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"Your name is Makoto?" Tarou asked, wanting to make sure he heard his name right.

"I just said it, didn't I?" Makoto said with a little hint of annoyance in his voice.

Tarou pouted a little at the raven's response, but let it slide. "I'll be right back; I need to get the first aid kit," He then went to his where ever his bathroom is. "Okay, I think the kit is supposed to be in the closet next to the bathroom..." When he looked in the said closet, he had to check at the last shelf, since all the bathroom items were on the top shelves and middle shelves. "Alright," He grabbed the small kit and checked to make sure the things he needed were in there, and when they were, he nodded and went back into the living room.

Once he made it back to the living room, he noticed that Makoto was still lying on the couch, staring at the ceiling, in the same position.

"U-um..." Tarou walked to the couch, in front of Makoto. "Are you able to sit up?" He asked.

Makoto only grunted and slowly tried to sit up, but winced a bit.

"D-do you need help?" Tarou asked tentatively.

"No," Makoto said sternly.

Tarou pouted. 'I was only being considerate!'

Once Makoto got up in a sitting position, he looked at Tarou and held out his left arm to the brunette.

At first, Tarou looked at his arm questioningly, but when he spotted some scrapes on his arm, he got the idea. "Ah! E-etou... Let me take a look," He slowly moved his left hand so that he can gently clasp his fingers on the raven's wrist, so that he can take a better look at the scrapes. "Oh... There's some dirt on the scrapes... We have to wash it out," He looked at Makoto.

Makoto gave a silent nod, then moved his feet (that still have his shoes on) to the floor and tried to stand up. He swayed a bit once he got up, but he was able to keep his balance.

Tarou was still worried about him. "You know, if you need me to—" Tarou thought about this. He couldn't say the word "help". It would probably make Makoto feel like he's weak. So then... "—support you," 'Yeah, that word sounds better!' He thought, congratulating himself. "it's okay to ask," Tarou gave a smile to the raven.

Makoto saw Tarou's smile and quickly averted his eyes to the floor. "I'll... think about it..." he mumbled.

Tarou's smile grew wider. "Okay," Once he saw the bathroom in view, he guided Makoto there, and then to the sink. "When I was little, I once saw my best friend's mother used soap to clean the scrape on his elbow. I was watching the whole scene back then," Tarou laughed a bit at the memory, as he turned on the water faucet to room temperature water. "He was flailing a lot and shouting that it hurt a lot. I had to hold his hand so that he would calm down a little," When the water was at the right temperature, he looked at Makoto. "I guess I have to clean dirt off your scrape with soap like his mother did,"

Makoto lightly frowned at that. Then he gave a light sigh, "Fine. Just try to make it fast,"

Tarou nodded. "Sure, I can try," He took Makoto's left arm and pulled it to the sink. "It might sting a little, but just bear with it." The brunette told him.

The raven just nodded, waiting for the pain to come.

Then Tarou opened a small drawer that was below the sink, and took out a very small, clean, neatly folded white towel. He wetted the small towel, and very gently started to wipe the wet towel on the wound.

Makoto grunted a bit in pain, but tried to not show it.

Tarou just continued his work.

After a moment of wiping the dirt away on the taller boy's left arm, Tarou cleaned the small towel a bit, and asked, "Do you have any other scrapes on your right arm?"

Makoto lifted his right arm to Tarou.

"U-Umm..." Tarou looked through Makoto's arm. "I don't see any scrapes on this arm. That's good," He smiled.

Makoto felt his face heat up a bit, but not knowing the reason why. "I guess..." He mumbled.

Then Tarou started to put on some soap on the towel, spread it to make it a little foamy. "It's going to sting a bit," he informed the raven.

Makoto only nodded, waiting for the pain to come.

"Okay..." Then Tarou gently put the foamy soap, that's on the towel, on the injury.

The taller boy hissed at the contact. "Damn, it hurts like a bitch...!" He clenched both of his hands.

"I'm sorry, but please just endure it for now, we'll be done with the whole thing soon."

Makoto didn't respond, since he's clenching his teeth.

