Authors Note: Well, here it is, my first chapter story. I've been mulling this idea around in my head for a long time and now I feel ready to share with ya'll! Just so you know, I've pretty much worked this entire story out in my head, I know where it's gonna go, how it's gonna end, and how it's gonna play out, so I can guarantee this story will get completed. It might not even take me that long to write. It's a different kind of Tinkerbell story, at least that's what my goal for it is. I'm always looking to try something no one else has done. I hope you all enjoy. I'm really looking forward to writing this! In the immortal words of the Joker: Here… we… go!

Rated T for some brutal violence and I might sneak some language in.

Disclaimer: A majority of these characters are owned by Disney. Any characters you don't recognize are my creation.

Another day had come and gone in Neverland. The sun was just beginning to set behind one of Neverlands panoramic mountain ranges, the cloudless sky had begun to turn a blazing orange, and the only sounds that could be heard were the soft chirpings of crickets.

Near the very center of the island, in a large but fairly uninteresting rock formation was cave. Small, yet cozy. Dark, yet homey. Noticeable, yet also somewhat discreet. Anyone passing by would not even give it a second look. In fact, there were only a handful of people in Neverland who were even aware of this caves existence, and to them, this cave was probably the most important location in all of Neverland.

This cave served as the hideout for Neverlands most famous inhabitant. The hero of many children's bedtime stories. The scourge of all pirates and leader of the lost boys: Peter Pan, the boy who wouldn't grow up! Peter had gone through a large number of hideouts during his time in Neverland. He was constantly pressured to remain one step ahead of his arch nemesis, the dreaded Captain Hook, and his band of bloodthirsty pirates. Though Peter was in no way intimidated by, or even scared of the pirates, he knew that any chance of Hook finding his secret hideout could cause severe trouble for him and his friends. Not long ago, Peters last hideout was destroyed by a bomb disguised as a present for him. Though he had survived the attack, he couldn't risk something like that happening again.

From the moment he first discovered this cave, Peter had quickly considered it his favorite hideout. It was cozy, yet big enough for all the lost boys to fit in. It also offered a beautiful view of the surrounding forest and mountains since it was so high up on the rock formation. But best of all, it was so well concealed by surrounding rocks that it was almost impossible to see unless you looked hard enough. Peter was confident that Hook would never discover this hideout. This cave would be their home for rest of their endless lives.

Now, with the day coming to an end, and the lost boys all fast asleep on their mossy rock beds, Peter sat back in his favorite chair shaped rock, his feet propped up on a medium sized bolder in front of him as he leisurely blew into his pan flute. It had been a long and fun day, and Peter wanted to enjoy every last minute of it. He planned on staying up until the last bit of light had left the sky.

The only light in the cave at the moment came from the setting sun shining through the entrance, and a small but bright glow coming from another part of the cave. This bright glow belonged to Peters young pixie friend Tinkerbell. Tinkerbell was Peters closest friend and the only other person besides Peter and the lost boys who knew about the cave. The two had been through a lot together. In fact, it was Tinkerbell who had brought Peter to Neverland. She had met him in a large park during one of her trips to what she and all Never Fairies referred to as "the Mainland." The job of the Never Fairies was to change the seasons on the Mainland. Tinkerbell was a Tinker fairy and originally Tinker fairies weren't allowed to go to the Mainland, but things had changed over time, and the fairy queen Clarion had become more lenient about letting Tinker fairies go there once in a while.

Tink had been exploring this particular park when she came across a crying young boy. When she tried to ask him why he was crying, she found that he couldn't understand her. To humans, fairy voices sounded like jingling bells or chimes. It varied depending on the fairies talent. Unable to communicate by speaking, Tinkerbell had worked out a series of pantomimes that were able to help him understand what she was saying. When the young boy finally was finally able to understand her, he told her about how he found out what was to become of him when he grew up. Responsibility, work, a family, he wanted none of that. So he ran away form home, hoping to find somewhere he wouldn't have to put up with such a horrid life.

When Tink heard this, she thought for a moment. Her home of Neverland was a place where no one aged. Where the physical limitations of the Mainland were none existent. Where he would be free to live whatever life he wanted. He would absolutely love it there. She was sure she could bring him there without any of the other fairies finding out. When she explained this fantastic place to him, the young boys tears immediately stopped, and his expression became one of absolute awe. He wanted to go there more than anything in the world. After expressing his excitement in wanting to go, Tinkerbell sprinkled a small amount of her pixie dust on him and explained to him that with just a little bit of pixie dust and some happy thoughts, he could fly! It didn't take long for him to get this concept down, and before he knew it, Tink was leading him to the second star to the right, where Neverland was located.

It didn't take long for the two to become good friends. From the moment he first got to Neverland, the young boy, whose name Tink learned was Peter Pan, had made it obvious that his absolute favorite thing to do was go on adventures. Tink was able to warm up to this concept quite well. She herself was quite the adventurous little pixie, more so than most of her fairy friends. The two did all kinds of crazy things together, from exploring the various islands surrounding Neverland, to battling the pirates who terrorized Neverland. In fact, duking it out with the pirates was their absolute favorite thing to do. It was when Peter Pan had cut off Captain Hooks hand and fed it to a crocodile had fighting pirates become a daily habit for them.

