Hey, this is K. C. Ellison with another "Fairly Oddparents" fan fiction. This is an Alternate Universe of Wishology featuring Timmy Brown from the AK1028's series of the same name. Enjoy, everyone!

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"The Fairly Oddparents: Wishology χ"

Prologue: The Night of the Comet

Hill Valley, California


One fine morning in the city of Hill Valley, a young 10-year-old boy was riding his bike. His name is Timmy Brown, son of Dr. Emmett Brown. What the people of the city didn't know was that they, along with their friends Marty and Annie McFly[1], are time travelers. Using a time machine made out of a DeLorean DMC-12, they traveled to 1955, 2015, 1885, and even to an alternate 1985!

Right now, Timmy (along with his fairies Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof) was heading toward the old Delgado Mine. He had just learned that someone had found a secret chamber inside the mine. Marty told him to go check it out, worried that the chamber was the one Doc made back when he and Timmy were stuck in 1885.

When they had reached the mine, no one was around. Timmy was relieved that their secret was safe. Just as he was about to leave the mine, he saw someone wearing a black cloak coming towards him. He tried to move, but for some strange reason, he couldn't!

"Who are you?" Timmy asked. The person didn't reply to his question but spoke.

"The Door is ready. The Darkness is coming. Are you ready to face it?"

"What Door? What Darkness?" Timmy asked. Just then, the person was gone. All that was left were a white and black stone. Timmy noticed what the stones were. He also learned that the Museum of Natural History's Ancient Civilization exhibit had just been robbed. The two items that were missing were the Light Stone and the Dark Stone. The stones were believed to be the remains of two dragons that once destroyed a civilization millenia ago. Timmy grabbed the stones with each hand. As soon as he did, the stones began to move. Timmy tried to pull away, but the stones had a mind of their own, and dragged Timmy into the the stones stopped moving, they had dragged Timmy in front of a stone slab. It was completely smooth save for the two holes. Then, the stones went into the holes as if they were meant to be there. Just then, the slab began to disappear. Timmy continued following the stones when they had reached a white hall. He was surprised that there was a chamber like this. Wanda looked deep into the hall and noticed something.

"Is that what I think it is?" she said. Wanda flew towards it with Timmy and the other following close by. "It is!" she continued. It was a giant sword lying blade-down on a pedestal. The base looked like two keys crossed together forming an "X"-shape. At the sides were two frills, and at the top was a long blade.[2] "What is it?" Timmy asked. "It is the most powerful weapon in the universe, so powerful that it is said to open the heart of all worlds: The χ-blade! (pronounced "key-blade")" Wanda said. "This is the χ-blade? It looks beat up!" Timmy said; noticing the missing guards, the broken and badly tarnished frills. The blade was also badly tarnished. Just then the two stones went towards the χ-blade and merged with it. After it merged, Timmy noticed the weapon was fully repaired and glowing as if it beckoned him to grab it. Timmy grabbed the handle (which was were the key's guards met) with pulled it, releasing the sword out of the pedestal. Then a white light flashed and Timmy lost conciousness.

Timmy woke up and saw that he was in another hall when he saw two dragons; one white, the other black, appear before him. The white dragon had blue eyes, while the black one had red eyes.

"Who are you?" asked Timmy.

"We are the guardians of the sacred sword!" said the white dragon.

"Well, I'm..." Timmy started before being interrupted by the black dragon. "We know who you are, Hero chosen by the Faires." it said.

"It is time that you return to your home world." the white dragon said.

"But this is my home!" Timmy said.

"Don't worry, once you fufill your destiny will you return." the black dragon said.

"But first, you need a change of clothes." the white dragon said. The two dragon fired balls of fire and lightning at Timmy. His godfamily was worried that they had witnessed Timmy's death. But as the fire and lightning dissapated, Timmy was still standing, but instead of his blue hat and green shirt he was now wearing a pink hat and shirt along with his blue pants and shoes.

"These are the clothes of the Hero. Wear them with pride." the white dragon said. Timmy looked at his new clothes and realized they felt right.

"Be careful on your quest. Farewell!" the black dragon said. Their was another flash of light and Timmy, now in his new clothes, regained conciousness and now at the mine's enterance when they notice they sky turned dark.

Timmy ran outside to see that the entire world was being destroyed. He looked up and saw a black storm cloud sucking up everything into its eye.

"What's going on!" Timmy said. Just then, a robot appeared in front of him. "Are you the one called Timmy?" it said. "Yeah, that's me. What do you want?" Timmy answered. "To eliminate you!" the robot said. Timmy released the χ-blade and attacked the robot. The robot felt that this wasn't the proper time to fight and left. Timmy ran to where the robot was when he and his fairies sucked up by the storm cloud.

Dimmsdale, California


One night, in a forest clearing outside of Dimmsdale, three friends were out stargazing. The first was Trixie Tang; a black-haired tomboy. She wearing a red hat, a pair of glasses, a long sleeved purple turtleneck, blue jeans, and tennis shoes. The second was Chester McBadbat; a blond-haired boy. He was wearing a black shirt over a green jacket, black jeans, and black shoes. The third was A.J. Ibrahim; an African-American boy. He was wearing a blue and white sweater-vest, white pants, and white shoes. They were all looking at the constellation Ursa Major[3] when they discovered that the constellation was disappearing. Then they saw a comet coming from one of the stars.

"Hey look, a comet!" Trixie said. "Yeah, it is a comet!" Chester said. "And it looks like it's heading our way! RUN!" A.J. said. The three friends (and their fairies) were about to run when the comet landed into the nearby lake. "What was that?" Chester said. "Something just fell into the lake!" A.J. said. "I think I'll go check it out; I'm the best swimmer after all." Trixie said.

Trixie dove into the lake with her clothes on to the spot where the object fell when she noticed there was a small boy wearing a pink hat and shirt drowning in the lake! Trixie grabbed the unconsious boy and brought him to the lakeside. Trixie gave the boy CPR to revive him. The instant their lips touched, the boy came to his senses.

"Are you okay?" Trixie asked the boy. "Yeah, I'm fine. Thanks for the kiss of life." he said. "You're...uh...welcome." Trixie said, her face blushing. "I'm..." she began to say. "Trixie Tang, correct?" The boy saw Chester and A.J. "And you two must be Chester McBadbat and A.J. Ibrahim, am I right?" the boy continued. "How do you know all of our names?" A.J. asked. "Yeah, we never told you who we are!" Chester said. "Just a lucky guess." The boy said. "Well then, since you know our names, won't you tell us your name?" Trixie asked. The boy said, "I'm Timmy...Timmy Brown."

-To Be Continued...-

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-Author's Notes-

[1] I changed it from Baines.

[2] Fans of "Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep" will instantly recognize this sword.

[3] For the kids who are reading this, that is where the Big Dipper is located.