Well hello hello fellow readers. Holy shite what the fuck am I doing updating this again? Lol. I'm thankful that I haven't deleted this because every now and then, I get a burst of creativity and I start writing again. Anyway, to anyone who is still out there...Here is another installment of Juno and Friends. Lol. Okay honestly, the urge to post this is only because I've been obsessing about Scorpion from MKX ...like seriously. Those arms? Those fucking biceps? FUCK. FUCK ME NOW. Lol. Hahaha...anyway.. Since I was thinking about him, I remembered how he was in this story, too. I think I actually might re-read this from the beginning... Maybe I'll update some more sooner rather than later. Well, enjoy!

"JILL! JILL?!" Wesker was shaking the blonde woman by her shoulders. But there was no response. "No! NO this can't be! My plans! All my plans!" he shouted hysterically.

Jill made a few incoherent sounds as she sat on the ground. Wesker looked from right to left and back again as he saw how dire his situation had become. Making it all worse however, was the glowing circle of flames he now saw just behind Jill.

"No...it can't be. You aren't supposed to be here..." he whispered in disbelief.

Scorpion arose slowly from the flames. "And yet here I am."

Quickly, and without a second glance at his fallen teammate, Albert Wesker turned tail and ran. Too bad he ran into the balled fist of Scorpion.

"Ugh!" he grunted as he fell to his knees. "Forgot you could teleport..."

"You're not taking Juno, and you won't be destroying this city, H-Fac scum," said Scorpion softly as he cracked his knuckles. Suddenly, there was a cry to his right and he looked over to see Michelangelo about to get it from three of the tech drones. Growling, he punched Wesker once more before he teleported away to help.

"You're right about the city, but Juno is *mine*!" Wesker said, gritting his teeth. Carefully, he got up from where he was and made it back to the warehouse. He peeked outside once, grateful for the amount of tech drones he had brought with him. They were all currently occupied. All four turtles and all four girls and that stupid spectre. Wesker was about to grab the nuke launcher when he noticed Juno do something out of character. She was atop some stacked steel containers. Deeming it too slow to actually take out her weapons, she had gotten in the way of a tech drone advancing on Big Red. The drone had been about to use it's electron sword, having been disarmed somehow...and now that electron sword had sliced through Juno's shoulder. An easier move would have been to push Red out of the way. This meant he would have fallen down two stories. Hurt, but not dead. A choice Juno would have...should have made in an instant. But now she was at a disadvantage having an injured shoulder which would take a minute or two to heal. Wesker kept watching in curiosity as she ran forward, taking the drone down with her. On the ground, she merely rolled off it as Red jumped down, impaling the drone with his sais. Red took the sword imbedded in Juno's shoulder and he watched as they exchanged words and then...he touched her cheek.

A smile began to form on Albert Wesker's face. He was his new target. Not wasting any time, he quickly began to reprogram the remaining tech drones to focus on the red-banded turtle.

Outside, Jubilee was confused. The tech drones had suddenly turned tail.

"YEEEHAW motherfuckers!" yelled Feral with her fist in the air. Her massive shotgun was currently smoking.

Jubilee's bot bore scratches and burn marks in some places where she hadn't dodged fast enough. Thankfully, the shields surrounding her were still intact. "Where'd they go?"

"Who cares? They're gone! Wesker must have retreated. That bastard." Feral looked around. They had ended up on the city-side of the warehouse, facing the tall buildings. She marvelled at Jubilee's invention on the ground some meters from where she stood. Before entering the warehouse, Jubilee had Feral had set up a tiny contraption. She said it would mask what they were doing from the people of the city. "So what's that thing do, anyway?"

Jerking her head over to where Feral was pointing, Jubilee smiled. "It's a holo-wall. You walk through it, you can see what's going on. You stay on the other side of it, you see nothing!" she said in a mock dramatic voice while her eyes grew wide. Then, she giggled.

"Okay...no more Foot tech ninjas that aren't Foot tech ninjas. I'm beat..." groaned Mikey, rounding the corner.

"You're telling me, bro. That was intense!" Don agreed.

The two came to a stop as they neared Feral and Jubilee. Looking worn and tired, the two brothers groaned some more and plopped down on the ground.

Feral laughed. "Looks like you two need more exercise." She prodded Donatello in the side with her foot.

