That night i dreamt of flying. thats so weird seeing as how i've never flown. well except for when i try to get away from the man dogs things that try to eat me.
but flying wasnt the only thing i was doing. i was laughing. laughing! thats weird as well because once again, thats somthing ive never done before. why was i laughing you ask? well because i was flying! its the most amazing thing that will every happen to me. my dreams were unusually short. normally their nightmares. we have alot of those here. they seem to last forever though. it just figures that the one good dream i have was short. but it wasnt because i just woke up. no. it was cause i was grabbed around my ankles and drug out of my cage. instinctively as soon as i felt the sharp claws dig into my skin i reached out and grabbed the bars of my cage. seeing my sudden grab at the cage the eraser dug harder into my ankle making me shriek. i saw out of the corner of my eye, the girl jump at my scream.
she seemed startled but when she realized what was happening she was wide awake. the eraser was now growing annoyed and i felt the claws grower deeper into my skin. he pulled harder and just as my grip was about to fade the girl and the silent boy both grabbed my arms threw the bars. holding as tight as they could not wanting to let them take me. i felt the talons grower deeper and deeper into my skin until it hit the bone. white hot pain seered into my leg and and i screamed even louder. hearing my screams the eraser laughed and puuled harder. the girls and boys grip was slipping and the seering pain in my ankles growing. how could my blissful dream of flying and laughing turn into this seering agonizing pain and fear. tears streamed down my face. i wanted to just curl up and die. then with the snapping sound i felt my ankle dislocate. an unimanginable pain seered through me. at the eraser's tug that dislocated my ankle the boy's and the girl's grip failed sending me face first into the metal cage and drug across it until the eraser pulled me up and slung me over his shoulder. i felt the blood trickle from my nose and i tasted the familiar taste of it as it dripped in and around my mouth, leaving a trail of blood from the cage all the way to the door. by this time i had blacked out and i only heard the boy speak for the first time. "no..." came the dissapointed and sympathetic boys voice to my ears before it all went away and for me, the world would never be the same again.