The Beast God Rewritten

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PLEASE READ: Okay, explaination time? The spring of false updates for my Teen Titans fics was caused by me removing a non-chapter update from each. Those updates were from December of 2018, declaring my intended return to the TT fandom. This didn't happen. Reason being that in March 2019, my great grandmother, who raised me, was sick in the hospital for a month. Needless to say, my priorities changed. My grandma passed away in March of this year, just before the Coronavirus started to get into full swing. My life is calming down now, and I'm still writting- it honestly calming at this point to do so.

Anyway, I decided that I to revaluate my older stuff and figure out what can keep going, what needs some touch ups, and what needs to be utterly remade. This doesn't need a second remake thankfully. Enjoy!

Naruto awoke with a loud yawn, stretching as he casually got to his feet. He had taken a nap, aka fell unconscious, directly after Inari arrived too late with the unneeded cavalry. Still, it was good that they hadn't gotten there in time or he might have killed one by accident in the mist. That was something he really didn't need at the moment.

He looked down and wasn't too surprised to see Haku lying next to his futon, on the bare floor. He gently covered her with his sheets as he slid out, "Thanks for making sure she didn't kill me in my sleep Kakashi-sensei, but I doubt it was needed," Naruto said as the Jonin appeared behind him.

"Can't be too careful with former enemies," Kakashi countered with an eye smile.

"Point taken. Anyway, how's everyone doing?" Naruto asked curiously.

"Sasuke's a little sore, but okay, and Sakura didn't have a single injury. Tazuna and other villagers are fine and the bridge is almost complete at this point," Kakashi summarized with a shrug.

Naruto nodded, "So, breakfast?" He asked with a grin as Kakashi chuckled and nodded as the younger ninja got up and stretched.

"So, Naruto...You want to talk about it?" Kakashi questioned, sounding a touch concerned.

"Nah, I think I'm good at the moment," He answered with a sigh and small grin, knowing exactly what Kakashi meant. His first kills, not an easy thing. But after the rush of memories yesterday from his past life, killing a few mercenaries didn't affect him as badly as it might have otherwise. Plus, animal instincts took a great weight off his mind.

"Well, if you need to talk about it, make sure you do. Bottling it up doesn't help long term. Trust me, I've seen it," He warned before his eye smile returned, "But all in all, I was very impressed with how you did, Naruto."

"Hehe, thanks," Naruto said sheepishly as he scratched his head.

"Naruto," Kakashi said with utmost sternness. "What exactly did you do?" he asked, watching as Naruto stiffened. "'I've been around the block a lot, Naruto, and I can tell the difference between people killed by weapons and killed by animals. And if I didn't know any better, I'd say a pack of great beasts killed all of your enemies."

"It's not what you think!" Naruto assured quickly with his hands raised before freezing. "Wait, you are thinking it has to do with, you know?" he asked, motioning with his gut.

"That is my primary concern," Kakashi confirmed with a head tilt. "Now I get the feeling it's a lot more surprising."

"Weeeeell, I'm pretty sure it doesn't have anything to do with that, buuut I think I might have...a bloodline limit, I guess?" Naruto answered uncertainly.

"A bloodline limit?" Kakashi repeated in surprise, not expecting that answer of all things.

"Well, it's something I'm pretty sure only I can do. Though, don't know if it counts since, you know, I have no idea if it's genetic," Naruto answered. He wasn't really sure what his meta-human abilities counted for in this world, so he wasn't exactly lying.

"And when are you going to stop stalling and show me?" Kakashi retorted with his arms crossed.

"Okay, okay, fine," Naruto grumbled as he rolled his eyes and stood up-

Only to be rapidly replaced by a golden bear on its hind legs, staring down at Kakashi with piercing blue eyes.

Kakashi just stared for a moment. "A transformation?" he wondered, more to himself than to Naruto. As if to disprove him, the great Ursa turned into a small humming bird, whizzing around effortlessly. Kakashi watched with a scrunched brow, knowing that was impossible. An ordinary transformation could make one look like a bird, but flying was out of the question. Yet here it was. "You can turn into...anything?" he asked tentatively.

The avian morphed back into a blond boy, "Well, it's not like I've tried going giant sized, but so far, yeah…but not other people or anything, but any animal seems to be up for grabs," Naruto answered, beaming a bit.

Kakashi cupped his chin. It was truly amazing to consider the potential of this ability, hereditary or not. There was a problem with it though; each transformation was as golden-haired and blue-eyed as the human Naruto. That would stand out with a number of creatures if he was trying to infiltrate with it. "That is amazing, Naruto, I have to admit," Kakashi praised thoughtfully. "Can you still use chakra as an animal?"

