Star Wars

Luke was a jumpy sort, Merlin decided. No doubt because of the trauma with his father. The minute Uther walked in with that sword hanging at his side, Luke jumped and grabbed his… what was it he had called it? Oh, yes. A lightsaber. He turned it on, and a soft light filled the room.

Merlin groaned. He should have sent them back at once. Now he had to save these strangers (and perhaps himself, depending on Uther's mood) from being killed, probably break a few more laws, and then send them back. He never learned.

Why couldn't the king knock?

Oh, right, because he was King Uther.

Merlin really hated King Uther sometimes.

But for some reason, the king didn't turn red with fury or yell for the guards.

"Oh, look," he said. "Magic."

They looked at him. He looked at them.

"Magic is illegal," said Uther. "Perhaps you were not aware of that fact?"

Luke and Han met each other's eyes, but it was Leia who said it. "Magic?"

Uther nodded. "I thought you might not know."


"They didn't," Arthur cut in. "I'll get rid of them immediately, Father." Arthur was looking rather alarmed at his father's peaceful expression and… was that a smile? Oh, that couldn't be good. What had Ben done to him?

Merlin knew he shouldn't ask, but somehow he just couldn't keep quiet. "You aren't going to arrest them, Sire?"

Uther looked at him, and for once there was no contempt or anger in his eyes. "I'm turning over a new leaf. Giving warnings first and such. Ignorance of the law… is it an excuse?" He had a far-away look on his face. The word that popped into Merlin's mind was spaced out.

Maybe he was drunk.

And mumbling to himself, Uther turned to go. "Arthur," he said before he left, "Come see me when you're done here."

He closed the door behind him.

Arthur and Merlin stared at each other for a moment. "Did… did Ben do that to him?" Merlin asked quietly.

Arthur nodded, looking scared. "I hope it's temporary."

Actually, somehow Merlin did too. A peaceful Uther was scarier than an angry Uther.

Luke turned off the blade. "Who was that?"

Merlin shook his head. "Doesn't matter. You know what, I'm sending the lot of you back. Now. Get ready, you're leaving."

"Oh, are we going home now?" asked Leia, standing from where she'd been sitting on a table.

"Yes," said Merlin.

And the door burst open, and in tumbled a not-sober Gwaine.

"Ooh!" he said, looking up. "A party!"

Gwaine beamed from his place spread eagle on the floor as Merlin mumbled the words to send Luke, Leia, and Han home. He waved bye-bye.

"Now," said Merlin, "ready to try that again?"

"No," said Arthur.

"Please?" said Merlin. "I've been rethinking everything I did, and I know I'll get it right this time!"


Merlin looked rebellious, crossing his arms over his chest. It wasn't impressive.

"Merlin," warned Arthur, stepping forward, "if you do, I will throw you in the stocks so fast—"

"Dewch i mi gan fy mod yn gofyn, y diod!"

Arthur groaned, but there was a flash of light, and then, in Merlin's hand, there was the object he had been going for all along—a drink for Arthur. Merlin beamed.

"Ooh!" said Gwaine again. "Pretty!"

Arthur grabbed the drink, rubbing his head against his splitting headache, and downed it. He put the glass on the table. "That," he told Merlin, "was not worth it, and I forbid you from doing it again."

Merlin pouted.

"Now," said Arthur, "I'm going to go see what I can do to repair my father and my love life and Sir Leon." He headed for the door. "And Merlin?"

"Yes, Sire?" grumbled the dark-haired servant.

"Clean Sir Gwaine up off the floor."

"Yes, Sire."

Gwaine put his knightly head back and laughed uproariously.

As Arthur left and shut the door, he thought he heard the words ungrateful prat following him. Arthur kept going. Merlin started picking up Gwaine.

And neither let themselves start chuckling until the other was well out of earshot.

A/N: Well, I did not like that, but it's an ending, at least. And now this story is finished! Much yes-ness!