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An eternity. That was the length of time to have passed since the Card Player had last spoken. He was in a deep thought. He and Death were tied. Same amount of chips. Finally he spoke, letting the last of his cigar fall to the ground. "All-in." He said. "That's it. All or nothing." Death matched his bet. Without waiting, the Card Player started to tell the next section of his tale, his voice nervous. He felt the need to win this. He had to see them again. "Now then. Setsuna had just fled from Konoka…."

Queens of Hearts.

Chapter Three

Death's Hand.

One woman cried. The other was in pain. Two hearts that just missed each other like two ships over a damn ocean. They could see each other, but refused to acknowledge each other. Or. At least that is how one red head explained it. Asuna had tried to pound the fact that Setsuna did love Konoka into the ditsy brown-haired girls head. Of course, Konoka just cried. She was still wondering why Setsuna had left her like that. Asuna grinded her teeth. Where the fuck was the raven-haired sheinmeiryuu swordswoman anyway? She swore, she was going to kill her once she found out where she was. This was going to be a painful death for the said swordswoman. Sighing, she looked at Konoka, and then frowned. Where was Setsuna?

The Swordswoman was standing on the world tree. She hated herself now. She had betrayed the trust of the one she loved. Not only that, even if Konoka was in love with Asuna, wouldn't she support the love that Konoka, her best friend, had with her other closest friend in Asuna. She wanted to turn around, and apologize to Ojou-Sama. Still, she couldn't. She had thought…. no known that this wouldn't work out. She needed to go back. Back to the shadows. There she could protect Konoka best.

Konoka walked out of her dorm. She couldn't stand it any longer. Asuna's babying of her only served to make her worse. She wanted Setsuna. She needed Setsuna. She needed to see her beautiful protectors face. She needed to feel the girls soft touch against her own. She needed to know that no matter what someone was out there protecting her. Not only her physical body. But her heart as well.

Setsuna spread her wings out. From this day forth, she would revoke all claim on Ojou-Sama. She was useless. What could she do? Her technique was poor, she was an ugly creature, and she would only fail Konoka time and time again. No. Konoka was better off without such an ugly creature. She would have to leave Ojou-Sama. For good this time. No return. She had crossed her personal Rubicon. Now it was time to leave.

Konoka stood on the roof. She stood there, thinking of her Set-Chan. Her precious Set-Chan. Why had Set-Chan left? Why? She just leaned against the fence. Tears started to go over her eyes, and she just felt something collapse.

Setsuna was under the fence when it collapsed, she knew that something was wrong. She had been looking at Konoka-Ojou-Sama for the last time. Konoka had been leaning on it too long…. Setsuna instantly sprang to action.

Konoka smiled. She was falling. Well, only two things could happen: 1) She could fall and die from that height. Or 2) Setsuna would save her. Either way, she would be happy.

Setsuna wouldn't make it…. Wouldn't make it.

The Card player stopped telling his tale. He just smiled at Death, and laughed a bit. "But ya know what happened next don't you?" He asked, winking. "I was there, and I saw what happened to them. I saw your interference. Maybe ya ain't such a bad thing." Leaning over he kissed Death's cheek. "Thanks for saving them."

Setsuna held her Ojou-Sama in her hands. Crying. Konoka had her eyes closed, and felt like she was flying. Opening her eyes, she found that she was, in fact, flying. And an Angel held her. "SET-CHAN!" She shouted. Setsuna smiled. She didn't respond, just held Konoka in her hands, and waited for her charge to act. Konoka only leaned in, and smiled. "I love you Setsuna." Suddenly lips pressed against lips. And Setsuna couldn't care about anything else in the world.


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