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Tallest Red POV

'These "humans" were not anywhere close to space travel outside their solar system 7 Irk years ago. Apparently Earth years are shorter than Irk years. In their time it had been 70 years. That large headed kid was old now and was rubbing it in their faces earlier. Something about being right…'

"Hey Red, want some doughnuts?" Purple asked jerking me from my thoughts.

"Oh yeah sure." I replied. 'He really is stupid.' I thought to myself.

"Hey Purple? Where was Zim last heard from?" I asked.

"I think they supposedly last saw him on the edge of Irken space. Why?" He replied with a quizzical look.

"We never found him did we?" I asked, glancing at him.

"No." he replied while looking at me in a questioning manner.

'Why did he leave his mission? Maybe it had to do with that last few calls we never answered.'

Tallest Purple POV

"Red, why are you asking these questions? Zim is out of our lives! Hopefully for good this time!"

"Don't Jinx it." He said. "We'll think he's gone for good and he'll show up and ruin everything!"

I sighed and had a thought.

"How are 'those' plans coming along?" I asked changing the subject.

"They've been slowed down ever since the Furons caught on to us. But with the human military buildup it may still work. We just have to tweak some things here and there." He replied.

"Yeah that's great. Hey service drone! Get me some soda!" I said.

He scurried off.

"So what do you think of the humans?" I asked.

"I think they're not a threat." Red replied.

Furon leader POV

'We are screwed.' I thought as I looked at the map of the surrounding space. "With the humans performing 'military exercises' on one side and the Irkens' plans to invade we are dead unless we do something drastic." I said to the military leaders. "The only real drastic form of warfare we have is nuclear warfare!" A low ranking general replied. "Heavy nuclear warfare was outlawed centuries ago!" Another one yelled.

"The Humans are afraid but will use their nuclear arsenal upon us!" yelled Orthropox 13.

"When did you get here?" I asked. Several others looked at him waiting for an answer.

"About five minutes ago." He replied. "As the leading expert on humans I am quite sure they will not hesitate to retaliate if we use our small supply. They would destroy us before we could make enough to destroy them."

"And if they invade the Irkens will not hesitate to take that distraction and invade as well." I said. "We need to put up a defensive line on the human front and keep a few reserve fleets ready to deploy to either front." I said laying out the plan. "The only place we're safe are the three diplomatic planets."

"Yes, but for how long?" Orthropox said.

"I'm not sure," I replied, "But we need to start drawing up plans for evacuations and fortifying planetary defenses. Begin withdrawing military presence from the diplomatic planets!" I commanded. The generals saluted and ran off to start the preparations.

The diplomatic planets were separated for the three empires. One planet was mainly the empire it belonged to while the rest were split among the others. For Furons

it was gray and dreary, for Irkens it was a mix of fast food and an assortment of other random buildings. On the humans' planet it was pretty evenly mixed. The

humans and Furons borrowed the 'super city' design of the Irken Empire. But there were no Irken foods in human areas. Humans' bodies couldn't handle the sheer

amount of calories in a bag of Irken snacks. In fact, they were banned in human space. But the occasional bag floated through customs and was highly sought after.

Though, they were usually taken to group gatherings, so someone wouldn't eat them all and die. And frankly, they were too expensive to sell to the average worker

on their salary. Irkens have such insane calorie contents to help relieve the stress of supplying the body energy from their PAKs.

The humans knew they were not welcome in this place, so they set up military exercises to show off human might. The Furons were frightened; they had the

advantage of numbers, as did the Irkens. The Irkens were interested in some tech, but nothing more. So, out of greed and the need to be taken seriously, they

planned the invasion of the Furon Empire.

The space demonstrations were the big ones, with the different classes of fighters and space cruisers, destroyers, and carriers. The cruisers were fast, sleek, and were

somewhat cylindrical shaped. They had minimal armament because they might be tempted to stay longer than they should to complete the mission. It was armed with

a massive forward firing plasma cannon and swiveling smaller plasma turrets. It also had seventy plasma-armed rockets, to burn through armor and explode. It was

also rumored to have a secret weapon. The destroyers were massive and the front was like a cube to house cannons and turrets. Then the sides straightened out,

housing personnel and rockets. The carriers were huge, circular craft to hold fighters and were covered in turrets and cannons to defend itself while launching

thousands upon thousands of fighters. There was also talk of an interceptor with four 'wings' sticking out and curving close to the body to form blades. They were

supposed to be strong and sharp enough to cut through nearly any metal. They were also able to focus power on the tips and shoot it to the front of the ship to aim

for a massive cannon blast or rapid fire from the tips themselves. It was, like the rest, covered it turrets and cannons. It was also rumored to carry the same secret

weapon as the cruisers, capable of supreme devastation. All of the ships used anti-gravity technology to maneuver in space and the air.

On the ground there were twenty-foot tall mechs with three razor sharp fingers, cannons under the wrist and on the shoulders. The shoulder cannons could be

removed and replaced with back-mounted missile launchers. The torso had a clear blast resistant dome, which housed the pilot. They had two 'toes' and were

controlled by the pilot in a anti-grav bubble and thus were allowed greater dexterity, since the pilot moved with the mech.

The tanks had increased in efficiency and strength. The Juggernaut tank was a slightly redesigned M1a2 Abrams tank. The Armageddon tank was a tiger tank on

steroids. The Ragnarok tank was a tank designed for the current warfare, with the look of a Merkava tank and plasma resistant armor. They mostly used plasma

weaponry to melt or slice through the armor. They also used regular, armor piercing rounds, and explosive rounds. The Juggernaut tank was cheaply mass-produced,

the Armageddon tank was more expensive so there were less, and the Ragnarok tank was only in the tens of thousands. All the tanks were also covered with reactive

armor plates, to stop warheads from doing massive damage.

The soldiers were in a moderately heavy cloth with camouflaged armor plates on the legs and arms and a red visor on the helmet. The visor allowed for sighting

targets, hacking, and information gathering, the latter two working on voice activation. The guns varied from M 6 carbines to AK 37s, being designed in 2037. All had

plasma and bullet firing capabilities. Nano technology allowed for quick ammo type change, advanced healing, and quick field repairs. The plasma weaponry was

designed to slice through anything, compared to the Irken slice and explode combination.

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