In response, Naruto turned into a Great Dane, walked over to a wall and then walked up it. The canine proceeded to sit on the wall, panting happily at Kakashi.

"Okay, question answered," Kakashi said as the hound jumped off the wall and transformed back into the blond Genin. "So, how long are you going to pretend to be asleep? Haku, is it?" Kakashi asked, tilting his head to look at the 'sleeping' ice user.

Haku sighed as she pushed herself up. "I suppose it was foolish to think I could trick the copycat ninja a second time," Haku said before looking to Naruto. "Master Naruto."

"As interesting as it is to hear a girl call me Master, please drop it before Sakura or someone back home gets the wrong idea," Naruto requested with a sigh.

"You're growing up so fast," Kakashi praised, ruffling his head.

"As you wish, Lord Naruto, but I already told you: I'm a boy," Haku reminded.

"No, you're not," Kakashi and Naruto answered, blunt and in sync.

"You're not first kunoichi to try and pretend to be a male," Kakashi explained offhandedly. "After so many reverse traps, you begin to recognize the signs of breast bindings."

"And I can smell the hormones. So unless you have a condition or something, you're a girl," Naruto informed with a grin.

Haku winced at that. "Apologies, it's a habit at this point. There were always less worries if my enemies believed I was a boy," she explained.

"I assumed as much," Kakashi mused with a hum as he crouched down to stare at Haku. "Under normal circumstances, a Jonin in my position would be more than a little inclined to turn you over to the Mist Hunter Ninja."

"If you did, you wouldn't be telling me," Haku retorted stoically.

"Just let me finish," Kakashi requested calmly. "Between the civil war in Mist, which Konoha takes no official sides in, and you not actually being a member of any part of Mist's village forces yourself? That'd be enough to let you go on your way, but I can already tell that's not your intent. Zabuza raised you like a weapon, and in that spirit, left you to Naruto when he died," Kakashi paused, seeing the flash of hurt and loss in the young woman's eyes. "Presumably because he was able to defeat you, but I suppose we'll never know for sure. Your skill and bloodline limit is more than enough to buy you a place in Konoha, if someone were to vouch for you- and no, Naruto, not you."

"I didn't say anything!" Naruto defended in outrage.

"You were thinking it," Kakashi responded with an eye smile before turning back to Haku. "So, this is how this works. Enemies today become friends tomorrow. If this is genuine on your part, the only thing you'll have to suffer through on the part of Team Seven is Sasuke demanding rematches in the future. But if this turns out to be one decidedly well-acted ploy and you harm my students again? I'm a retired ANBU with a lot of favors I haven't called in," he warned in a completely calm tone. "Am I clear, Haku?"

"Crystal, Kakashi Hatake," Haku answered without flinching.

"Good, now-where's Naruto?" Kakashi asked abruptly, looking around in confusion.

He suddenly appeared right beside the silver haired Jonin, presumable from some tiny insect form, "Right here. Anyone ever told you you're scary, Sensei?" Naruto asked with a grin.

"Oh, more than a few people," Kakashi answered nonchalantly.

"Still, ahem, happy to have you aboard, Haku," Naruto said with a grin.

"Thank you for having me, Lord Naruto," Haku said with a small smile as she bowed her head.

"So, how should we break the news to Sakura and Sasuke?" Naruto asked nervously.

"About your ability or that you're keeping the enemy kunoichi as a souvenir?" Kakashi asked teasingly.

"I don't need to explain the shapeshifting thing! I can just do it. Haku, well, what did you even tell them?" Naruto asked curiously.

"Oh, I may have implied to sound like we were taking Haku captive, but never actually said it like that," Kakashi answered jovially.

"I understand we were enemies a short time ago, but will my presence really be that much of a disturbance, Lord Naruto?" Haku asked with a head tilt.

Naruto looked sheepish at that. "Should I mention this was supposed to be our first C-rank mission?" he asked rhetorically.

Haku blinked, looking to Kakashi, who nodded. "That extraordinary kind of luck," she stated delicately.

"You think that's bad? This is my first Genin team ever," Kakashi informed with an eye smile

"I...what?" Haku asked in surprise.

"Yeah, he failed all the other- oh, right, you're not a village-trained ninja," Naruto remembered in surprise. "In Konoha, after a class of students becomes Genin, or so they think, they get passed off to Jonin that will give them a test designed to fail all but three teams. Aaaand Kakashi-Sensei was determined not to let anyone pass his test until we weaseled on by," Naruto stated with a proud grin.

