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Chapter 6: The Giant Bacteria

The Swatkats where on the move. A guy called Morbulus was destroying oil refineries all over Megakat City.

"Let's try..." Razor let loose an Octopus Missile at Morbulus's plane. (A/N: I always thought Octopus Missiles where the net missiles, sorry to all my readers!"

"Crud, I missed." Razor said as a missile missed and struck a building instead. "Does he have eyes in the back of his head?"

T-Bone flew the Turbokat upand upside down alongside Morbulus's own jet. There where two eyes on the back of his head and they blinked up at Razor, glaring at him.

"Hey! He does have eyes in the back of his head!"

Morbulus taunted them as he flew in between two buildings

"So, he wants to play "Canyon Tag" huh?" T-Bone growled as he turned the TurboKat sideways. After a few crafty flying moves, they where under Morbulus's jet.

"Let's see if Morbulus has eyes under his head." Razor chuckled as he let loose another Octopus Missile. The missle struck its target and dug a hole that caused oil in Morbulus's plane to leak. Morbulus cried out in fear as his plane started to crash into the ocean. They caught him with a net missile that was attatched to the TurboKat for "rescuing" bad guys who where in danger like Morbulus was now. Morbulus pouted in his flight suit as he was held in a net.

"Whaddya think hun? Deliver or dunk?" T-Bone asked. "Dunk!" They both decided and they released the net letting Morbulus fall into the ocean.

They laughed at Morbulus as the Enforcers grabbed him and flew off back to the Garage. Luckily, Harry knew when the red light was on outside the door from the home area to the garage to not enter unless it was an extreme emergency.

"Nice flying." Jake complemented his husband.

"Nice Shootin'." Chance said back as they changed back into their uniforms. "Fun's over."

"Back to the grease pit." Jake said as they climbed up the ladder back to the garage before flipping the red light switch to off to let Harry know he could come talk to them again.

Harry had been studying his spell book for the past month and had gotten the hang of quite a number of spells. He first master a few of his dubbed "Gravity" spells. And a few "Lightning" Spells including an assist kind of spell that enhanced his physical capabilities for three minutes. One of his favorites gave him incredible speed. A spell called "Shudoruko."this spell gave him silver armor that was impenetrable and gave him super fast speed for half an hour. He'd been testing these spells at night while he worked on his uniform for his new project. Dubbed "Project Phantom." He had a black hang glider lined with jets for quick get aways from bad guys and for getting around. He also had a black tusedo with black gloves and a a Top Hat. At first he thought maybe he'd come off as a bad guy. But then he remembered the Swatkats wore black and blue uniforms with black head gear. His first test run of Project Phantom would be the next Monster attack.

"Oh great, Morbulus is gone, so's our TV." He heard Jake say in disappointment.

Dad must have gotten mad at Feral again. Harry thought with a smile. They had to find a new TV every two months or so cause his dad had a temper when it came to Ulysses Feral. But whose Morbulus? Must be some bad guy the SwatKats caught. Guess he got away.

He put away his schematics in his hiding spot in the wall so his dad's wouldn't find out what he was up to lately. Then he heard a familiar truck.

Dumb and Dumber. Harry thought with a grimace. Burke and Murray where absolute jerks. And they never let up on his dads.

"Hey, I think I found Callie's new engine. With a little modification of course." Chance said as he picked up a large engine that was dumped by Burke and Murray. Harry smiled. He got his engineering skills from his mother's side of his family.

"And I think I found our new TV." Jake said pulling out a small television from the pile.

Its done. Harry thought later that night as he pulled off the work mask for welding. Project Phantom is ready for its first test run. He clipped on his belt that had a holster for his Spell book and pulled on his tux and climbed onto the roof of the shop using a ladder. He got a running start before leaping off and he pressed a button on his belt. In an instant a black Hangglider unveiled itself and the jets burst into action.

"Woohoo!" Harry shouted into the night as he flew high into the air. It was like his own mini Turbokat. Project Phantom was definitely ready for action.

Meanwhile, Morbulus was in Dr. Viper's laboratory.

"Quite the spread Doc." Morbulus whistled as he eyed the many beakers and chemical glasses and holsters for said glasses and many experiments. "You've got everything a mad scientist needs."

"Everything except one thing. A little chemical called. "Katalysssst 99." Viper hissed and narrowed. "And your going to help me with this Morbulus. Your going to help me get into Megakat Bio Chemical Labsssss."

