Akari: Hmm... our authoress started to watch Ghost Hound last week on Netflix. And she started to love it!

Kitakami: So she wanted to read some fanfics about Ghost Hound...

Akari: But she only saw like 10 different stories in there and the maximum number was like over 4,000 and that 8 of them were completed...

Akari and Kitakami: and that was just sad.

Kitakami: So she decided to do one herself to be satisfied.

Watch out for grammar mistakes. And some Japanese words and its amusment sounds.

This scene took place at Masayuki's house, in his bedroom, at night.

Masayuki and Tarou are best friends, so they go to each other's house a lot and they're basically seen together lots of times because they've known each other since they were 4 years old.

In Masayuki's bedroom, they were supposed to do their homework together. But, while Tarou was doing his own homework, Masayuki was only laying on his bed reading mangas, not bothering to do his homework with Tarou...

Lazy ass...

But in a few minutes, he stopped reading his mangas, now feeling bored and not knowing what to do. He didn't even want to do his homework!

Then, Masayuki grinned as he turned to his best friend. "Hey, Tarou," he thought that he could try to practice on improving his humor.

"What is it, Masayuki?" the brunette replied, not bothering to look up from doing his work, as he continued to write whatever answer that goes to whatever question.

"You wanna hear a pick up line?"

"No," he instantly replied.

"Okay, I got one," Masayuki didn't bother listening to him.

Tarou sighed, now turning his head to the other boy. "Masayu—"

"It goes, 'Hey, I heard sex is a killer, wanna die happy?'" he chuckled.

Tarou only stared at him. "...Oh wow that's bad. Okay, now would you be quiet? I nee—"

"Oh oh oh! How about this one? 'I know I'm not a grocery item, but I can tell you're checking me out,'" he cackled.

Tarou groaned at the pick up line and tried to get back to his assignment. "Alright, now stop talking, Masayuki,"

"W-wait! One more! One more pick up line!" he giggled.

The shorter boy sighed again, ignoring his work for a few moments, and turned to face the taller boy. "Alright, one more, then start doing your homework," Tarou told him.

Masayuki rolled his eyes. "Okay, okay. Now listen to this one, this pick up line goes, 'Oh hey, my dick died, can I bury it in your asshole?'" he waggled his eyebrows.

Tarou blushed a little at the joke. "I really do hope you don't get in trouble when you say that," he said as he turned back to finished the last question on his worksheet. "Then again, you can get hurt if someone decided to hit you if you say that."

"Aww~! Don't say that, Tarou-chan!" Masayuki giggled. "I mean, I said it to you, right? And you didn't even hurt me!"

"Well, yeah. It's because I was prepared for it, I saw it coming right on my face,"

Masayuki blinked at Tarou a few times, and then broke out into laughter. "HAHA! That's what she said! BWAHAHAHA!" He started to pound his fists on his pillow due to laughter.

Tarou gave him a disbelieving look. "Whatever," He started to pack up his school work. "I'm going home now," he said as he got up. "Have fun doing your homework by yourself," The brunette gave him a small wave before leaving the bedroom.

Masayuki stopped laughing instantly. "E-eh? Ch-chotto matte, Tarou! D-don't leave me—"

The door closed before Masayuki even got to finish his sentence.

"Geez, that Masayuki," Tarou grumbled as he walked down the stairs.

Masayuki's mother saw Tarou about to leave through the front door. "Oh? You're leaving now, Tarou?"

"Hm? Oh, yes," he replied.

"Oh alright, well, do you need a ride home? It's getting pretty dark..." She worried.

"Ah, no, I'll be okay by myself," Tarou gave her a smile.

She hesitantly gave him a smile back. "Alright then, please be careful, okay?"

Tarou nodded. "Yes, I will. And thank you," then he left the Nakajima household.

"Hmm... I wonder what I can do to kill time." He mumbled to himself. "Err... maybe I can go to the convenience store," he nodded to himself. "Yeah, maybe that,"

So he made his way to the convenience store!

Once he made it inside, he looked through the snack aisle. "Umm... Maybe I should get some melonpan(1)..." he said to himself as he grabbed two melonpans that were covered in plastic. "Mmm... Maybe a bag of chips to..." So he walked a few steps to find a bag of chips, grabbed it, and then walked to the cash register. He placed the two melonpans and a bag of chips on the counter, then the cashier scanned the three items and put the items in a small plastic bag.

"That'll be $5.10," She said with a small smile.

"O-oh, okay," Tarou took out his wallet and looked for a five and a quarter. "Here you go," he handed the employee his money.

