She didn't have long. She had an hour at most, maybe less. It depended on him; on how long he wanted to spend with her. She doubted Adrian Ivashkov, Royal Moroi and the late Queen's nephew, would want to spend a vast amount of time with her, Sydney Sage. A no one. Just an Alchemist that helped his ex-girlfriend. But she wanted to see him.

She sat stiffly at a table in a packed human café - not far from Court - waiting for him. She felt the doubts creep in: Why should he show up? What did she want with a respected member of Moroi society? What right did she have to demand his presence? But she stuck by the words she had muttered to him in a quick phone call.

Her long blonde hair craftily hid her tattoo from other human eyes. Her brown eyes were cast downward as she picked absently at a bacon and cheese baguette.

She felt the minutes drift away from her slowly. But she still waited. Even as she waited, though, the doubts grew stronger and stronger.

"Sydney," he greeted, a lazy smile playing at his lips. Dull green eyes took around his surroundings judgementally, before cautiously sitting on the seat facing Sydney's.

"Adrian." Her voice was tight, constricted. She only had half an hour now. "You took your time." She shifted uneasily, partly because her ass was numb; but partly because she still flet uncomfortable so close to one of them, even if it was Adrian.

"Eh - better late than never, right?" She nodded along with him, trying to keep her breathing easy.

"Last week meant nothing to me," she told him bluntly, her lie coming as if it were the truth. She smell his clove cigarettes strongly. He didn't smell of liquor. That was a plus, she thought.

"It meant something to me." And then, as if he hadn't spoken, he produced a piece of sketch book paper. "I drew you," he said, passing the paper across the table.

"How? When did you do this?" Sydney raised an eyebrow, staring at a black and white quick sketch of herself. She was sleeping, blankets surrounded her. She looked so peaceful. Despite her question, she knew when he had drawn this.

"Saturday." He reached forward, almost hesitant, and brushed some of her hair back from her face, revealing the golden lily tattoo. It glinted slightly in the dim lighting.

She moved from him, moving her hair once more to cover the lily.

"No," he said, "You should keep the tattoo out; it's part of you." He flashed her a brilliant smile, showing his fangs.

"I have to go." It was true, her half an hour was almost up.

"Why?" His tone was challenging as he got up and followed her out. The evening air was warm, but cooling fast.

She thought about lying, about giving him some bullshit about changing posts. But that wasn't Sydney. "Because, Adrian, you're going to get me into trouble."


"Because you're slowly changing my opinion of you."

It took him a while to process her words, and he had finally gotten the meaning, it was too late, she had gone.

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