Things had started to get pretty intense when Hook had located Peters tree hideout and attempted to blow him up within it. It was because of Tinkerbell that Peter had survived the bomb blast, and because of that, the two became significantly closer. Though Tink would never admit it, she had grown extremely fond of Peter. There was nothing necessarily romantic about their relationship, but it was definitely something that went beyond typical friendship.

Now Tinkerbell was sitting in a position similar to how Peter was sitting. In a smaller version of a chair shaped rock with her feet up on a bolder in front of her. Although, she wasn't playing a pan flute (she had never been much of a musical fairy,) she was simply resting with her hands behind her head and her eyes closed.

She listened has Peter played his pan flute. He was quite good at it, and this song in particular was very beautiful and relaxing. "That's kinda pretty; did you just make it up?" She asked.

Peter stopped playing and shrugged his shoulders. During his time in Neverland, Tinkerbell had taught how to understand fairy language. It had taken a while, but now Peter was completely fluent in all forms of fairy speak. "It's just something I'm experimenting with." Peter said lazily, and proceeded to start playing again.

Tink gave a small smile. "Well it's really good. You should teach me how to play sometime." She said.

Peter stopped playing again and turned his head toward her. "I don't know, it took me a long time to master it and I don't really feel like wasting my time teaching someone else." He said somewhat snarkily.

Tink scoffed at this. "Whatever, I'll learn it for myself then." She said proudly.

Peter gave a small laugh. "Where are you gonna find a pan flute small enough for you?" He asked, still laughing a little.

"I'll make one; I am a Tinker fairy after all." Tink said, still sounding proud.

Peter rolled his eyes. "Whatever, have fun with that." He said as he put the pan flute on the ground next to him and put his hands behind his head.

"Pretty crazy day wasn't it?" Peter said, sliding further down in his seat.

"Ah, I think we've had crazier ones." Tink said, doing the same in her chair.

Actually, today had been pretty tame by their standards. All they did was race around the rocky cliffs on Neverlands eastern shore and sling rocks at various birds of prey. Those kinds of birds were usually dangerous to Tinkerbell, but since Peter was with her, she had nothing to worry about. They wouldn't try to snatch her up as long as he was there.

"Well, what do you think we should do tomorrow?" Peter asked while yawning at the same time.

Tink shrugged. "I don't know; mess around with Hook and his idiot pirates maybe." She said lazily.

Peter shook his head. "Nah, that's getting boring. It's been like months since we've seen him anyway." He said.

"Yeah I know, he's probably realized how pathetic his life is by now and threw himself to that croc or something." Tink said. Peter laughed heartily at hearing this. Tink chuckled a little as well.

"You know, sometimes I almost wish those pirates would find this cave. It'd be kind of fun defending it from them." Peter said quietly. He was starting to sound tired.

Tink snorted and shook her head when she heard this. "Oh yeah right! We had a hell of a good time when he found our last hideout!" She said sarcastically.

Peter immediately sat up in his chair and turned toward her. "Oh jeez Tink, don't tell me you're still sore about the whole bomb incident. Look, I've told you a million times that I'm grateful for what you did!" He said, sounding rather annoyed.

Tink shot him a glare. "You'd better be grateful pal! I was pulling bomb shards out of my ass for a week after that." She said as she rubbed her bottom.

Peter laughed. "Well, at least you didn't ask me to pull em out for you." He said chuckling.

Tink gave him a sinister smile. "You know, I think there are still a few shards stuck in here." She said as she patted her bottom and flew over to him. She landed face down in his lap and pulled up on her green dress a little. "Get to work bitch." She ordered.

Peter laughed and lightly brushed her off his leg. "Not gonna happen Tinky!" He said as he and Tink laughed uproariously.

Eventually, their laughter died down as Tink made herself comfortable on Peters leg, leaning back against his stomach. "You know, when you really think about it, that whole bomb incident was really kinda my fault." She said quietly. "I mean, I was the one who told Hook where your hideout was."

Peter looked down at her. "Yeah well, I was kind of a jerk to you over the whole Wendy thing. I can't say I blamed you for being upset with me." He said sounding somewhat ashamed.

Tink shook her head. "That still doesn't excuse what I did. I mean, I did make him promise not to lay a finger or a hook on you before I told him, but he I guess he found a loophole in that agreement, which is amazing considering how dumb he is." She said with a small giggle.

Peter chuckled a little. "Well, I guess you learned a valuable lesson: Never trust a pirate." He said proudly.

Tink gave him a small smile. "Damn straight." She said quietly.

The two remained quiet for a few minutes, just taking in the last moments of daylight, when Tinkerbell spoke.

"Do you still think about her?" Tink asked.