"Not how I'd put it, but sure, why not?" Kakashi allowed with a shrug.

"Are things always so...odd, in Konoha?" Haku asked in concern.

"You obviously never read the personality description on the three Sannin," Kakashi mused absently. "Well, time to face the music. Naruto, how do you- what are you doing?" Kakashi asked as a snickering Naruto took his headband off.

"Trust me, you'll love it."


"Oh, wow, I didn't know you had a dog, Kakashi-Sensei," Sakura said, smiling down at the golden husky that bound up to her wearing a leaf headband. "But I thought I heard some howling on the bridge. I guess that was it?" Sakura guessed even as she scratched the hound behind the ear.

Kakashi sweat-dropped at his apparently suicidal Genin brushing against Sakura's leg. "Yeah, basically," he answered, as his ninja dogs were on the bridge. This just wasn't one of them.

"So, is Naruto awake yet?" Sasuke asked with a scowl as he rubbed his still sore muscles. He was tempted to put acupuncture on his top ten list of things he hated; Right between soybeans and fangirls.

"Hmm? Yes, he's fine now. I imagine you'll be seeing him very shortly," Kakashi answered with an eye-smile.

Sasuke raised an eyebrow, glancing suspiciously at the dog, only to find it winking at him.

Sakura didn't notice Sasuke freezing as she looked at Kakashi curiously. "Is he always this needy?" she asked as she scratched the hound under the chin.

"Yes, yes he is," Kakashi deadpanned, recalling Naruto's attempts to get Sakura's attention and affection. Said dog barked in obvious resentment. "Don't even act like it's not true. Anyway, I figured I should give you a fair warning. The fake hunter ninja, Haku, will be accompanying us to Konoha."

"What?!" Sakura exclaimed as she shot up, Naruto grunting as she nearly knocked him against the table. "But she almost killed Sasuke and Naruto! I thought you said she was just a prisoner?"

"Did I say that?" Kakashi asked with a head tilt, Sakura fuming at him. "This is the life of a ninja, Sakura. Enemies and allies can change places by the hour. Haku pledged her life to Zabuza, who was hired by Gato. That was the only reason we were enemies on this mission, which changed the moment Gato turned on the swordsman," Kakashi lectured sternly, taking the wind out of Sakura's sails, before looking to Sasuke. "Do you have any problem with this?"

Sasuke stared for a moment. "For the moment, I can't say I'm exactly thrilled to have her around, but I can understand why we're bringing her back. She's strong and has a bloodline limit, but Sensei? Are you sure it's actually safe to? She made it sound like all she cared about was Zabuza. Why would she join the Leaf Village?" Sasuke asked, unable to be anything but curious about this foe he failed to defeat.

The fact that the androgynous voice turned out to be a girl was also interesting. He wasn't sexist by any regard, but he hadn't seen too many examples of impressive kunoichi in action.

"Yeah, Sasuke's right! Why would we believe she really wanted join our village?" Sakura asked accusingly.

"Besides safety from Mist village due to her association with Zabuza and the bloodline?" Kakashi asked rhetorically, getting a surprised look from Sakura but not Sasuke, or Naruto for that matter. He supposed Haku had mentioned or implied it to them in the fight. "As you said, her ultimate loyalty was to Zabuza, who raised and trained her to be his weapon. This, ironically, is ultimately why I'm willing to believe her desire to join us is genuine," Kakashi informed to their confusion. "Before Zabuza died, his dying breath was used to "give" Haku to Naruto, essentially making him her master."

There was a dead silence in the room…for all of three seconds. "THAT LITTLE PERVERT!" Sakura exclaimed in righteous fury as Naruto yelped in fright, leaping on Sasuke for protection.

"Ow! Hey, don't drag me into this!" Sasuke hissed under his breath as Dogruto tried to put the Uchiha between himself and the pinkete.

"Oh, we were so worried about him! I bet he's just been staying up there to do all manners of depraved things to his new "possession," the little perv! I'll make him regret being born!" Sakura fumed as she slammed her fists together.

"Sakura, calm down," Kakashi ordered with a sweat-drop, to no avail as Sakura marched to the stairs like a figure of death. "It's hardly an unheard of thing for unaffiliated ninjas to swear themselves to someone that defeated and spared them."

"Are you kidding me?! This is Naruto we're talking about!" Sakura declared.

Sasuke was very, very aware that Naruto had stopped trying to climb over him. He debated saying something, but decided he really wasn't about to get involve as Sakura put her foot in her own mouth.

"He's about as responsible as a wart and you know he has a deviant mind with that stupid Sexy Jutsu of his!" Sakura ranted on.