After eight minutes have passed with cleaning the scrapes on the raven's left arm, Tarou ever so gently patted Makoto's arm and wounds dry. "Alright, umm... I didn't bring the aid kit with me, so we'll have to go back to the living room."

Makoto nodded.

And once they had gone back to the living room, Makoto sat down on the couch, and Tarou sat on his left side. The first aid kit was on the brunette's lap.

"Let's see..." Tarou opened the kit, looking for the needed contents. "Oh, this is it," He took out a small peroxide bottle, cotton balls, and tweezers (only the first aid kit kind). Tarou opened the peroxide bottle and slowly poured a small amount of the peroxide in the cap. Then he grabbed the tweezers, picked up a cotton ball with it, and dipped it in the cap filled with peroxide. Once the cotton ball was partially covered in the liquid, Tarou lifted Makoto's left arm with his free hand. "Okay, this is going to sting a lot, so please prepare for it." Tarou warned the other boy.

"Yeah, I was waiting for this one since we were in the bathroom," Makoto said as he stared at his wounds. "If I flinch, pull away, or hiss, don't stop. Got it?" He told Tarou.

"Oh... alright," Tarou nodded. "Then... I'm going to start now," he announced as the raven braced himself.

When the shorter boy slowly place the damp cotton ball on one of the taller boy's scrapes, the said taller one flinched his arm and hissed loudly at the stinging pain.

"U-um..." Tarou looked at him worriedly, so he pause the treatment.

"I told you to not stop," Makoto grunted out.

"O-okay..." So the brunette did what he was told.

During the time that Tarou tended Makoto's wounds, Makoto glanced at the other boy often, not knowing why he did it. Over four minutes of re-cleaning the scrapes on Makoto's arm, Tarou applied the antibiotic ointment on the flesh and put on small square shaped gauzes where the scrapes are, and put strips of small tape to keep them in place. (It's like what you see in anime and mangas)

"You're all done," Tarou said as he started to put back the aid kit's items.

Makoto just nodded his thanks.

Tarou set the aid kit aside. "So... h-how did you get in a fight anyway?" He asked hesitantly.

Makoto sighed. "One of those bastards bumped into me, and said that I should apologize. I told them that the guy bumped into me. Then one of them pushed me, insulting me. So I defended myself by swinging a punch to the guy, who pushed me, in the face. After that, those bastards joined in and gave me these scrapes and bruises."

"B-bruises?" Tarou asked, appalled.

"Judging by how they punched and kicked me, I wouldn't be surprised if I actually have some around my body. It kind of surprises me that they didn't aim my face the whole time."

Tarou began to worry again. "Where'd they hurt you?"

"..." Makoto stared at Tarou for a few moments. "...Doesn't really matter. If I have them, then I have them. They'll heal by themselves, so don't be concerned about it too much." He told the shorter boy.

"I see..."

Then something popped up in Makoto's mind. "What time is it right now?"

The brunette looked at the clock on the wall. "8:13," he replied.

Then Makoto looked out the window, "Its dark. I should get home now," he stated as he got up from the couch and walked towards the front door.

Tarou followed him out. "Are you going to be okay alone?"

"I should be. I can always stay away from people and not get involved with anything," The taller boy opened the door. Then he noticed something next to his foot. It was Tarou's grocery bag that had his snacks in it. He probably set it down there to help him (Makoto) inside. The raven picked up the bag that held Tarou's snacks. "Here," He handed it to the other boy.

"A-ah, thanks." He took the bag. When Makoto started to walk out the door, Tarou called out, "I hope we meet again!" He felt his face heat up a little after he said that.

Makoto looked back and gave a nod, but he replied to Tarou, "Thanks Tarou,"

Tarou thought he was imagining it, but he thought he saw Makoto smile a bit before walking away. He shook his head, "I'm probably imagining it," But despite saying that, he smiled himself before going back into his house.

He put the first aid kit back to its rightful place in the closet, and took his snacks up to his room. Once he got inside his bedroom, he started to think of Makoto. "Ogami Makoto..." He blushed after saying his name. "Why do I feel like this?" He asked himself when he felt his heart beating faster and had a funny feeling inside his stomach.

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