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"The Fairly Odd Parents: Wishology χ"

Part 1: The Big Beginning!

Chapter 1

The next morning; Timmy, Trixie, Chester, and A.J. decided to do a group "movie trilogy" wish...with them as the Chosen Ones. The four kids were dressed all in black and wearing black rimmed sunglassess. "We're the ones!" they exclaimed as they jumped down off a building. Out of the shadows, Denzel Crocker; a tall, hunched man appeared. "They're the ones..." he said. The man ran into the four children. "There is no escape, you four; defeat is inevitable," he continued. The man created clones of himself who said the same thing. Then, the original told his clones that he already said that, which started an argument with himself and his clones before they all asked the kids, "Are we gorgeous, or what?" "'Or what' is more like it," replied Trixie. "Not to mention 'crazy scary!'" A.J. added before they all ran off.

The army of Crockers caught up them in a Chinese restaurant. Timmy asked the Crockers, "You guys want something to eat? I recommend either the sweet and sour pork or the kung pao chicken." The group refused. "No thanks; we're allergic to MSG (monosodium glutamate). Then Timmy grabbed the sweet and sour pork dish and threw into the crowd of Crockers.

By now, the four heroes were getting a bit bored. Each of them asked their faires to wish up a new trilogy wish. "This one's not fun anymore," said Chester. Then the Crocker army reappeared. "What? We're fun, and fun starts with...'F!'" they said as they threw "F"-shaped knives at the group. Timmy released the χ-blade and reflected the knives back at the Crockers, pinning them to the alley wall. "Looks like you'll all be 'held back!'" Timmy said before Cosmo, Wanda, Poof, Iris (Trixie's fairy godparent), Lionel (A.J.'s fairy godparent), and Roger (Chester's fairy godparent) poofed them all out.

Timmy and the gang were now into a grassy field dressed as characters from "The Lord of the Rings." Wanda was trying to find The One Ring in her pocket. On the first try, Wanda pulled out a teething ring, which Poof grabbed and started gnawing on it. The second try, she pulled out an onion ring, which Cosmo grabbed, and just like Gollum (the character he was portraying), he held onto "his precious" for dear life. Finally, Wanda found the Ring and gave it to Timmy.

In the next trilogy wish, Timmy and his friends were flying on brooms playing a game of Quidditch, with Poof as the Golden Snitch. Just then, they were attacked by Lady Moldywart (Vicky)! Just when things couldn't get worse, Jorgen von Strangle appeared! He poofed away Lady Moldywart before he began poofing away everyone's fairies. As soon as Timmy captured Poof, Jorgen poofed the fairy baby away, which enraged the 10-year-old.

"HEY! We're trying to play a game here!" Timmy said. Just then, his head began throbbing in pain. "The fun time is over!" Jorgen said. Timmy facepalmed when Jorgen said "time." "This is no game! Remain in the shadows, and do NOT speak your names!" "You're freaking us out, Jorgen." Trixie said. Jorgen waved his wand and the four kids were now in front of Trixie's mansion.

"Wow, a trilogy wish with a twist!" Chester said. "Hey, let's get our fairies to wish up another one after school." A.J. insisted. "Yeah, we'll call it 'The Chosen Ones 4: Jorgen's a Jerk!'" Trixie said. Everyone laughed at the title, but Timmy stopped suddenly and looked around for his fairies. "Hey guys, where are our fairies?" Timmy asked his friends. "You're right." Trixie said. "Cosmo? Wanda? Poof?" Timmy called out. "Iris?" Trixie called. "Roger?" Chester called. "Lionel?" A.J. called out. Each time they called out their fairies with no response. Timmy's head was still in pain, but he decided to endure it. Trixie shrugged her shoulders and said, "I guess will see them later." Just then, their stomachs began to rumble. "You guys want get some breakfast at my house?" "Sure." the three guys said.

Timmy and his friends were inside Trixie's house. Trixie saw her dad reading the paper and her mom getting her breakfast. "Hi mom and dad, could my friends and I have some cereal?" Trixie asked as they sat down at the table. "Yeah, something that's sweet and totally bad for us!" Chester said. "Perferably one with a toy in the box!" Timmy added.

Trixie's dad looked towards his wife and asked her, "Honey, why is this tomboy with her friends calling us 'mom' and 'dad' and asking for food?" Trixie was surprised at what her father just said and answered "Because I'm your daughter?" Trixie's mother stated, "We don't have a daughter. We decided long ago not to have children so we'd have even more money with less responsibility, not to mention free weekends!" Her father added, "Besides, having a child would weigh us down from doing things like going to the MARF festival this weekend!"

"What's MARF?" Timmy asked Trixie. She handed Timmy the newspaper and pointed to the ad about what they were talking about. "Middle Aged Rock Festival?" Timmy read out loud. "Because you're never too old to rock 'n roll!" Trixie's parents said. They were both rocking out when their backs gave out. "Maybe we ARE too the heating pads!" Trixie's dad shouted.

Before they left, Trixie's mom told them to grab a muffin before they leave. Trixie, Chester, and A.J. each grabbed a regular muffin, but Timmy picked the pink muffin. "Hey, that's a Magic Muffin! They taste terrible, but they'll grant anyone's wish without any restrictions! You better hang onto that!" Trixie told Timmy. {Grant anyone's wish, huh. I wonder...} Timmy thought to himself. Timmy took a bite out of the muffin, then gagged at the horrible taste. {Trixie wasn't kidding; this tastes terrible!} Timmy decided to make his wish. "I wish Trixie, Chester, A.J., and I were in Fairy World!" he said. In an instant, they were gone.

-To Be Continued-

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