Chapter 1: Second pair of Godparents

Chance Furlong and Jake Clawson had been expelled from the Enforcer ranks. Because Feral had rammed their plane causing their targeting system to malfunction which aimed for the new Enforcer Headquarters instead. The two feline pilots, furious at having been blamed for Feral's blunder, quit the Enforcers. But not fast enough. Because Feral was now forcing them to pay for his mistake by paying back the millions it took to build that building. Even now, two years later, they where barely a quarter of the way there.

"I hope James and Lily are doing better than we are buddy." Jake said as he dug through their memory box of their Hogwarts years. Yes. Chance and Jake where wizards. The Kat species had dormant magic and he and Jake where the first Kats in more than two hundred years to have magic in their veins. They where very close friends with the recently married couple Lily and James Potter. Jake was closer to Lily just like Chance was closer to James because of their similarities in personality.

"Oh crud! I totally forgot about this letter that came yesterday!" Chance said as he smacked his forehead.

"Dear Chance and Jake," Jake read aloud after back smacking Chance's head for forgetting something this important. "That arse hole Feral sounds like a real piece of work. Give him hell for me. James."

Chance laughed. That was SO like his second best bud.

"James, stop messing around." Jake read. "Its in Lily's handwriting." He added looking up at Chance. "We have some very exciting news. Take a deep breath Chance."

Must be pretty big news. Chance thought as he took Lily's advice as its usually good.

"Holy." Jake said excitedly. "Lily's pregnant!"

"Go James." Chance said making a wolf whistle sound.

"Stop being a pervert Chance." Jake read outloud. Chance pouted as he put his arms around his lover excitedly. "Yes, We're expecting our first at the end of July next year. James has insisted on Paddy being the dogfather...excuse me, godfather."

"Stop picking on Siri Lily-flower." Jake read. "This is James again." He added looking up to Chance.

"I can see that." Chance said as he read while Jake He frowned slightly. He thought he and James where like brothers even though they only started hanging out in second year.

"Lily and I want you guys to be secondary godparents to our child." Jake read in shock. "If anything should happen to me and Lils, Sirius Black and Alice Longbottom, you guys will be granted custody of our child. Only if you accept of course." Jake read in that sly tone that James took from time to time.

"OF course!" Chance said excitedly. "I'm a godfather!"

"How come I'm not second godfather?" Jake pouted at his lover.

"Whose bottom every time and screams my name as I pound your tight little -" Chance pointed out with a sneer worthy of a Malfoy.

"Point taken." Jake admitted interrupting his mate, but he still pouted. He saw Zeus, James' Falcon perched in the cage they kept in case their friends wrote to them.."We hope you'll accept and hope to see you soon if that bastard let's you go on holiday. Lily and James Potter." Jake finished. He grabbed a piece of parchment lying around and wrote;

Of course we'll accept! Though I'm upset that Chance is calling me the baby's second god MOTHER-

Cause I pound his tight littlt-

Stop it Chance! Anyway, of course we accept! Hope to see you soon,

Jake Clawson-Furlong and Chance Furlong

A couple of days later Lily and James read their friends reply with pleasant smiles on their faces. They where there when the two where wed in wizard society and James was Chance's Best Man while Lily was Jakes "Maiden of Honor."

"Do you really think this is a good idea luv?" Lily asked James.

"Their our best mates Lils." James pointed out. "What's the problem?"

She pointed out the part where Chance interuppted Jake.

"That's Chance, he's a perv but he's good natured. He'll be a great uncle for our boy."

"Or girl." Lily pointed out.

"Or girl." James admitted as he put an arm around his wife and they cuddled on the couch

To Be Continued...

Chance and Jake finished their muggle high school senior year after graduating Hogwarts for those who are confused. James and Lily where around twenty one or twenty two when they died

which during the time they spent after Hogwarts most likely Auror Training for James and possibly Potions Mistress training for Lily though they where married right out of school. After Chance and Jake graduated High School they went into the Enforcers Academy to become pilots. And the rest as they say, is history. Chance and Jake married right after graduating the Academy .

Next chapter will take place on that awful night where Lily and James where murdered.

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