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I ran without stopping for miles on end. The cold damp forest air felt refreshing to my face. The Montana wilderness surrounded me on all sides. If I could only focus on that, then maybe the pain I felt inside, that stabbing heartache, the feeling of betrayal and loss, would subside. Maybe if I could just run forever, and never have to stop and face my problems, life would feel less pointless. Maybe if I could just remember what if felt like to be happy again, when all of this hadn't happened.

I ran without a destination. Without a thought in mind. I ran until all I could feel was the cold wind, and the forest leaves brushing against my face. Maybe, if I ran hard enough, I could outrun my past. If I ran hard enough, I could outrun all those who had left me, and those who would in the future. And maybe, if I ran even farther than that, I might outrun the dark Victorian buildings and the iron gates of St. Vladimir's Academy.