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Setsuna… something something something, blah blah blah. She loves Konoka, blahy blahy blahy.

Konoka Loves her back, yawn… blah blah blah.

This story is told from the perspective of the card player.

Locked in an eternal card game with Death itself, he tells the story of the two who love each other so much, two he knew so long ago.

He compares their love in terms of a card game. Failures between them are represented by clubs, successes, well… you know.

This all the while he plays his game.

It's up to you to decide if the card player wins or loses. The final cards are a royal flush, of Hearts.

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The cigarette spread ash over the table, as the card player dealt once more. How long had they been at this? Could have been one minute, maybe a day, perhaps a week, might be a month, or a year. What about a decade, a life time, a century, a millennium. Didn't matter. They were the last two on the table. He and death, in a battle of wills. Grinning, he opened his mouth to speak for the first time in the game. His voice, raspy from smoke and dry from not drinking, broke the perpetual silence.

"Ya know, this game reminds me of two lucky women I used to know. Good friends. So sad though…. How they couldn't accept each other. Well, not for a while anyway." The card player smirked. "But… well, guess ya can't blame them. So close… if one of them had not loved the other, it would have been a disaster on them breaking up. Kinda like getting a Two-Seven off suit with ya draw. Fold." He tossed his card into the center of the pile, and waited for Death to deal. Death made no signal on whether or not it was listening, so the player continued talking. "Anyhow, well, guess if ya want to know their story, you'd have to go back. Way back….." He started to reminisce, playing his hand.

The Queens of Hearts.

Chapter One.

Of Kings and Queens.

"Set-Chan!" Konoka glomped her bodyguard, and well, recently love interest. Recent might be the wrong word, she had loved her ever since she had first laid eyes on the timid girl. Setsuna, on the other hand, was less then amused. Turning beet red, the samurai sheinmeiryuu warrior whipped around. Only one person in the world would call her that. Only one.

"Ojou-Sama!" Setsuna said, looking away, turning ninety shades of red in a minute. That was because what Konoka was wearing. A low cut shirt…. Real low cut. At least the other girl was wearing a bra. If she hadn't, well, then Setsuna would be lying on the ground, trying to stop the inevitable flow of blood. Her skirt was modest, well, a bright pink modest. But at least it went down to her knees. No panty shots today. For now.

"Mou. Set-chan. What did I say about calling me that!" Konoka pouted, looking at her bodyguard with large puppy eyes. The one that Setsuna couldn't refuse.

"But… Ojo… Kono-Sama! It would be a disrespect for someone as beau…. Noble as you are!" She bowed down. Almost gave myself away. Setsuna admonished herself. She, too, was in love with someone nearby. Konoka. Konoka frowned. Kono-Sama was close enough, but what did beau mean? She wondered what Setsuna meant, but chose not to push the issue. Instead they had a date! Well, not a real date, but they were together… alone…. Besides Asuna and Negi.

"Set-chan… Let's go! We shouldn't let Asuna and Negi wait!" She told the hanyo. Running off to catch her friends, Setsuna was left to try and catch the energetic young women. Looking up, she saw the new nurse at the school. He had cleaned up many a wound. Waving at the red head she took off.

George smiled at the sight. "Ah. Young Love." He said, putting down his cards. "Four of a Kind. Queens." He said, as the rest of the staff moaned, placing down their cards angrily. Except one Takahata Takamichi. "Sorry, Four of a Kind. Kings." He took the chips on the table, and George muttered a curse under his breath. He had expected that he had won. But what was done, was done. He turned his attention back to the card game.

Konoka was far ahead, surprising Setsuna. She didn't think her ward was so fast! She must be getting out of shape. More training would be needed. Even if it was Evangeline's hellish one. As she caught up with her love, she smiled. "You are doing better." She said, out of breath. "Is that from the magic, or the training?" She asked, giggling. For once they could have a normal conversation.

"So, how are the love birds doing!" A familiar voice coupled with a pair of bells rang out. Asuna slapped Setsuna's back, grinning, with one eye closed. She had been calling them that, ever since she found out they loved each other. The torturous effect on them, as the two of them blushed and denied it furiously, was why she did it. "Ah come on, you both know you want to pucker up and form a pactio." She continued to tease them, as both of them were too embarrassed to speak now. Their squirming was just a bonus. She teased them as they walked to the mall.

The card player grinned. "Well, that was how it all began. Them finding out they loved each other. That one off comment by Asuna-Kun." He put down a two pair. Weak hand. Death placed down a flush… of hearts. "Shoulda known." The player smiled. "Well, now… where was I?" He continued his story.

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