The employee took the money, put it in the cash register, took fifteen cents out, handed it to Tarou and gave him his bag. "Have a nice day," She said.

"Oh, y-you too, and thank you," Tarou said before he exited the convenience store. Once he got outside, he checked the contents in the bag. "...Yup, everything's in there," Then he headed to the direction his home was located.

And while he was walking home, he noticed that it was getting dark fast and that the street lights were on. "Ah, I better get home fast..." So he started to jog his way home.

But as he was jogging home in his neighborhood, he saw a group of older guys up ahead. It looked like they were looking down on something on the ground. "Eh? What are they doing?" So because of his curiosity, he quietly stayed low and got closer to them. Once he was close enough, he heard what a few of them were saying.

"—ou think you can beat us, brat?" One of them scoffed. "Don't be stupid! There're five of us and there's one of you!"

"Sh...shut up...! You can go to hell and fucking die!" Someone, who wasn't part of the group, replied angrily.

"You shitty brat!" The guy shouted as he kicked someone. Then the other guys started to kick the person on the ground too. And when they did, Tarou heard that person grunt loudly in pain.

'Oh man! I don't like this one bit! I gotta do something!' he thought as he frantically looked around for anybody close by. And unfortunately for him, there was nobody. 'Aw, come on! Okay, okay, think Tarou! Umm... what do you do in situations like this?' So the brunette started to think about what people in TV shows usually do in situations like this. 'Uhhh... ummm... etou... AH! I remember!' So he quickly put on his light blue hoodie over his head and made it cover his eyes, so that the guys won't see his face. After that, he walked up much more closer to them, without being noticed. Then he took a deep breath in, and shouted, "KYAAAA! RAPE! RAPE! KYAAAA! SOMEONE HELP!" he changed his voice into a girl's voice. Then lots of the neighbors popped their head out of their windows and doors to see what the screaming was about.

The group of guys froze then turned to Tarou, who was screaming "RAPE!" in the neighborhood as he pointed a finger at them. "OH SHIT!" They all said as they ran off really fast.

Once they were completely gone, Tarou sighed in relief and removed his hood. "Sorry everyone! I saw bullying right here! But I stopped it! So please don't worry!" He used his regular voice as he told the neighbors.

Most of them just went back inside their house or just grumbled or went back to sleep.

When everything got a bit quiet, Tarou ran up to the boy who was lying on the ground, covered in bruises and cuts. "Omigosh! Are you okay? Can you stand?" he kneeled down next to him.

The boy, who had black hair, didn't say anything. Instead, he looked up at Tarou. It was still dark, but the street light helped the raven see Tarou's face. He stared at Tarou's face for a bit. Then without knowing, he drifted off into unconsciousness.

"E-eh? O-oh no! You just became unconscious! Oh Kami-sama! E-etou..." Tarou didn't know what to do, so the only thing what he could think of was, "I-I'll take you to my place to get you fixed up!"

And with a few huffing and puffing of literally dragging the raven boy, Tarou had finally made it to his front house. He fished out his house keys and unlocked the door. Once he got inside, into his living room, along with the other boy, he called, "Kaa-san! Tou-san! I brought someone with me and he's hurt!"

"..." he received no answer.

"Eh?" He laid the boy onto the couch. "Kaa-san? Tou-san?" he called again.

And when he didn't receive an answer, he went into the kitchen. Once he was there, he saw a note on the dining table. He picked it up and it read,

Tarou, your mother and I are at a friend's birthday party.
I think we'll be home till after midnight... Maybe 1 A.M... Or 2 A.M... Maybe later than that.

From your father

Tarou stared at the note in disbelief. 'Why are you guys out at such a bad time!' "Awww... This sucks...!" Then he heard a groan from the couch. So he rushed there to see how the other boy was doing. "N-ne, are you okay?" he asked tentatively.

The injured boy turned to look at Tarou. "Who're you? Where am I?" His voice was firm.

"A-ah, m-my name is Komori Tarou. I-I brought you to my house when you went unconscious, and then I thought that maybe I could fix up your wounds... So..." Tarou fidgeted his fingers as he blushed a bit.

The raven looked away from the brunette, and fixed his eyes on to the ceiling. "Is that so?"


And after Tarou replied, everything went silent around them. It felt really awkward. 'The silence feels really uncomfortable...' Tarou whined in his head. So he decided to break the ice. "A-anou, can I ask y-you something?"

The boy looked back to Tarou. "What is it?"

"Err... W-what's you're... n-name?" He asked slowly.

Then the raven turned his eyes back to the ceiling and sighed. "...My name... is Ogami Makoto,"

1: melonpan is something like a sweet bread... I guess...

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