"Megakat Bio Chemicals?" Morbulus asked in shock. "But that building's impenetrable!"

"Which is why I'm going to give you little booster, my new bacteria!" Viper cackled as he injected Morbulus with a strange purple substance that spread all over Morbulus's body and soon, Morbulus became a bacteria monster.

Ah, Saturday. Where children begin their weekend off from school, and Chance and Jake get half days of work. (Feral realized he can't run them into the ground with exhaustion) Except for today...Today Feral had ordered them to work on a squadron of Enforcer cars that had major problems. Even now at four o'clock PM they where only on the last one.

At the new Manx Municipal Park, Mayor Manx was dedicating this park with a statue of himself. When a gross looking hand clawed its way out of the sewers.

"Quick! Get a shot of that!" Ann Gora ordered her cameraman, Johnny.

Callie Briggs got into her own car and rammed into the weird, purple monster as it leered down at her. Unfortunately, it split into two. "If this isn't a SwatKat emergency I don't know what is!" She huffed as she took out her beacon.


Fortunatly for Chance and Jake, Harry had the TV turned up real loud on his favorite anime, Yu Yu Hakusho. And it was at the ending theme. A song called Unbalanced Kiss. So he didn't hear the Turbokat take off from the hangar. He then turned on the news, minutes later, a black figure was soaring through the skies. With a book on its hip.

Callie shrieked in terror with Mayor Manx as a bacteria monster leered and moved toward Manx's car.

"ZAKER!" A young voice shouted and the two where shocked as a bolt of lightning struck the arm of the monster. They both felt a weight on the roof and got out to see an young child in a black tuxedo and with a black cape.

"Who are you?" Callie asked.

"Never mind that now. Are you all right Mayor? Miss Briggs?" The boy asked with concern in his eyes.

"Yes, thank you." Callie thanked the boy.

"Damn, that didn't work." The boy said as the monster got up. He flipped through the pages of a black book.

A spell book? Like the Past Master? Callie thought. Strange.

"REIS!" The boy shouted and the book glowed a purple color as a black orb of crackling energy appeared in front of him and shot at the monster.

Manx just stood there looking stupid as the monster split in two.

"Oh crap." Harry said in shock. Lightning won't work. Gravity spells don't do anything. What will? He thought. The Shudoruko spell is an assist spell, I know!

"Stay back Miss Briggs, GIKOR!" The boy ordered and shouted something in a language she had never heard. Callie looked over to him and saw the book glowing a bright blue as ice shards shaped like jewels flew at the two bacteria monsters. The spell struck one arm on each monster and the arm froze then broke off. It shattered and melted into the concrete and did not split into another monster.

"That's it! Cold hurts them!" The boy said excitedly. "Try this one on for size." He flipped a few pages. "FREEZATO!" A wind blew all of a sudden and the bacteria froze over moaning in protest before shattering.

"Incredible." Callie whispered in awe as the boy flipped through the pages again. About time Feral showed up. She thought as she saw the Enforcer chopper commandeered by Feral himself "No!" She shouted as Feral shot at a third bacteria who split into several more bacteria.

"Oh just perfect. Way to go Mr. Sureshot." Harry snapped at Feral who then spotted the black clad teen.

"Not another vigilante!" Feral groaned.

"Commander, just attacking them won't work!" Callie told him as the mysterious boy flipped through the Pages muttering "Where is it?"

"I give the orders here Miss Briggs." Feral snapped.

"She's right Commander, cold hurts them."

"And how do you know?"

"He destroyed two before you created more." Callie snapped back. "Can you get to the SwatKats?" She asked.

"I got just the spell ma'am." The boy winked from behind his monocle. "SHUDORUKO!" He shouted and the book glowed silver inside before silver armor snapped on all around him, even a silver helmet his head.

"What the-?" Feral asked as Harry ran off at super speed, kicking up dust on the road. "How the devil did he do that?"

"I'm not sure Commander." Callie admitted. "But it is pretty useful."

Razor was riding along a tunnel trying to catch one of the bacteria monsters. When something started running alongside him.

"Razor!" The person shouted. Then he looked beside him to see, a person running at the speed of his cyclotron!

"What the heck?" Razor asked.

"The bacteria monsters, their hurt by cold!" He said before running ahead. He jumped up and landed on on the end of the Cyclotron behind Razor. "Hope you don't mind Hitchhikers."