She would have continued, if not for a set of rather loud barks. She turned and was shocked to see the dog growling at her from the table. It took her a moment to realize she was staring into a glare of blue eyes. "Wait a minute," she said as a realization of what, or rather who, she had been petting hit her. "Oh, you little creep!" she exclaimed as she tried to lunge at him.

Tried being the key word.

Sakura froze as she found herself slammed against the wall by a face she almost didn't recognize. After all, she was more used to seeing it with a mask. "Please refrain from attacking or so viciously insulting my master," Haku requested with a frigid smile. Sakura nodded quickly with a pale face, allowing Haku to turn to Kakashi, who was already holding a kunai to the back of her head. "I trust you understand why this was an exception I had to take?" Haku asked plainly.

"Oh, certainly. Sakura is a handful and she can be a bit unreasonable with Naruto from time to time," Kakashi assured pleasantly as he retracted the weapon and pocketed it with an eye smile. "I just didn't want you to forget the rules. Now, let Sakura go. She's not going to "viciously insult or attack" Naruto for no reason. Are you, Sakura?" Kakashi asked, almost as if he was talking to a baby.

Sakura glanced between the frigid wrath of Haku and Naruto's canine smirk and waging tail. "Can I clobber him a little for letting me pet him while I thought he was just a dog?" Sakura asked begrudgingly.

"You can try," Kakashi allowed with a shrug. Haku looked more confused than hesitant, but released Sakura all the same.

The indignant kunoichi jumped over the stairs to the canine, who didn't move until she was right upon him. As Sakura made to grab him by his furry neck, she blinked as her hands made contact with each other. And between them was now a golden snake. "EEEE!" Sakura cried out in shock as she threw the snake away on instinct. In midflight, Naruto turned into a monkey and kicked himself off the wall to land on his feet while giving a few angry grunts at Sakura. "What the hell?! How did he do that?"

Sasuke watched in confusion as well. The transformation had no smoke like the same-named Jutsu normally would, and the shifting from one animal to another was a strange blur of each animal turning into the next.

Naruto shifted back into his normal self and stalked over to Sakura, who backed away a bit until Naruto snatched his headband off the table. "I resent that! I can't believe you think so little of me to think that I'd force myself on a girl the first chance I got!" Naruto snapped at Sakura, who blinked at being shouted at by Naruto of all people.

"So," Sasuke remarked slowly, feeling very out of place as the ice breaker. "You can turn into animals now?"

"Yeah, some kind of weird bloodline thing. Or it might just be a me thing," Naruto answered, deflating with a sigh before sending a side long glare at Sakura.

Sakura wasn't sure how to react any more. While annoyed at his attempt to get her hands all over him with this new ability that came out of nowhere, it was becoming increasingly and blaringly obvious she had hurt her teammate's feelings with her heat-of-the-moment accusations.

"And how did that make you able to beat her?" Sasuke asked curiously, pointing his thumb at the ice-user. "Even if you turned into something too small and fast to hit, her mirror withstood everything we threw at them."

"I am very confused why the girl teammate thinks she could harm him, given that she's the weakest of the three," Haku commented to Kakashi, who deigned not to answer.

"I'd show you, but I'd probably destroy the floor boards," Naruto answered, scratching the back of his head. Haku visible shivered at the memory of her defeat. "Let's just say that those ice mirrors weren't tested against high-speed, chakra enhanced horns…among other things."

The three members of his team came to different ideas of what Naruto meant. Kakashi mentally pictured a golden rhino while Sasuke got the image of a yellow elephant, and Sakura's mind came up with a blonde bull.

"You can turn into anything though? Where was this when we were hunting Tora?" Sasuke asked with an annoyed scowl.

Naruto blinked before face palming. "Oh, dammit! Why couldn't I have gotten this earlier, that would have made that stupid cat mission so easy!"

"Tora?" Haku repeated in confusion.

Kakashi just eye smiled at the stoic and fish-out-of-water Haku, the nervous and perhaps regretful Sakura, the curious and accepting Sasuke, and the hyper-as-ever yet somewhat different Naruto. "Well, this'll be an interesting trip back to Konoha."

End of Chapter

And there we go. After so many years and a couple personal tragedies, I'm finally getting back into TT again. Hope you all enjoyed this. I originally was going to have Naruto hide his powers, but I kind of realized there was no reason to. And Sakura has already said some things that even Naruto took offense with. Pre-Orochimaru Sasuke being a on edge but largely not caring about Haku coming along seems about right to me personally. And Kakashi just has fun as the wonderful troll we all know he is.

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