A/N: This is a collection of Klaine moments that follows the plot and storyline of the McKinley High Gleeks RP on . I play Kurt and my friend plays Blaine.

This one is set while in St. Bart's. No specific day that they're there, just a random day. Previously, Kurt and Blaine somehow ended up with hickeys (the story itself being quite hilarious and awkward) and are trying to keep it from Shane and Reed. Blaine has given The Talk to both of them and made Kurt sit through it. Essentially Burt's Talk was a lot less uncomfortable especially since Blaine used specifics. (That was awkward on more than one level). Elizabeth is a stuffed Panda that Blaine and Kurt made at Build-A-Bear on one of their first dates. The twins are against this choice as they wanted them to make a rabbit and have been trying to steal it quite frequently. They succeeded once and Kurt is determined not to let them succeed again. Kurt also foiled their first attempt to bug his house back in Lima, something they are not pleased about it.

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Sunset of Choice

Blaine pulled Kurt to his feet. "Come on, let's take a walk. Get out of the condo for a bit."

Kurt smiled and laced his fingers with Blaine's. "Alright," he said. "Where are we going?"

"Just down to the beach," Blaine said leading the way out of the condo.

Kurt followed Blaine down the path to the beach smiling. Once they got to the beach Kurt had to stop and catch his breath. The sunset was utterly breathtaking. "Oh wow…." He whispered.

"Beautiful isn't it?" Blaine said sliding an arm around Kurt.

"It's nothing like the sunsets in Lima," Kurt said in a hushed voice.

Blaine nodded staring out towards the ocean. "It's better here. I told you, it's like paradise here."

Kurt leaned against Blaine still watching the sunset. "Everything is so beautiful here…..can't we stay forever?"

Blaine chuckled and kissed Kurt on the side of the head. "I wish we could. It's been an amazing week here. Especially since I'm with you."

"It's been a perfect week," Kurt corrected. "No school, no Warblers, no fights…"

"It's been a perfect week," Blaine agreed. "We really owe the twins for this."

"Course you do!"

"Just pay us back in cookies Alice!"

Kurt and Blaine whipped around to see two identical boys grinning at them.

"Don't you two know how to enter a conversation normally?" Kurt asked folding his arms across his chest.

"Normal?" the twins chorused disgusted. "You insult us Alice."


"We came out here to remind you two of our bargain."

"Bargain?" Blaine asked skeptically.

"Covering for you at the pool of course." Ethan's grin was as satisfied as Evan's was.

"Here is a list of our demands," Evan said grinning.

"If you don't follow them we might have to let it slip to Shane…." Ethan said his eyes twinkling.

"We agree, we accept, whatever it takes," Kurt said grabbing the list.

"We thought so."

"Which is why we didn't hold back."

"Start the list as soon as we get back to Dalton," the twins chorused before disappearing.

Kurt plopped down in the sand, for the moment not caring about his clothes, as he read the list of demands. "Seven dozen magic cookies, Eight NERF guns with ammo, two marshmallow guns with marsh mallows, permission to fully bug my house, the complete surrender of Elizabeth, and permission to have this held over our heads for the rest of our lives." Kurt groaned. "Why can't they leave Elizabeth out of this? They've already stolen her once."

Blaine hesitantly laid a hand on Kurt's shoulder. "Maybe we should just admit to Shane that it really is a hickey."

Kurt stared up at Blaine in disbelief. "Are you daft? Do you even realize how horrible that would turn out? Any and all credibility we have would be gone and you would have made me sit through that…" Kurt struggled the get the word out, "talk for nothing! Twice!"

Blaine sighed. "It was just a suggestion."

Kurt looked back at the list. "I can handle this list I think. A few hours in the kitchen, a trip or two to the store…." He voice trailed off as he laid the list in the sand. "I just don't want to give up Elizabeth. I'd rather give back my birthday presents."

Blaine crouched down in the sand next to Kurt. "We could always make a new Elizabeth," he suggested.

Kurt shook his head. "It wouldn't be the same. I'm sorry." He carefully stood, brushing the sand off his clothes carefully.

Blaine slid the list in his pocket as he straightened up. "We'll think of something Kurt, don't worry." He gently took Kurt's arms and made Kurt face him. "I promise we'll figure out a way so you don't have to give Elizabeth up."

Kurt sighed as he looked at Blaine. "I am not giving Shane a reason to gloat Blaine. I don't care what I have to do but I'm not letting him get that chance."

Blaine gently took Kurt's chin and kissed him. "Don't worry about it tonight Kurt. We'll deal with this when we get back to Dalton."

Kurt smiled and laced his fingers in Blaine's. "How are you so good at distracting me?"

Blaine shrugged with a grin. "It's a gift."

"One of these days I'll figure out how to stop you," Kurt grumbled.

Blaine chuckled. "I'll just have to enjoy this while it lasts then." He pulled Kurt close and gently kissed him.

Kurt smiled as he returned the kiss not noticing that as he did the sun slipped fully past the horizon.

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