"Not at all." Razor smirked. At least he's on our side. "So these things are hurt by cold you said-"

"GIKOR!" The kid shouted and Razor looked behind him to see strange writing glow bright blue and he ducked as ice shards flew ahead of them. He didn't see the monster ahead of them.

"Hey, watch it!" Razor scolded the kid.

"Sorry, I'm kinda new at this." The kid pointed out as the armor dissolved and vanished. "Ah crap, oh well Can you handle these two?" He asked seeing the two monsters blocking the exit.

"You bet."Razor said reaching in his pocket for a Freeze Bomb.

"Good. I'll go tell T-Bone. Does he have missiles he can fire?"

"Yeah, but he usually leaves the shooting to me." Razor said. "I can auto-fire using my glovatrix." Razor said. "Go warn T-Bone."

The kid flipped through the book to a yellow colored writing. "RAOZARUK!" He shouted. A rainbow colored lightning bolt came from the entrance and struck him. His body glowed a rainbow of colors and his light muscles bulged slightly. "I'm off." He said and he ran past the two monsters and jumped from building to building much to the shock of Razor.

"If I was the Turbokat, where would I be right now?" Harry muttered on a rooftop. He had precioius little time with his Raozaruk spell. Hmm...He thought. Then he gasped as he saw three bacteria monsters going to Megakat Labs. "Megakat Bio Chemicals?" Harry wondered. Then a light clicked about a new chemical developed by the company. "Katalyst 99! Then this is the work of Dr. Viper!" He ran down the glass windows of the building causing its inhabitants to ooh and ah at what they just saw.

After using his two remaining minutes running to the Megakat Labs main building he just saw the Turbokat fly onto the roof. "Oh great." He muttered. He pushed the button with his thumb on the remote releaser of his hang glider and the jets let him fly up to the roof without any wind assistance. He pushed the button again and the hang glider went back inside his jet pack like pack. He ran past into the open rooftop door and down the stairs. He heard a female scream.

"Miss Briggs!" Harry shouted and he burst through the door to see T-Bone holding Miss Briggs.

"Game's up Dr. Viper."

Harry saw the melted remains of the bacteria monsters. Guess Razor relayed the message in case I didn't make it in time. Harry thought.

"Still one more play left!" Viper cackled as he took two beakers of Katalyst 99 and shook them before throwing them at Miss Briggs and T-Bone.

"NO!" Harry shouted before flipping through his spell book. "RASHIELD!" And a mystical shield appeared in front of T-Bone who was shielding Callie. The shield electrified and sent the chemicals back at Viper who shrieked as they blew him sky high through the roof.

"Who the heck are you?" T-Bone asked the black clad teen.

"Not important." Harry told T-Bone. "Are you guys okay?"

"We're fine." Callie said. "Was that a defense?" She asked curiously.

"Rashield." Harry nodded. "It deflects any types of attack back to the attacker in full force. So Viper was after Katalyst 99?"

"Yeah, thanks for your help kid." T-Bone said as Razor arrived on his cyclotron.

"No problem." Harry said pushing the button again and unveiling his black hang glider. "Looks like Viper took off. You guys don't need me anymore." Harry said. "See ya." He took off running toward the broken window of the top floor and jumped. After pressing the button again. They watched him glide off into the afternoon sunlight.

"Just who is "The Phantom?" As many who witnessed a young boy dressed all in black assist the SwatKats in taking out giant bacteria creatures created by Dr. Viper have dubbed him. That is a mystery, the only thing we know is that he is a very young, and human for he had no fur or a tail." Ann Gora was saying on Kats Eye News that night. "Well rest assured we owe our lives not only to the Swatkats, but to this brave child as well. This is Ann Gora, with Kats Eye News." Jake switched off the TV in the office as Chance was scratching the back of his head. "Who is that kitten?" Chance asked. "He seemed familiar somehow."

Jake had an idea. But dismissed it. No wizard child had such control over their magic at that age nor did any spells that he could recall do anything like The Phantom's spells did. And he had to read them from that book apparently. "No idea, but I guess a little extra help with the bad guys wouldn't be such a bad thing."

"I guess so." Chance said as they closed up shop for the day.

In Harry's room, Harry got out of his Phantom costume and put it in his hiding place in the wall with his spell book. He had to admit, taking out those monsters made him feel...powerful. Like he wasn't helpless anymore. He decided to start taking the spellbook with him to school in case of emergencies.

To Be Continued...

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