending off at least a dozen of those tech drones. Smiling to himself, he bounded off her in direction.

With Raphael gone, Psylocke bent down towards the prone form of Jill Valentine and knelt beside her. Ignoring the battle going on around her, she nudged her telepathically. Wake up Jill...wake up and face your destiny. Psylocke smiled as Jill began to stir.

Shit...that fucking turtle bashed my face in... Jill blinked slowly and saw what looked to be feminine legs sitting beside her. What the fuck? Suddenly, cold realization dawned on her and she tried to skitter away from the woman with the dark hair. "Shit...aww...fuck..." she mumbled as she realized that her jaw was also dislocated...at the least.

"What's wrong, Jill? Not so happy to see me?" Psylocke stood up and smirked at the cowering Agent below her. "Where's your Wesker to back you up now?" Walking towards Jill, Psylocke could only shake her head. "This is for Yukio!" she hissed. Grabbing Jill's hair, Psylocke pulled her up from the ground and stabbed Jill in the back of her neck with her psy-knife. There was a special place in her mind that she had reserved just for Agent Jill Valentine. A special place where Psylocke stored all her dark thoughts, all her grief, all her anger and suffering from the death of her partner. It was these thoughts that Psylocke forced into the mind of Jill Valentine. Jill screamed, unable to control the flood of black emotions that poured into her. She grabbed at her assailant, and clawed at her own eyes, trying to un-see the images that Psylocke was feeding her. But it was no use.

In the end, Psylocke walked away from the blonde Agent. Jill sat unmoving on the ground, her eyes blank and staring, her mind destroyed. And that was where Wesker found her.