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Chapter 22:

"And about this way to get through the Strigoi lines everyone knows about, care to share?" I sarcastically asked. Both of them looked at me as if I was insane that I hadn't figured it out yet. Like it was the most obvious thing in the world and I just wasn't getting it.

"Tasha.", Dimitri replied.

Operation Tasha commenced the next morning. Whenever a human slave came in, Lissa and I would sit in the corner and talk, and Dimitri would stand on the other side of the cell, rocking back and forth whispering, "Tasha, Tasha.". Once he'd even gone as far as to scream, "I love her! I love her! Come back!", to the wall. It was actually a pretty convincing charade.

Soon, Tasha would walk by the cell, a few times a day. Dimitri would kick it up a notch and hold his hands through the bars with a lost puppy expression on his face. Other times he would cry, or moan. Tasha would always give me a triumphant look, amused.

After a few days of this, Tasha finally let Dimitri out of the cell. She would walk with him, and kiss him in front of me. And although he was faking, he always looked so happy when he was with her. Oddly enough, each time hurt as much as the last.

I had lost track of the days spent in the cell. I was sure it had been less than a week, but I saw no windows in the cell. I wasn't sure if it was day or night. Lissa had apologized to me over and over again, and the two of us seemed to be doing okay.

Dimitri, although he looked so happy with Tasha, stayed quiet while with us in the cell. It seemed like he was in pain, watching all of this happen to him. He hated Strigoi more than anything, and it hurt that a woman he had been friends with, was now one. I couldn't imagine what it must feel like, so I left him alone.

"Get out. All of you. Out!", I heard a human voice yell. I was thrust out of my slumber and saw that the cell door was open, and that Dimitri was handcuffed, and Lissa was still in the process. Another human came up to me, chaining my hands together as well. We were herded up to the main room again, and reluctantly, I felt my body happily leave the confines of the tiny cell.

Galina sat, motionless, on her "throne." Tasha stood behind her. Looking around the room I saw a legion of humans and even more Strigoi. All watched quietly, an emotionless mask plastered on their faces. Looking around once more, I saw a line of my comrades, standing sadly, resigned to their fate. Among them stood Damien, Eddie, Christian. Their eyes turned toward us, looking at us as if it were our last time. It most likely was. But where was Adrian?

"Looking for your friend? The Ivashkov?", Galina smirked., "Don't bother. He was taken care of already." My heart fell. I gasped, as did Dimitri and Lissa. Damien, Christian, and Eddie all looked down, honoring a fallen friend. I suddenly got the urge to kill something. I tried to rip out of my chains, without any success.

"Its kind of funny, seeing you here, all helpless. It brings me pleasure." Galina chuckled, "And Dimka, now you know that that one isn't as strong as you thought she was. Surprise!.", she sneered. "I think its time that we destroyed this little royal group, don't you think?" Her fellow Strigoi raised a cheer so loud that their enthusiasm was obvious. I looked around at the people I loved, our deaths were impending.

"Kill them all!" Galina shrieked., "All of them!". The Strigoi yelled again, running at us, their hunger for blood was strong, and we were their feast.

"STOP!.", Tasha yelled, coming up in front of Dimitri. Her face held a semblance of what it used to be. She was still a bitch, but she seemed to have some emotion. Was she going to save us? "Don't hurt him. Take the rest. But don't hurt him." And now I hated her again.

"You fool, he's got you wrapped around his finger Tasha. He doesn't love you. He loves her.", Galina screamed, "Look at how he looks at her. Its obvious!"

"No.", Tasha argued, "Its me. Its always been me. We were meant to be together!"

"Your an idiot Tasha. Always have been. As I've always said, love makes one weak." Galina shrieked again, "Kill them. Take her down too if you want. She's just like them.

The Strigoi ran at us, and I felt the world go into slow motion. I felt Tasha leaning down, and unlocking Dimitri and I from our handcuffs. I saw myself and Dimitri run right into their lines, taking them down. Eddie and Damien soon joined us. I watched us all destroy the Strigoi army, until all that was left was Tasha and Galina. Both looked shocked.

"You just killed them. All of them," Galina whispered angrily, "All I have worked for. Gone.", she seemed sad and confused. Then her fire came back. "You. You little witch. I'll get you for this. We were working together. You betrayed me. But how about we start with you honey.." Galina laughed, looking at me. "Remember, I know all of your techniques. I taught them all myself you know?" She lunged at me.

I watched again as Tasha jumped in front of me, right into Galina's path of destruction. She was ripped to pieces with one fatal swoop. In the midst of it all, Dimitri took out a silver stake. Quietly, he walked over to a frenzied Galina, and stabbed her through the heart. She let out a last breath, and fell lifeless. I could feel the pain in his eyes. I couldn't imagine killing Dimitri, my mentor, the man I looked up to. But honestly, I couldn't lie to myself anymore. That was not the reason I wouldn't be able to kill him.

Turning her over, we saw Tasha, dying below. She seemed to be in pain, even though as a Strigoi she could still heal herself. Somehow, I doubted that her pain was physical at all.

"You truly love her Dimka.", she choked out.

"Yes.", he whispered back. He looked at her with admiration, as we all did. She sacrificed herself for us. I looked at him, his face was honest, pure, true.

"I have nothing left to live for. Kill me now." ,Tasha begged. Dimitri looked even more depressed, as he nodded to her. A single tear rolled down his cheek.

"As you wish." With these last words he took another stake, and slashed her through the heart. She died smiling. Finally at peace.

***5 Days Later***

The hearst was rolled along the gravel path to the cemetery. We all followed behind it, some crying, all absolutely silent. The sky was overcast and the grass was muddy under our feet.

"He will be missed,", I finally announced when all had been seated, "And although I will never get to see him again, I have some last words for him to hear."

"Adrian. You were a hero, a lover, and most importantly, a true friend. I love you Adrian.", I cried, choking on those last words. But still I continued, "I love you. But not the way you loved me. I wish that I could have told you that. Just that. So that you could have died peacefully. I hope that you hear me now. I hope that you know. I hope that you know that you were one of my closest friends, and that to see you one more time, to hold you in my arms, I would give anything. I love you Adrian."

I walked back to my place, crying. Christian and Lissa sat together. She had explained her lying to him, and he had taken her back. She started to keep her darkness under control, and the two of us had become friends again. As I came back, I was met by open arms, and hugs from all. One was particularly tight.

"You didn't love him?", Dimitri asked.

"No. I wish I had. But I couldn't."

"Why not? He was all that anyone else couldn't be. He was perfect."

"Because Comrade,", I smiled. Above, a ray of sunshine shined through the clouds."my heart belongs to someone else." I leaned in and kissed him softly on the lips. "It always has."

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