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Thirty years ago. WWZ. I fought in that war. Not a lot of people could claim that title anymore, WWZ Veteran. This is the story of the Earth Empire, or Human depending on who you asked. Doesn't matter what you call it. We're a force to be reckoned with. We took on the Furons. And won. We took on the Irkens. And almost won. I thought back. And then I shuddered. Zim. He left us with enough PTSD cases for three wars. He almost destroyed earth, or what could be called earth. We're still clearing zombies from the planet. Now, Zim and I are friends. When he isn't spending time with his wife, Tak. We hang out. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's start at the beginning.

Mankind had just faced a plague. A horrible zombie plague, created in a lab in Alaska. Fucking government. Anyway, some invading aliens somehow were unaware of that fact. We later learned they only had their home planet under their control. Barely. They were looking for an alien race to serve as slave soldiers. The Human race had moved to the moon and Mars. They called it World War Z. WWZ, if you will. It was also a book a while ago, which is where we got the name. With the few safe zones on earth, they could not launch a ground assault. Even with the SIR, a weapon from the book of the same name as the war. The weapon worked wonderfully. It really was a modcop of the AK-47. The ammo for the weapons was another matter. The ammo would sometimes explode in the chamber and blow the soldier's hands off. So we just used the standard 6.68mm round.

When the aliens entered the solar system, we hid, making it look like the structures had been abandoned. The aliens were basically ball heads on tentacles. Ugly and creepy at the same time. The ships were saucers and had cannons on the bottom for, I'm guessing, planetary destruction.

Alien emperor POV

'Invade the humans they said. They'll be easy they said. LIES! These stupid mutants were there and-' my thoughts were cut short. A blood curdling scream. Then a plasma blast. My royal guards rushed to my side.

"Seal off the ship!" I commanded.

"Yes, my majesty!" They replied.

"Our fleet was attacked from behind. The earths' moon and Mars have the humans on them and the shot us! With plasma cannons, along with laser weapons!" They exclaimed. They aren't supposed to have that technology. Then my eyes fell on the creature.

"What was that thing?" I asked.

"A mutant." They replied. A low growl came from my head.

"Return home." I commanded. They bowed and left me to my thoughts.

Cannon operator POV

'This is some messed up shit right here.' I thought as I fired at the aliens. First zombies then this. What next, gray aliens, green men, and talking animals? Bah, ridiculous. I shook my head to clear my thoughts. All except two of the original seven ships were destroyed. I hit the COM button and yelled "Ooh-rah!" Several marines joined me. One ship was heavily infected. Apparently humans weren't the only ones that could be infected with the virus. The other ship was relatively unharmed. They returned to what was probably their home planet. I didn't care. As long as they were gone.

World dictator POV

Mars base one: meeting hall

I stared at the generals and commanders and everyone else invited to the meeting.

"We need to spread out into space. Make an empire." I said. The room was so quiet it would've put a ninja to shame. Many people screamed, "What!?" "You're crazy!" Along with "Why?"

"The moon is a military base and Mars is overloaded with military and civilians." I replied.

"We'll build a small fleet and conquer planets, then use them to make our armies strong again." I said, looking around.

"Then we peaceably rule them."

"Well, were do we start?" Asked a general.

"We start here, of course. In our own solar system. With the other moons and possibly Venus. We can quite easily mine asteroids for billions of dollars in resources necessary for our fleets. We already have teleportation. Let's use it!" I replied. And so began a new, great empire.

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