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Rated M for swearing and violence.

Us Girls are made of Steel

The front door flung open, hitting the wall behind with a resounding crunch, heavy footsteps rushed into the main entrance of her house. Angry voices shouted and cursed.

The 16 year old teenager and her little sister Kelly stole out the back door as swift and as silent as they could, careful not to make any noise which would give them away.

Her own heart drummed in her ears as she ran towards the garden wall, keeping a firm grip on her sister's hand. They just had to get over the back wall!

In the comfort of the dark then ran. It didn't help that their property was quite big. Behind the two girls, the smashing of windows and the swearing of Boris Krakoviskov could be heard.

"Fucking bitches...Dimitry! I want her alive! Shoot the sister but I want the eldest Steel alive, Take Vladimir and search out the back!"

Barked Krakoviskov, his thick Russian accent finding its way into her ears. With eyes wide with fear and awareness, they skidded to a stop infront of the shrubs which shielded the lower part of the brick wall from sight. In the blink of an eye, a flash of bright white light flickered across the width of the lawn. Without hesitation, she seized Kelly's arm and plunged into the safety of the bushes.

Just like their father had told them, Kelly, on instruction from her 16 year old sister pushed her body as flat as she could against the damp grass beneath her.

"Stay low and don't make a sound Kel." Cautioned the girl, her eyes glued to the back door of their home. She could feel Kelly's little heart beating against her back as she herself had laid down infront of her sister, giving Kelly more cover then herself.

Through the blackness of the night, she saw the back door of their once family home swing violently open. She was sure that the door handle would have made a gaping hole in the plaster wall behind it.

She felt her sister flinch in fright at the sound of the slamming door and the shattering of glass. They were in the back yard. She knew that their only advantage, as slim as it already was, was that their back yard was large so it would take time for Boris's Russian mobsters to reach the garden wall. The slightness of their advantage was further reduced when she caught sight of the moonlight glinting on the guns in their hands. She recognized the one known as Boris.

Boris was 6 foot tall and of strong physique. Snow white hair and ash-grey eyes. His facial features were well defined and his high cheek bones added to his exceedingly handsome appearance. His eyes were cold and bore no emotion but hate. His lips were thin and held no expression but a were curled upwards in a growl.

The only flaw in his handsome features was a milky white scar spanning from the centre of his bottom lip, down over his chin and over the curve of his Adams apple to finish at his collar bone.

She would know. She put it there.

Daring to tear her hateful gaze from the man…no, monster who had murdered her family in cold blood, she twisted her head around over her right shoulder as far as she was able and whispered further instructions to her sister:

"Kels, stay down ok. I'm going to get to the top of the wall then when I'm at the top I'll call for you and help you up ok?"

She was answered by the vice-like grip of her sister latching about her slim waist.

"No! They will see! Please! I want to get out of here!" The tone of fear apparent in Kelly's voice.

"Kelly, If we stay here we will die. If we move now while there still by the house, we have a better chance! Trust me ok?"

She whispered back, trying her best to be supportive in light of the situation. Behind her, Kelly began to sob.

"H…How will I know you're at the t…t…Top?" Whimpered Kelly.

"I'll whistle…Now stay down and don't move." She replied to her sister firmly yet kindly. They could not afford to make a mistake.

Once more, she returned her gaze to where Boris now stood. HE had moved and was closer by 4 meters. Kelly's elder sister knew, that the overall distance between the back door and the garden wall was approximately 70 meters. Boris was standing at just over 60. From that current distance, he and his men could comfortably aim for a shot at the girls. A shot that could kill.

As fast as she dared, she pulled her arms into her chest and her knees up under her body at the same time. Kelly watched with growing fear as her sister made the transition from stomach to knees to a low squat. Giving one last glance to locate Boris's 5 men, she span and faced the wall and in one fluid movement, she jumped for all she was worth and thrust out her arms towards the top of the wall and waited for the course of the brick between her fingers.

The moment she felt the rough cement, Kelly's sister latched onto the top of the wall with all her strength. Shimming her fingers along until she had a firmer, more secure grip on the top of the fence, she began to pull downwards on the wall and lifted her bare feet onto the wall in the hopes of gaining what little grip their was to be had.

The process seemed like a year, she gritted her teeth in an attempt to keep the noise of her excersion from escaping her mouth.

Her arms burned like a fire as she lifted her body weight.

Below her, Kelly's brown eyes flitted from the form of her sister to the menacing shadow of Boris who stood at less than 60 meters from the wall.

Grunting softly at her triumph, Kelly's sister reached the top of the garden wall, the flat of her stomach slapping softly against the surface of the brick. Kelly heard the slap and foolishly abandoning her watch post. she sprang up, and lifted her arms upwards.

Kelly's sister had only just brought her feet to the top of the wall and was straddling it when she saw her 10 year old sister breaking her cover.

"Kelly! Get back down!" she hissed agonizingly, flicking her hand at her sister in an motion to get the girl to hug the ground.

"ON THE WALL! OVER THERE!" came a shout. Kelly gave a confused look and turned around towards the house, still standing. The 16 year old's mouth dropped open to that of a gold fish with eyes as wide as saucers.

"Kelly! Give me your hands!" She shouted. No point in keeping silent now. Kelly did not respond. Instead, the 10 year old was frozen in shock and fear.

"Kelly!" Yelled the 16 year old more urgently, straining her hands below towards her sister.

Boris gave a shout in Russian and charged at the wall.

"DAMMIT KELLY! MOVE!" shrieked the 16 year old, tears beginning to form. She tried to deny it with all her heart but in the back of her mind she knew what was about to happen.

Boris closed one grey eye and leveled his gun at the 10 year old who stood, frozen in fear, defenseless and innocent beyond all.


"KEEELLY!" Screamed the 16 year old, pain and anger consuming her.

Before her eyes, Kelly's down fall seemed to take a lifetime. The crack of the gun, the constricted 'hic' sort of sound as the bullet hit the 10 year old and finally, the force of the shot which snapped Kelly's head backwards, eyes wide open in sudden death facing the sky. The 16 year old's eyes snapped shut as something wet spattered on her face, hand automatically reaching for her face. Blood.

The 16 year old yelped and threw her hands behind her when she realized she was touching her sister's blood. Suddenly, she felt light, as if nothing tied her to the ground, confusion swam infront of her eyes like a fish in foreign waters.

Air rushed past her ears and when she opened her eyes, she saw that the wall was becoming further away. Down, down she fell frozen in shock of seeing her sister killed infront of her eyes.

She landed with a sickening crunch against the pavement of the road. Her head followed quickly and struck the concrete with immense force. A flash of white blinded the 16 year old. Emitting a painfully drawn sigh, her eyes rolled back into the back of her head.