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Rose's POV

It has been 5 years since Dimitri and I had run away. I could feel through the bond that Lissa was trying to get into my head once in a while but I always blocked her. Adrian also tried to visit me in my drams, but I always pushed him out of my head. I still hadn't forgiven myself for what I had did to them, so I couldn't bare to talk or see them.

After we had run away, we had went to Portland. We had stayed at a academy for our last term and had graduated and gotten out promise mark. We had graduated and stuff but we never got a Moroi. I had told them that I was already going to be assigned to a charged named Lissa. Dimitri had told them the same thing, that his charge was going to be Adrian. So they just let us go without a charge.

That was 5 years ago.

Today, I, Rosemarie Hathaway am standing at the age of 22, living in a house with Dimitri Belikov and I am currently sitting down in the living room holding an envelope in my hands. I haven't opened it yet because I was too busy looking shockingly at the seal. It was the seal of the Royal Court.

How could they know where we live...? No one from the Royal Court knows where we live...

I looked at it and it was addressed to Dimitri and me. I let out a sigh and began to open it. Once it was opened I pulled out the letter and began to read it.

Dearest Rosemarie and Dimitri,

We ask for your assistance at the Royal Court. There has been numerous attacks and we are losing guardians..

Please come to the Royal Court tomorrow evening. We really need your help to keep the Moroi safe.


Queen Tatiana

After I had read it, I was in complete shock. I read the letter over and over again. How could there be numerous attacks at the Royal Court...? What are we gonna do...? I then looked into the envelope and saw two plane tickets. I let out another sigh and then called for Dimitri who was in the kitchen. He came in and asked, "Yes, Rose?"

Instead of answering him, I looked at him and stuck out my hand that was holding the letter in his direction. His face showed confusion, then he made his way over to me and got the letter out of my hands. He began to read.

I just remained silent and waited for him to finish reading the letter. Then he said, "We have to go there.. We need to help them out.."

I nodded my head at him and said, "I totally agree with you.." I got up and said, "We should get packing..." I then made my way up to our room, pulled out a suitcase and placed it on top of the king sized bed. Then I heard Dimitri's footsteps coming closer to me. I turned around and her wrapped his arms around me. I mumbled, "I'm not sure I could see them again... It would just remind me of what I did or what I almost did to them..."

Dimitri just held me tighter and said, "Same here... But we have to go... They need more guardians and if we don't go the others could be in danger... We could get through this Roza..."

I let out another sigh and stayed silent. We stayed like that for a few seconds, then he let go of me, gave me a quick kiss and said, "We should probably start packing now... We got to leave early in the morning." In reply, I let out a groan. "Do we have to get up early?" I asked. He chuckled and said, "Yes, Roza. If we wanna get there on time."

I just nodded my head and grabbed our clothes from the drawers. After about an hour or so we finished packing. We ended up having three suitcases. I looked at the alarm clock on the sideof our bed and it read 11pm. Wow... didn't realize we took that long to pack. I let out a yawn and I headed into the bathroom to change into my PJs. When I had come out of the bathroom, Dimitri had already changed and was in the bed. I smiled and went into the bed.

Once in the bed, Dimitri pulled me into his embrace and I put my arms around his waist and my head on his chest. He began to stroke my hair.

We were slient for a moment and then I said, "Do you think we could forgive ourselves after what we did...? It's been 5 years..."

I felt him tense and the hand stroking my hair stopped. Then he relaxed, continued stroking my hair and said, "I don't know Roza... I really don't think I could forgive myself after the things I did..."

I nodded my head and said, "Same here..."

"We should be getting to sleep now..." he told me. After he told me, I let out a yawn and said, "Yeah.."

He kissed my forehead and said, "Goodnight Roza. I love you." I smiled and said, "Goodnight Comrade. I love you too."

I then drifted off to sleep.



I groaned and then I heard a laugh.

"Roza get up..."

"5 more minutes" I mumbled into my pillow.

"C'mon Rose, we're gonna be late if you don't get up now. We're leaving in an hour."

After he said that, I opened my eyes, sprung out of bed, grabbed some clothes and rushed into the bathroom. I took a nice warm shower and dressed in jeans, a black T-shirt,a black hoodie over it and black converse shoes. When I exited the bathroom, no one was in the bedroom so I went downstairs. I saw Dimitri there waiting for me. He was wearing jeans, a black dress-shirt and surprisingly he wasn't wearing his duster. I raised a eyebrow (yeah, I could do that now!) at him, he shrugged and said, "It's in the suitcase and I couldn't be bothered getting it." I let out a small laugh and we headed outside after locking everything.

There was a car waiting for us and I turned to Dimitri with a confused face. Dimitri shrugged again and said, "The driver said that he got orders from the Royal Court to drop us to the airport and that there would be a car waiting for us when we land."

I just said, "Wow... Queen Tatiana seemed a hundred percent sure that we were going to go to the Royal Court." Dimitri nodded his head in agreement. We got into the car and didn't say a word.

A few minutes later, we arrived at the airport and were already on the plane. I let out a yawn and I heard Dimitri chuckle next to me.

"Sleep Roza, I'll wake you up when we're there..."

I leaned my head against his shoulder and I felt his arm go around me. Then I fell asleep.

~Few hours later~

I felt someone shaking me and calling my name. I opened my eyes, looked at Dimitri and asked, "We here...?" Dimitri smiled and nodded. I looked around the plane and saw people already up, grabbing their things and going out. I stretched and then got up. Dimitri followed and then got our things from the compartment. We then got off the airplane.

We got our suitcases and then looked around for anyone holding a sign or something saying 'Dimitri and Rose' or something. After a few minutes of looking, we saw a guy with a sign saying our names. We walked over to him and he said, "It's nice to meet you Guardian Hathaway and Guardian Belikov, I am Guardian Villiers. Follow me." He then led us to a van.

We put our suitcases in and then got inside. Dimitri was in the passenger seat while I was sitting in the back.

After a few minutes of silence and driving, we arrived at the Royal Court. We go out of the van, pulled out our suitcases and said, "Thank you" to the driver.

We then made our way to the closed door of the Royal Court and stopped in front of it.

Dimtri turned to me and said, "You ready...?"

"Ready as I'll ever be..."

This is it...

He nodded and then pulled open the door.

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