"Yeah, all that talk about practicing more...maybe Leo was right...By the way, Jubilee, your machine thing is pretty cool..."

Jubilee pressed a few switches and the bot under her glowed brightly before de-materializing. "Yup, it's pretty sweet. My invention. Let's me play with the big boys!"

"We'd better regroup with everyone else," said Feral, looking around at the complex. She put a finger to her ear and spoke. "Commander? Tech drones have moved away. Jubilee and I are on the city-side of the warehouse along with Donatello and Michelangelo. Orders on where to regroup?"

Jubilee and the rest of them also put a finger to their ear...awaiting a response. Suddenly, an odd screeching noise came out of the warehouse. It slowly droned louder drowning out any response they may have had from Juno. Wide-eyed, Jubilee and Feral stepped backward. Don and Mikey both got up in a hurry...and just in time as a huge mech ambled out of the large warehouse doors.

"Oh man...what is that?! Donnie...you know those jetpacks I always bug you about?"

"Not now, Mikey..."

"Shut it, you two! That's a Heavy YMIR Mech! That things gonna be a bitch to take down!" shouted Jubilee, her bot materializing under her again. "Get to cover, NOW!"

Their feet skidding on the ground, the two turtles barely made it behind the stacked metal containers that dotted the grounds. Don saw Feral take out what looked to be a mini-gun from the corner of his eye just before they ran. Gritting his teeth and hunching his shoulders they only sound he could hear now was the sound of gunfire. Whether it was Feral or the heavy mech, he didn't know.

"It's got multi-core shielding, and double titanium armour! We'll need to bring it's shields down before we can do any real damage to it!" Jubilee's voice suddenly came through on the comms.

"Oh great! 'Cuz I totally brought along my gear that takes down shields and armour!" Mikey shouted back.

"Don't worry about the shielding, this fucker is going DOWN!" This time, the voice wasn't from the comms. Braving the gunfire, both Mikey and Don peered around the corner of the metal container to see Feral. Mini-gun indeed. The feline woman had about the biggest gun Donatello had ever seen. Jubilee was now behind her, projecting some sort of force field, protecting them both.

"Bro! We gotta do something! We can't just hide here!"

"Oh yeah, well what *can* we do, Mikey?! We don't have guns! We'll be useless!"

Mikey turned to look at the impossible battle between the two girls and the giant robot. Dancing from foot to foot he was biting on his hands with worry. "Oh shit..." he mumbled as the mech stopped in it's tracks and one of it's arms opened to reveal a rocket launcher. "I can't watch.."

"LOOK!" Donatello yelled, grabbing Mikey's shoulder.

Psylocke had emerged from god knows where and was running full speed towards the heavy mech. She was glowing. Literally. Her entire body engulfed in a pink/purple glow, she ran with purpose.

"HAH!" she yelled as she neared, throwing a huge burst of energy towards the mech, making it stagger to it's right. Glowing again, she pulled a large metal beam towards her and levitated it, ramming it into the mech and disabling one of it's arms. "FERAL NOW!" she shrieked.

Feral laughed maniacally as she unleashed a storm of bullets towards the mech, causing it to stagger even more. As her gun ran out of ammo, she threw it aside and pulled out her massive shotgun. It said "Eviscerator" on the side.

"I've got you girls covered! Jubilee, help out Feral!" ordered Psylocke as she took her place behind both girls and took over the force field duties.

Back behind the container, Donatello and Michelangelo watched in awe as Psylocke generated a psychic field around her teammates. Jubilee and Feral were out in front now, firing on the mech relentlessly.

"Mikey, I think we can help now." He nodded to his younger brother. Stepping out from behind the metal container, he watched the blue glow around the mech flicker and die from the hail of bullets. "Now, Mikey!"

Running at full speed, both turtles headed for the mech. Someone, it could have been any of the girls, shouted for them to take the top. Not really knowing what they meant, Mikey and Don just bounded on up towards the head. The mech flailed around, trying to get them off, but it was no use. It was just too slow and cumbersome to get them. Jubilee, Feral and Psylocke stayed on the ground. With it's shields gone, it was only the armour they had to get through now.

"What are we doing up here, man?!" cried Mikey.

