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After what felt like a lifetime the door jerked open as Kate had raised her fist to knock again. A bulky but very unkempt Russian appeared. He heavily favoured his left side and wore a grimace on his face.
"You school girl. Veryy noisey. Stop now." A Russian she didn't recognise stood infront of her. He was uglier then a slapped ass. His nose was pushed in too far and his teeth seriously needed to be pulled out. Kate strained against the discomfort setting into her bones. Facing him, she put on her best-wounded animal expression. "…pl..please. If you're going to kill me…I..I know you are.. Please can I write a goodbye letter."

"No. You sit bottom in corner." The man shook his head, not giving her the time of day. Swivelling heavily on his heel he moved to leave.
"Wait!" Kate exclaimed after him. She was really getting sick of this shit.
"Please? I just want to write a letter. You don't even have to send it. Please. PLEASE." Kate didn't have to force herself to act too much, she actually felt despair creeping into the back of her mind.

The Russian narrowed his dark eyes at her. Kate held his gaze for a moment as silence was exchanged between them. To her surprise she found his eyes warmer then Vladimir's or Katrina's.
"Okay. Short paper only." Curling his Rs like only a Russian would, he held up his fingers indicating a small space.
Kate licked her lips nodding obediently. This was good. Alex Jones was right.
"I promise it will be short."
Grunting in response the bulky Russian disappeared behind the rusty door. Kate listened carefully as she heard him shuffle to the left…then to the right. Then he stopped moving. A brief flicker of panic coursed through Kate's heart. Shit is he still there? Wait.. where were the others?

Luckily she didn't have to wait long. Quasimodo returned and appeared behind the groaning door. "Here is pen. You sit there and write. I watch." Nodding robotically he shifted to the side, displaying a chair held in his other hand. Padding over to Kate, who reclined against the wall, he pushed the paper and pencil into her hand. Without hesitation he backed away and plonked himself down on the chair. "You write. I watch now."
Kate nodded, fighting against the urge to roll her eyes and take the piss. Alex had said not to aggravate them too much.

"Dear Girls…" Kate began. It was quiet. Oddly she felt more at ease with Quasimodo. She didn't feel threatening vibes come off him. But she wasn't about to be complacent. She was a damn St. Trinian. She didn't trust anyone who didn't wear black and silver.
"I have daughter. She like you. Likes to fight." Kate jerked her head up and looked at him, she couldn't keep the surprise form her face. Since when do they have actual families? Oh this could be my chance! He's sympathetic!
"…oh?" Kate replied, doing her best to put on a sweet voice.
"Da. Her name Tatiyana." Kate snorted inwardly. Of course its Tatiyana. She did notice that old Quasi was proud. She could tell the way his eyes shone as he mentioned his daughter's name.
"What does she look like?" Kate asked, pretending to be absent minded. First things first. Create a relationship with them. Maybe they are human. Still motherfuckers though.
"Tati looks like you. She like to draw." Quasimodo, or so as she had dubbed, sat with his knees apart. Large calloused hands rubbed his thighs. It looked as if it had become a habit.
"What else does she like to do?"
Kate turned her head away to cover the smirk on her face. Do horses? HAHAHAHHA! So gross… HEY! FOCUS GIRL! You need to get out of here!
"Does she have her own horse." Kate enquired as she shifted her hand down on the page, preparing to write another line.
Quasimodo's face darkened as his lips curled downwards in displeasure.
"Not anymore."
"Oh….what happened?"
"We sold horse to pay for pills to make Tati better."
Kate swallowed suddenly feeling nauseous. This was getting dangerous. She realised this was bloody stupid the second she felt sympathy for her captor tingle in her heart.
Jerked out of her thoughts, Kate looked up at the warm eyed Russian. What a rarity that was. He cleared his throat again and held out his hand towards her.
"You finish now."
Just like that, the Russian closed off all personal bases with her. It was then Kate got her idea. She felt her heart start to pump now and the adrenaline rise in her body. She glanced at his favoured leg and began to press her body into the wall, hoping to use it to help her stand. This was it! This was the opportunity!

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