I found myself in an unfamiliar place. This happened to me so often that I shook off nay sense of disorientation and searched for something to cover myself with.

"Here." The voice came from behind me and I twirled to see a hand offering me clothes. I followed the hand up the arm, tight with muscle, to the face, oh so familiar.

So this was how other people saw me. His (or is it my?) violet hair draped itself down his back. It moves as one, like silk, in the gentle breeze of the fan. His skin had a copper tone to it and his eyes wee slanted in a way that gave you the impression of mischief. This was even better than a mirror.

I slowly pulled the garment over my exposed legs. They were tight at the waist and short at the ankles. "How old are you?"

"Don't you remember? I'm sixteen, man. What about you?" His relaxed smile made me think that this wasn't an uncommon occurrence.

"Nineteen. I've been having some, uh, difficulties in the memory department. Do you mind giving me a review of the last sixteen years?" It was eerie to look at this duplicate of myself, so I occupied the time by studying the room. It was quaint and held the familiar tinge that so many other things did. The messy bed we sat on, the dancing trophies, and even the crockery old fan in the corner gave me a sense of home. The sun was setting over the city street, but heat still managed to linger. It must be summer.

"I get amnesia? No way. When?" I gave my former self a look that obviously meant not to pry. "Never mind, I know the rules. So, have you met Rima yet?" I nodded. He smiled. "Gorgeous, isn't she? Probably even more so in three years." He winked at me. This didn't really seem like myself, but then again, he is sixteen. A lot can change when you don't remember your childhood.

"She's alright." I understated. "So what's up with this traveling thing?"

The younger Nagihiko rolled his eyes. "I may be young, but I'm not stupid. I would never say this to her face, but she's a total babe." I was offended at his bluntness. He registered this. "I mean, I would never say that to anyone but myself, but it is the truth. As for the traveling, it started when we were about nine."

My eyes widened at the realization of just how much I didn't remember. Ten years?

My younger self nodded. "It was right after mom died. The truck was coming and we disappeared. Ended up in a meadow with six year old Rima. Came back to find mom's corpse in an ambulance. Went back a day later to find Rima being attacked." He looked at me with solemn eyes. "That's what really got us over Mom's death. I was so out of it, but when I heard her scream, I had to help. No six-year-old deserves to have done to her what he did. That pervert reaped what he sowed." An evil glint appeared in his eyes. I wonder what exactly I had done to the man that attacked Rima. I don't want to admit the ideas that entered my head from just hearing about it. What would I think if I remembered witnessing it?

"Anything else?" I managed to get out without shaking.

"Yeah, do you remember survival skills, liking picking locks?" I shook my head. "Try it." He led me to the bedroom door and gave me some random trash you would find on any street. I stared at them in my hand in confusion. Then, it suddenly clicked.

I studied the lock for a moment before straightening the paper clip and then bending it into the needed shape. I added an assortment of other little trinkets until I was ready to insert it into the opening. With some fancy wrist work, a little click emitted from the knob. "Did I do it right?"

The other Nagihiko cheered. "Right on!"

I rolled my eyes. "You sound like Rhythm."

He blinked at me. "You still have Rhythm?"

I nodded. "He's around here somewhere. What is his purpose?"

The boy sat down on the bed. "I'm really not sure. I was hoping you would know."

"Same with Temari?" He nodded.

"One more thing," my past self called, "don't stop dancing."

"I'll remember that." I replied as I started to fade.

"Wait! Can you tell me anything about the future?" He called from across what seemed like a dark abyss.

"Yeah," I called back faintly, "don't get amnesia. It really sucks."

Then I disappeared from another time era, never to be known. It's impossible to live when no one knows that you're alive.

Rima knows a soft voice spoke to my subconscious..

And we know another voice added.

I thanked them but really, what were some charas and a pretty girl compared to the whole world?


This time, there was no other voice in my head but my own.

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