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First up:


A protesting Prince Arthur found himself being dragged into the physician's chambers; his manservant lived here in a room at the back.

"Don't worry, Arthur," the ever-chipper voice of the dark-haired Merlin cut across his master's stammering. "This is going to work!"

Five words. How Arthur hated those five words. They were, statistically speaking, as bad as 'What can go wrong?', 'It can't get any worse!' and 'Is that all you got?'

"Really, Merlin," insisted the near-panicked golden haired prince. "I don't think this is necessary… It won't take me long to just…"

"No!" snapped the servant, but still smiled. "Arthur, please. I've been practicing all night. I finally got it down."

Despite the chain mail, Arthur really was a softie at heart. Because the second his friend dropped his arm and turned around with that pleading look and hopeful voice, the battle was lost.

Arthur sighed looked around the physician's chambers for something to give him a backbone. "Alright, Merlin. Show me the spell."

"Thanks, Arthur!" chirped Merlin, his smile growing brighter. The manservant/sorcerer slipped into his room and grabbed the spell that he'd written down last night, bringing it out and waving it triumphantly like a flag.

"Don't wave it about like that!" hissed Arthur, casting a nervous glance over his shoulder at the door.

Merlin ignored him, rubbing his hands together in what was frankly quite creepy glee. "Here we go," he said, cracking his knuckles and inadvertently making Arthur shudder.

"You'll make your knuckles swell up," warned the blue-eyed prince, but Merlin pretended that Arthur hadn't spoken and began to chant:

"Dewch i mi gan fy mod yn gofyn, y Enterprise!"

His eyes flashed gold, and for a moment Merlin was too filled with active magic, spreading through his body and then being pumped out, to realize what he had just said.

He had made a mistake.

He had mispronounced a spell.

That never ended well.

As the gold and magic faded from the room, Merlin felt a huge weariness rest on his chest—he was suddenly exhausted. Whatever he'd done, it had been a lot bigger than what he'd originally intended…

"Well, that was anticlimactic," commented the prince. "Nothing happened, Mer—Merlin! What is it?"

His brow creasing in concern, Arthur went to his suddenly pale manservant's side.

"I… I messed up," gasped the exhausted Merlin.

"Nothing happened!" repeated Arthur, almost consolingly.

And then a weird, high pitched whine filled the air of the chambers.

Merlin jerked and pressed his hands to his ears, knowing that something had just happened. And it was not good.

By the tables covered in various papers and remedies, three pillars seemed to materialize, made completely of golden flickering light. The whine grew louder as Arthur drew his sword and Merlin's mouth dropped.

The pillars condensed and solidified—into the weirdest, oddest, most out-of-place men that Merlin had ever seen.

The man in front, who Merlin knew was probably the leader, immediately yanked some… strange, bent-cylinder like thing out of the side of his belt, and he began to twist at it.

"Don't shoot yet," he ordered the two men behind him. "Phasers set on stun!"

As the other two pulled out their own warped cylinders with handles, Arthur came to a conclusion.

It was going to be one of those days.