"Help me look for a control box or something, Mikey. I can probably disable this thing from the inside out. AAH!" Don yelled, grabbing onto something metal as the bot swerved and staggered from the hits it was receiving down below. "Unless those girls topple it over first..."

Michelangelo was climbing all over the large robot, looking for something that might help Don. Then, he saw it: A flashing circuit box. It must have gotten hit from earlier. "DON! I think I found it!"

Down on the ground, the girls were hacking away at the armour. The mech's left leg was almost useless, Feral having shot a few grenades at it. Suddenly, the mech stoppped. Ceased.

"What?" Psylocke whispered.

There was a deafening crash as the mech toppled over. The three girls looked up as Donatello and Michelangelo both stood atop it high fiving each other.

"Those idiots..." grumbled Feral. She looked over at Psylocke. "I got Don. You got Mike?"

Psylocke nodded as Jubilee ducked for cover. Running at full speed towards the turtles, Feral and Psylocke rammed themselves into the two, pushing them violently backwards and off the giant mech.

"RUN! IT'S GONNA EXPLODE YOU DOLTS!" shouted Feral as Don and Mikey understood why they had just been tackled.

The explosion that resulted from the heavy mech going down was muted over on the side of the warehouse grounds. Leo, and Scorpion were fighting side by side against another heavy mech that Wesker had released. Juno was battling Wesker...which left Raphael on his own to fight the barrage of tech drones that Wesker had sent after him.

"Feral, if you can hear me, you need to get over here quick! There's a heavy mech and it's gonna take more than Leo's swords and Scorpion's skill to bring it down!" Juno shouted into the comms.

"On our way Ma'am," came the reply.

"It's no use, Juno. You can't save them all. You can't win this time!" Wesker yelled as he executed a perfect no handed cartwheel, his feet knocking Juno away.

"Over you, Wesker? I'll win any day! HYAH!" Juno countered a hit from the H-Fac agent and hit him in turn with a spinning backhand.

"Uh...a little help here?!"

Juno whipped around to see Raph floundering. He was fighting at least a dozen tech drones...and he was losing. Snarling, Juno turned around and grabbed Wesker by the throat. Forcefully, she punched him straight in the face. She kneed him next, right in the stomach, and as he doubled over, she elbowed him in the back, sending him straight to the ground. Satisfied when he didn't move for a second or two, Juno ran towards Raphael.

Jubilee, Feral, Donatello and Michelangelo ran around the corner of the warehouse to find Leo and Scorpion embroiled in a battle against another large YMIR mech. Feral cheered and brought out a rocket launcher. Donatello commented on how much weaponry she had brought along, and was quickly shushed by the whirring sound of the rocket as she launched it towards the mech. This time, with three turtles, the three girls and Scorpion, the mech was subdued faster and easier.

Juno came from above. Raphael didn't know how nor did he care, but that's where she came from. All swinging manriki and flashing sais, he could barely keep an eye on her, that's how fast she was. He fell to his knees, tired from having fought countless tech drones already. Juno was everywhere, it seemed. Raphael's stomach lurched. He wanted to puke out all its contents he was so damned exhausted. A drink would be good right about now... he thought. Using whatever strength he had left, Raphael brought up one knee. He needed to get up. To help Juno. Squinting his eyes, he tried to see where she had went, but she was gone. Wait...there! A glint of metal caught his eye. She had chased the tech drones to some metal containers stacked five high. Oh good...maybe I can have a bit of a rest... Raphael breathed out heavily. He had been fighting tech drones alone for god knows how long now. All he really wanted was a drink... Unbeknownst to him, a figure was watching from atop the warehouse.

A few minutes earlier...

I've got you in my sights now Big Red... Wesker had waited until Juno had gone. Gingerly, he got up, massaging his jaw. He was pretty sure it was broken along with his nose, but that wasn't important. What was important was that he get to his torpedo launcher.

Staggering up the side of the warehouse, Wesker limped to where he had hidden it earlier. Heaving it up onto his shoulders, he spied through the modified sniper crosshair he had installed. That stupid mutant turtle was on his knees, dry heaving in the aftermath of his battle. Chuckling to himself, Wesker put the launcher down and and picked up the spear gun he had taken from one of the boats on the dock while everyone was busy with the tech drones. Carefully, he loaded a spear. Looking up to make sure the turtle was still in the same spot, he checked the gun before aiming it. Breathing out slowly, he pulled the trigger.