Peter looked confused. "Who?" He asked.

Tink shook her head and gave a small laugh. "Don't act like you don't know who I'm talking about, Wendy. Do you still think about her?" She asked again.

Peter closed his eyes and remained quiet for a few seconds. He seemed to be seriously pondering this question. "Not really, I haven't seen her in, gee, how long has it been? Four, five years? Something like that. I went by her house once when we were visiting the Mainland not too long ago and she wasn't there. Neither were her brothers. They must not live there any more or something." He said, sounding a little bummed.

Tink gave a small shrug. "I guess not." She said seeming somewhat relieved.

Peter looked down at Tink again, and she looked up at him. He stared at her for a few seconds and finally spoke. "Tink, you're not still jealous are you?"

Tink exhaled deeply. "Peter, I really don't feel like talking about that right now." She said sounding highly annoyed.

"Awww c'mon Tink, admit it!" Peter exclaimed in a highly amused voice.

Tink was now starting to turn red, a sign that she was about to blow. She leapt to her feet and turned angrily toward Peter. "Peter, stop it! You're bringing up a moment of my life I'd rather forget about! I don't know what was going on between you two, but I'm sure it was nothing that was necessary for me to freak out like that! I'm not proud of the way I acted, and I've apologized several times for it! Let's just drop it okay!" She snapped.

Peter through his hands up in the air. "Alright, alright, sorry Tink! Jeez, I was just kidding around." He said somewhat angrily.

Tink groaned loudly, folded her arms and turned away from him.

Peter let out a long hard sigh. He looked down at the angry you pixie and gave a small smile. He then placed his hand behind her, stretched out his finger, and gently stroked her back. Tinks shoulders lowered a little, and she let out a small, pleasurable moan. Tink loved it when Peter stroked her back like this, and Peter knew it was always good for calming her down when she was angry.

"Tink, Wendy was a nice girl and all, but she could never replace you. You're my best friend. You're the reason I'm here in Neverland in the first place. Besides, it's nice to have a friend who's as smart as I am, unlike those blockheads." Peter said as he jerked his thumb back at the sleeping lost boys.

Tink giggled a little and unfolded her arms. "A little lower, lower, ahhh yeah, right there." She said as Peter lowered his finger and gently but vigorously moved his finger nail up and down along Tinks lower back.

"You know, you're lucky you're good at doing this, otherwise I'd have abandoned you long ago." Tink said as she leanded forward a little.

Peter just smiled as he continued to stroke her back. After a few minutes, Tink stepped away from his finger. "Alright that's good. Thank you, that was very relaxing." Tink said sounding much calmer.

"No problem. Glad I could calm you down." Peter said.

Outside the cave, the sky was starting to turn black and the first stars were beginning to appear. Tink stretched her arms and gave a long yawn. "Alright, I better get home before the owls come out." She said as she flittered her wing and took off.

"Wait Tink, before you go, tell me what you think we should do tomorrow!" Peter called after her.

Tink turned around and thought for a moment. Then her eyes got really wide. "Hey, have I ever told you about that island north of Neverland?" She asked excitedly.

Peter nodded. "Yeah, you've mentioned it a few times." He said, looking a little confused as to why Tink seemed so excited.

Tink continued. "Did I tell you about the old wrecked pirate ship that's on it?"

Peters eyes got wide. "No, you haven't. You're not making it up are you?" He asked.

Tink shook her head. "Absolutely not, I've seen it with my own eyes." She said excitedly. She proceeded to tell him about the time she had journeyed there to find an enchanted mirror.

Peter smiled when he heard about this. "Sounds like a pretty neat place to check out. Yeah, I'll go there with you tomorrow." He said happily.

Tink clapped her hands together. "Flitteriffic! It'll probably take us the whole day to get there and back, but luckily I don't have anything work related going on tomorrow so if we leave as early as possible, we should be able to spend a good portion of the day there." She said.

Peter nodded his head. "Alright, we got a plan! Boy, I'm excited now!" He said happily.

Tink smiled, flew over to him and patted him on the shoulder. "Goodnight Petey Boy." She said, and took off for the exit.

"Goodnight Tinker Butt!" Peter called after her. Tink giggled a little, shook her head, and sent him the middle finger over her shoulder. Peter just laughed and settled back down in his chair.

As Tink flew through the forest, she turned to look back at the cave one last time. At the entrance, she could make out Peters silhouette, reclined in his chair. She sent one last small wave to him. From the cave entrance, Peter could make out Tinkerbells bright glow. He smiled and gave her a snappy salute. Tink gave a small, quiet laugh and started toward her home. Although they got on each others nerves sometimes, there wasn't a friendship in all of Neverland that was more powerful then theirs.

Okay, that's the first chapter. Hope you enjoyed it. If not, don't worry, it gets better, at least I hope it will. Let me know what you think. I'm not really looking for suggestions or ideas since I pretty much have the whole story planned out, but opinions are more than welcome. Til next chapter, see ya!