Raphael roared in pain as the metal spear lodged itself through his thick plastron, even puncturing right through his shell. He grasped at the metal rod protruding from his abdomen.

"What the fuck..." he mumbled, blood beginning to seep out of the wound. Already worn out from his previous fights, Raphael was in no shape to take anymore abuse.

It was Leo who saw it first: His brother was in trouble.

"NOOO! RAAAPH!" he screamed, beginning to run towards the red-banded turtle.

Mikey looked around wildly, and saw Wesker on the roof of the warehouse. "Oh shit! Shit shit shit!" He had seen Wesker load another spear into the gun. Forgetting about everything else, Michelangelo could only think of protecting his brother. He ran towards Wesker.

Juno had just finished the last tech drone when Raphael's roar filled the air. Horrified, she turned her head just in time to see the spear pierce through Raph's body. She might have screamed, she wasn't sure. All she knew was she had to get to him. Feeling like her entire body was moving in slow motion, she ran towards Raphael.

Full on laughing, Wesker fired another spear. Except this time, the turtle moved. Just barely. The spear impaled him through his thigh. "Shit!" I was aiming for his torso again... Oh well. At least Juno's on her way... Taking up the nuke launcher again, Wesker aimed through its sights and waited for Juno to show up in the crosshairs.

Mikey was running. He felt like he'd never get there. He ran until his lungs felt like they were going to burst and then ran some more. Tears were welling up in his eyes. He had seen briefly where that least spear had hit Raph. And then he had seen Wesker fire another spear. Mikey was no longer feeling or thinking. He was on autopilot. So when he saw Wesker pick up that torpedo launcher and aim that, he merely kept running. When he saw Wesker begin to pull the trigger, still he kept running.

Paying attention to nothing else than what was in his crosshairs, Wesker was completely caught off guard when something heavy slammed into him. Hard. His only thought was an Oh fuck as he pulled the trigger.

"NOO! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE YOU IDIOTIC MUTANT!?" he yelled. Horrified, Wesker watched as the nuke he had aimed so carefully veered ever so slightly off course. He had aimed it at Juno's head. Instead, he watched it hit her somewhere above her left thigh...

"FUCK!" Scorpion held Leo back as the torpedo exploded. "GET DOWN EVERYONE!"

"LET GO OF ME! RAAAPH! RAPH!" yelled Leo hysterically.

Raphael couldn't hear him. He had gone unconscious. The force of the blast pounded his body backward into the group taking cover. In the frenzied chaos, Leo clawed his way towards his brother's body, covering it with his own.

"Raph?! Raph, can you hear me? Oh please god...please be okay..."

Donatello inched his way over to his distraught brother. "Let me take a look at him, Leo," he said softly. Feeling for a pulse, Donatello breathed a sigh of relief as he felt a heartbeat beneath his fingertips. "He's alive, Leo."

Unable to say anything, Leo only held Raphael close.

"WESKER WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!" Scorpion's voice boomed through the ringing in the air.

In the blink of an eye, Scorpion transported the entire group to the warehouse rooftop. Swiftly, he grabbed Albert Wesker by the collar and shouted in his face. "Do you understand what you've done here, Wesker?! DO YOU?!"

"You think I wanted this?! Fuck you, spectre! I was aiming for her head!"

"What's going on?" asked Mikey feebly.

That's when they all heard it. It was Juno. And she was screaming. Horrified, everyone turned their heads to look. Juno was ripped apart. But there was something else. A glowing, fiery energy began to engulf her body.

Mikey blinked back tears. "What's happening to her?"

No one answered as they watched Juno's body begin to change. She should have been dead. The top half of her body was split grotesquely, like a banana being peeled. She fell on all fours, still snarling and screaming. Out of her back, sprouted large, dragon-like wings...and that fiery glow only growing larger around her as she screamed.

Mikey looked to his brothers, but they had the same terrified look on their faces. He thought he saw Psylocke's mouth moving, but there was no sound coming out of it. He could read her lips, but she couldn't have said what he thought she said...could she?

He closed his eyes, the smell of fire and ash burning his nostrils...and opened them again. Psylocke's hair was being blown back in the wind. Her mouth was closed now...but Mikey would forever remember the words that came out of her mouth: And the demon cometh...